Cancer Traits

Cancer Traits

What is the Cancer Zodiac sign like? what is the personality of a Cancer? The cardinal water sign Cancer is the water element of the zodiac signs(along with Pisces and Scorpio). Cancer characteristics are emotional, intense, extremely intuitive, and compassionate means you are really, really good. Loyalty runs through you, making you a super cool partner. One of the best Cancer traits is that they are great partners. You are emotionally deep; that is why people seek your company. Cancer knows all the secrets and even knows the art of keeping them.

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Intuitive Among Stars: Cancer Star Sign Traits

Born between June 21 and July 22, the Cancer star sign personalities are extremely self-protective and very sensitive to their environments. Interestingly, they are ruled by the moon, the celestial body that represents comfort, self-care, and maternal energies. Your mood will wax and wane as powerfully and swiftly as the moon revolves around us. The majority of Cancer traits are domestically oriented. You care deeply about your family and thus are fast to adopt caregiver roles. Watch out for them as they often forget to distinguish the dark line between attentive nurturing and controlling behavior! Yes, that is also one of the cancer Traits.

Cancer Eminent Personalities

These Cancer celebrities are known for wearing their heart on their sleeves, exhibiting the best of the Cancer traits. To name a few Cancer Eminent Personalities:

  • Princess Diana
  • Selena Gomez
  • Nicole Scherzinger
  • Elon Musk
  • Lionel Messi

These all celebrities have a string of admirers because of their loving personalities. According to cancer zodiac traits, you would attract a lot of friends and lovers due to their commitment, loyalty, and emotional support. You are an excellent host and love entertaining guests with delicacies and drinks.

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Elon Musk

Cancer Personality Traits

Cancers are intuitive and will take time to reveal their gentle nature, mystical capabilities, and genuine compassion. You tend to create safe and cozy spaces for yourself and spend loads of time in them. No star sign can match the loyalty of Cancer sign traits. You tend to switch moods rapidly, which means a moment of joy, followed by a moment of anger, followed by any damn feeling!!! Expect them to be wonderful company when their mood is up. Cancer traits make you the Black Widow among the stars. Let us study some of the Cancer personality traits for men and women.

Positive Cancer Zodiac Traits

Intuitive (Amazing Sense)

Let’s talk about some Cancer positive and negative traits with the best one, to begin with. A Supernatural sense of intuition is a Cancer sign trait. What to say more, A Cancer zodiac personality knows what you are thinking and what you did. This makes it nearly impossible to hoodwink or manipulate them. You can become the best detective in the world and sniff out secrets from anybody. Cancer can very well play the good cop bad cop routine.

Loyal (Super Faithful)

You play “Leonardo Dicaprio” from titanic when it comes to love and family. Yes, you do have a blind spot for people you love and will tend to overlook almost everything; that is a Cancer sign trait. You cannot simply run away or hide things from them when in a Cancer relationship. Cancer prefers to stay loyal in any relationship and wants the favor to be returned. You can expect a “John Snow” type game of thrones loyalty from a Cancer.

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Charming (Simply Alluring)

Playing a charming prince is not a big deal for you. Words to describe them are funny, passionate, adventurous, indulgent, and insightful. No doubt, these are eminent cancer traits in males. You define having a good time, but if and when your mood is up. Wait till the other side emerges that demands the return for the loyalty and entertainment services rendered.

Creative (Just like Dexter)

You are blessed with great imaginative power. It is a Cancer characteristic to turn a word into a whole damn story that too with great ease. You love to express your emotions in the form of writings and poems. Cancer zodiac signs are born artists and always keep them busy in some art or other; it is just in Cancer personality. Cancer sign traits include experiencing pleasure in expressing themselves in an artistic and creative way.

Emotive ( Genuine Personalities)

You show a lot of emotional depth in your conversations is a Cancer sign personality. Cancer makes the best of parents and cares deeply when it comes to family and home. You place loyalty above everything else. Cancer personality gets deeply attached to their close ones and is sympathetic deep inside; that’s one of the amazing cancer traits in females. You are truly a good personality with a lot of empathy for the pain and suffering of others.

Tender Hearted (Caring People)

You face difficulty in communicating your true feelings. Whenever you get hurt, you shut down your emotional responses. Cancerians show emotional immaturity at times but possess a uniquely receptive nature. Once ignited, they face a lot of difficulties to turn off their feelings. Cancer is the first one to wish you on birthdays and care about your family members. Never cross Cancer as once hurt, the wound seldom heals.

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Cancer Negative Traits

Cancer trait is being moody and taking their grudges to the grave. Hurting and crossing them can reveal their vengeful nature. You are often troubled by mood swings. Suspicion of partners may lead to broken relationships. You have a resentful nature, which can lead to negativity in life. You can note Cancer’s bad traits as being extremely sentimental, holding on to grudges, possessive, complicated, and secretive. Here are some negative Cancer Zodiac personality traits.

Moody (Swinging Pendulum)

It is also a Cancer characteristic to suffer from mood shifts. You can display a lot of anger and distress when you are jealous. Owing to your Cancer’s Negative Traits, you will be seen as brooding and moody if your emotional needs are not being met. The problem is that you switch moods rapidly. You will be displaying merry behavior in one instant and in another, throwing tantrums all around.

Pessimistic (Dark Character)

Moon being the ruler, their mood might display shades of dark. You may struggle all your life with low self-esteem. The worst of it is holding a lifelong grudge against someone. Your negativity allows you to see the glass as half empty instead of half full. Wounds inflicted upon you may take a lifetime to heal.

Clingy (Deep in Obsession)

Cancer trait does suffer from over-imagination, which can lead to trouble. A habit of clinging and obsessing over a situation will lead to a waste of time. Once ignited, Cancer natives simply cannot turn off the feelings.

Unpredictable (Changing Sides)

Intense mood swings and over-sensitivity are also some of the Cancer traits. The Crabs do wear their shells all the time, which makes them protective. In order to protect themselves, their personality may shift from friendly to introverted. Your unpredictable nature makes it hard for people to understand you completely.

Suspicious (Always Doubting People)

The Crabs value self-protection and take a lot of time to trust someone. Cancer traits of over suspicion and lack of trust bring a lot of insecurities. You rush towards the inner world when you feel insecure. It is difficult to convince Cancer to talk openly about things that are bothering them.

Resentful (Too Much Anger)

The worst thing about you is that even petty issues can make you resentful. Your imaginative power can become destructive at times. The Crabs are difficult to please. Wait until the gradual build-up of resentment explodes completely.

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Cancer Relationships (Romantic Lovers)

Cancer is the king of hearts, and the Cancer traits represent family and parenthood, too. You prefer staying at home and respecting tradition a lot. Expect them to have dinners near the fireplace and take long walks under the moonlight. The Crabs are the one who loves nurturing and always expect the same in return. You are family-oriented and would love to live in a comfortable environment spending most of your time with loved ones.

Cancer Home Life & Family (The Family Man)

Having a strong connection with their family is one of the sweetest Cancer traits. You take their family and friends very seriously as they care a lot about them. Never be overprotective of them. What is the thing that Cancer loves most? Spending time around home and family. The Crabs possess strong intuition and are full of compassion. This Cancer astrology trait sometimes makes it very difficult for them to see things rationally.

Cancer Work-Life & Money ( Always Working Hard)

You can count on them for any task. With projects in their sight, they are always ready to work hard. “I work alone” is the phrase you would often hear from them. The Crabs generally do not form good leaders but are reliable and hard workers. Cancer knows how to save money and need not worry about finances. You are always looking for a career that allows you to express your creativity freely.

Final Word on Cancer Traits

You are a people magnet due to the Cancer personality traits such as commitment, loyalty, and emotional depth. Cancerians are deeply attached to their homes. The Crabs are naturally drawn to water and love to take a SPLASH!!! Staying aware of the latest beauty trends Cancer considers good looks a big plus. The hottest match for a Cancer is Capricorn; as the saying goes well, “opposites attract”.

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