Saturn Sadesati For Capricorn: Whats In It For Capricorn Natives?

Saturn Sadesati For Capricorn: Whats In It For Capricorn Natives?

Planets, stars, and other celestial bodies are not just limited to our textbooks. This is what you realize when you enter the world of astrology. Here, these celestial bodies play a vital role in the life of people. The presence of strong benefic planets lets you achieve your dream. On the other hand, the presence of malefic planets makes your life troublesome. But, as we say, nobody’s life is filled exclusively with roses or only thorns. There is a perfect blend of good and bad moments that we go through in our lives. Every aspect of our lives has its share of ups and downs. Probably, this is due to the movement of planets and stars influencing the life of natives.

Saturn is responsible for analyzing the individual good and bad karma. Therefore, no wonder why it is known as the Karmic planet in terms of astrology. The presence of Saturn in a person’s horoscope is not always inauspicious. But, whenever transiting Saturn passes through the natal Moon, it poses multiple challenges to the native. A spree of loss and miseries is experienced with Saturn transit. As a result, a person is serving the period of Sade Sati.

In this article, we shall be focussing on Saturn’s transit in the Capricorn sign and the problems that the native may face due to the Saturn sade sati for Capricorn. Also, we will discuss sade sati effects on Capricorn, sade sati remedies for Capricorn, and Capricorn sade sati dates. Moving on, to know about the planet Saturn and the sign Capricorn before getting into the details of sade sati for Capricorn.

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A Strict Professor - Saturn

Vedic astrology considers Saturn as a planet having more negative traits. In more simple words, stargazers say that it is a teacher known for putting restrictions on the native, inducing unwanted delays and constraints. Saturn is considered a disciplinarian and ill-liberal planet, making its natives work even harder. If he or she continues to maintain the right track, it may reward you with success.

Those who are serving the Sade Sati period may go through hard times. Once you come out of this phase, you may feel more relaxed. You may receive gifts like perseverance, tolerance, patience, persistence, and dedication. Hence, the presence of Saturn yields good results, but with a lot of pain and misery.

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Determined and Ambitious Capricorns

Capricorn sign is ruled by the planet of karma, Saturn. So, it is understandable that Saturn will make sure Capricorn natives work hard and accomplish their tasks. These natives are too ambitious and are good at chasing their career goals. Positively, they are very loyal, confident, and believe in teamwork. Also, individuals are good at managing, so they may move on to become leaders.

On the flip side, these sea goats are too critical and judgemental. Therefore others may find it difficult to build strong connections with them. Capricorn natives are quite serious in approach and seem to be melancholic. They are extremely suspicious and don’t trust anyone easily. Capricorn pals like those who are goal-oriented persons. This could be the only reason why they want to work as a team.

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What Is Saturn Sade Sati for Capricorn?

When Saturn transits into a sign that is ruled by some other planet, it reacts according to its relations with the ruling planet. If it’s a friend, it may not be hard to handle. But if it is when Saturn unites with its enemies, natives are likely to experience challenges. In regards to those who are serving the sade sati for Capricorn may have a fair time as Capricorn is Saturn’s ruling sign. So, it is expected to bring good luck and fortune to the natives.

There will be three phases of Capricorn sade sati. In the first phase of the Rising phase of sade sati, Capricorn will initiate with the entry of Saturn in the 12th house from the moon sign, Sagittarius. The second phase of the Peak phase of sade sati Capricorn begins when Saturn transits into the Capricorn sign, i.e. the 1st house. The third phase or the setting phase of the sade sati for Capricorn starts when Saturn moves to the 2nd house of Aquarius.

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In the Rising phase, which is the first phase of the sade sati period for Capricorn, Shani will be in the Sagittarius sign. Since Jupiter and Saturn are neutral towards each other, there wouldn’t be any major issue, though you may feel some pressure. Natives may get inclined towards spiritual acts and social work. Saturn makes natives work overtime with the desire to earn a name and fame, which gets delayed.

During the peak phase or the second phase of the sade sati period for Capricorn, Saturn will enjoy being in its home. There would be great growth in professional life. But, this would be no less than a struggle as you may stay far away from your family. Natives work harder than ever only to get success by the grace of Saturn during the sade sati for the Capricorn moon sign. For most of this period, the natives were calm and polite. The health of female members of the family would deteriorate. This may distract the native from their work life. Eventually, ending up in financial woes as they may have unnecessary money expenditures.

The third phase of sade sati for Capricorn is when Saturn enters its own sign, Aquarius. This period of Saturn sati for Capricorn will help in making huge profits and resolving ancestral property issues. Health, wealth, and business are all realms that remain on track. Though Saturn is not going to do much harm, they need to be cautious about their health and karmas that might agitate Shani during Shani sade sati for Capricorn.

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Remedies for Saturn Sade Sati for Capricorn

During the sade sati period for Capricorn, natives are advised to follow the below-stated remedies.

  • This would be effective for Capricorn-bound natives who are serving the Sade Sati.
  • Visit the Shani temple and offer oil to Lord Shani on Saturdays.
  • Donate black sesame seeds and Urad dal.
  • Wear black clothes on Saturdays.
  • Organize Lord Hanuman Puja and chant Hanuman Chalisa
  • Consuming alcohol should be avoided.
  • Recite the Shani mantra and Mahamritunjaya mantra.

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The second phase of Saturn sade sati for Capricorn came to its end on April 28, 2022. It will again come to its effect from July 13, 2022, to January 17, 2023. The third phase of the sade sati for Capricorn will begin on April 29, 2022, and continue till July 12, 2022.

It will again start on January 18, 2023, and sade sati will end for Capricorn on March 29, 2025. Saturn sade sati will enter back in Capricorn after 25 years. Saturn’s sade sati in Capricorn started in the year 2017, and once the sade sati for Capricorn ends, Saturn may bless the natives with favorable outcomes.

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