1st House in Vedic Astrology

1st House in Vedic Astrology

The 12 houses are as important in Vedic astrology as the 12 Zodiac signs. They each have a unique impact on a person’s growth and development patterns. According to Vedic astrology, all beings are classified into 144 basic categories based on their houses and planets. Astrology assesses each world’s impact and the location where it can map the way of life in various situations.

The 1st House in Vedic astrology is called ascendant and begins with the zodiac, which affects a person’s fundamental aspects. It consists of the degree of the sign that rose at the moment of birth in a given location on the eastern horizon. It is also called the House of Self and marks the beginning of a person’s journey and early life circumstances. The first House’s overall importance extends to influencing one’s true potential and determines the singular characteristics that help every person through life.

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Planets in 1st House of Kundli

Sun in 1st House

The Sun’s position in the 1st House of your astrological chart will give you a lot of energy and a lot of confidence. It can, however, make you selfish and dominant. You’re a natural fighter who thrives on a challenge. A positive Sun in this House indicates that you had a trouble-free childhood. You have a carefree attitude and can be lazy.

Moon in 1st House

Although the Moon blesses you with a friendly personality in the First House, you can still suffer from a lack of trust and inconsistency in your actions. You can try to please others for too much time. In how you get yourself across, you have a childlike quality. On your sleeve, you wear your emotions. Make sure it doesn’t work at your expense.

Jupiter in 1st House

In this House, Jupiter shows that you are a merciful person, a good approach and good intentions. A big heart. You are, however, too optimistic, with essential details overlooked. Jupiter is the expansion planet, and therefore its position in the first House shows much room for the development of personalities.

Venus in 1st House

Venus is a loving and beautiful planet. The indigenous people are blessed with a charming and pleasing personality when Venus owns the zodiac’s first House. They may also be prone to laziness, over – will to compromise, and sensual complacency. You attract people easily, and things get easy. But be careful not to unfairly benefit from the skills with which you are naturally hurt.

Mars in 1st House

In the 1st House of a Kundli, the fiery and energetic Mars is often impulsive and hasty in actions. It would be best if you worked slowly and patiently. With energy, courage, strength, persistence, and aggression, Mars blesses you.

Mercury in 1st House

You have a curious and experimental view of life with Mercury in the First House. You can have solid intellectual powers as well. You can quickly adapt to the surrounding circumstances. You react frequently and rapidly chat without stopping. However, you tend to be wise, comfortable, persuasive, but sometimes impatient.

Saturn in 1st House

You probably are tall and thin if you have Saturn in the First House. By nature, you are severe and can be an introvert. You may be loyal, devoted, and trustworthy. Also, you will experience sweet success in your life with a rough childhood.

Rahu in 1st House

There’s a passion for life and a desire to climb the social stage with Rahu in the 1st House in Kundli. You strongly want that others should admire and appreciate your potentials and capabilities. Rahu will give you an impressive personality and may let you have an unconventional way of life. An afflicted Rahu leads you to unlawful conduct. You are prone to drug and alcohol dependence unless an advantageous planet’s deity morally empowers you.

Ketu in 1st House

You know every fault in your characters with Ketu in the 1st House. You have a magnetic personality and are a bit mysterious; people have a hard time understanding you. You will have health problems and stamina if a Ketu adverse affects your first House.


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Zodiac Signs In The First House

Aries sign in 1st House.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and the planet Mars is dominated. Aries sign is the first House of the cardinal and the trinity from 00 degrees to 30 degrees until the Taurus sign starts. Aries is a moveable and naturally fixed fire element sign in it. Sun exalts here, and Saturn weakens where it is a symbol of the Mooltricone of the planet.

March. March. In the first House, Aries signing makes you agile, active, passionate, bold, independent, ambitious, etc. Natives can be tall, tender, and not very fair skin due to the impact of the Sun and Mars over the 1st House. Because Aries sign is in the first House, listening to others can be a big challenge for him. Instead, they focus on doing things according to his plans. Ego can be a significant factor in the Ram, and distress can give the local a lousy mood.

Taurus sign in 1st House

The Taurus is the second sign ruled by planet Venus in the natural zodiac scheme and covers 30 degrees to 60 degrees. Taurus is a fixed earth sign, and the 1st Earth Trikone sign is the sign of Virgo and Capricorn. Exaltation of Moon archives here and Ketu is weakened in the character of Taurus.

In 1st House, the Taurus sign gives you a charming look, medium height, and shaped extremities. Taurus sign in the First House gives emotionally controlled and stable thinking. It provides indigenous people joy, cleverness, and love of luxury, music. Planet Saturn, Mercury, and Venus, due to their Motrikona sign falling in Taurus sign in Trine houses, tend to be benefic planets. Depending on the 10th house condition and other factors, the natives having Taurus Sign in the first House leads to film, legal, minister, hotel, jewellery, and livestock.

Gemini Sign in 1st House.

Gemini is the third sign and extends 60 to 90 degrees of Horoscope. It is governed by Mercury planet and is a dual sign of air in it. There are no planets here that are exalted or weakened.

In the first House, the Gemini sign gives a good height with desirable and lip-like characteristics. Limbs are well-formed, and beautiful results can be found if Mercury is well placed. In the first House, the Gemini sign mentally makes a fickle mind, giving a good mood, good communication, and intelligence.

Cancer Sign in 1st House

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac, and the planet Moon is ruled by it. The movement of Cancer is between 090° to 120°. Cancer is a fixed sign and mobile in nature with the water element in it. Jupiter is gaining exaltation, and Mars is going into stability.

The first house sign of Cancer makes you lazy, pitiful, sensitive, emotional, and intelligent. The first house Cancer, gives you fair teeth, small height, short limbs, large chest, thick neck, round facial. Native can be very quiet, and he takes into consideration all suggestions before making a final call. Although Mercury’s affliction in the first House may make you talk very much and his words may cause the indigenous people a loss.

Leo Sign Rising in 1st House

Leo is the fifth indication of the zodiac, and the planet Sun is ruled by. Leo sign extends from 120° to 150°. It is the second sign of the Fire Tribe, other Aries and Sagittarius. The Fire is a fixed sign with the Fire Element. No planets are exalted here, and no planets are weakened.

In the 1st House, the Leo sign gives one good structure, and the native is usually tall and sleek. Good ability to take can exist unless there is a severe affliction, and Jupiter can become a native speaker. The Mars impact on the 1st House can give less hair and a broad forehead, but Leo’s 1st house sign is very magnetic in appearance.

Virgo Sign Rising in 1st House

Virgo sign gives a good structure in the First House, and the native is usually tall and intelligent. There can be good ability to use if there is severe distress, and Jupiter can become a mother-tongue. Mars can have less hair and an expansive front on the first House, but Leo’s first house sign appears very magnetic.

Virgo in the 1st house would lead to a lean body, a lovely nose and eyes. The native tends to have a good smell and taste and a beautiful voice. They are highly intelligent and well-qualified with mathematical skills.

Libra Sign in 1st House

The Libra is the seventh sign of a natural zodiac that extends between 180 and 210 degrees. Libra is the second Air Trine sign and is a movable and cardinal sign too. Venus rules this sign, which exalts Saturn and weakens Sun.

Libra in the First House is lovely, luxurious, rich, and has a unique look at arts and artefacts. The natives of Libra tend to be big, thin, well-formed, good skin, and charming people. In the 1st House, the Libra sign enjoys creativity, joy, optimism, sensitivity, and imagination.

Scorpio Sign in 1st House

Scorpio is the eighth sign in the Mars-ruled natural zodiac, spanning 210 to 240 degrees. It is a universal symbol, and together with the Cancer and Pisces sign, it forms a Moksha trine. In the Scorpio sign, Moon gets weak.

The Scorpio sign in the first House makes you medium in height but gives an excellent mystical personality and an attractive body. With their lovely nose and eyes, their forehead can be broad. Scorpio in the first house makes you a deep thinker, spiritual, mysterious, passionate, thoughtful, and at the same time clever and sarcastic.

Sagittarius Sign in 1st House

The Sagittarius range from 240 to 270 grades is the ninth sign of the zodiac. Sagittarius’ sign rules planet Jupiter. It is a fiery sign, double, hot and part of the trinity of Dharma.

The 1st House Sagittarius sign makes native people significant, lean, gives native members well-formed legs and a peaceful presence. Native is usually quiet but has a passion and desire to surpass under the surface. Native becomes optimistic, care for people around them along with their family.

Capricorn Sign in 1st House

It extends from 270 to 300 degrees and is controlled by planet Saturn, Capricorn being its 10th sign for the Horoscope. It is the last sign in the cardinal, and nature is earthy. Whereas Jupiter is weakened and Mars is exalted, the Capricorn sign is movable.

The First House sign gives a native, thick neck, coarse hair, and big teeth with a medium-size body. The mind makes indigenous people proud, honest, hard-working, selfish and tends to make them follow too much of their advice.

Aquarius Sign in 1st House

The sign of Aquarius is the eleventh sign and extends from 300 to 330 degrees of Horoscope. It is dominated by Saturn planet, airy and fixed nature. No planets get exalted in the Aquarius sign.

Aquarius sign in the First House gives a large head and well-formed extremities and a good look. Mentally indigenous people are very entrepreneurial, hard-working, intelligent, informed, and thoughtful.

Pisces sign in 1st House

The last symbol of the zodiac wheel is Pisces, which extends from 330 to 360 degrees. It is a watery sign ruled by Jupiter. The sign Pisces is the last in the sign of Moksha and is dual.

Pisces sign in the first House physically gives one medium height, sharp nose, circular shoulder, big thighs. The appearance is usually beautiful, except when the sign of Jupiter or Pisces suffers. Mentally, the Pisces in the first house sign makes one merciful, trustworthy, honest, kind, and noble.

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Which is the First House in Kundli?

The First House is essentially the “Self” house. It represents the physical and body aspect. This means it describes the top of our body as the facial structure, characteristics, head, mind, etc. The Aries sign rules Kaal Purush Kundali.


What if 1st House is empty?

The sign that leads to the Horoscope is Ascendant. An empty First House means that the person is undetermined and mentally robust. Such a person is usually ungodly in life and is very carefree of his personality and progress in his life.

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Ending Note

In short, the First House influences the decisions of a person in accordance with the Cosmic plan. It identifies favourites, likes, dislikes and the general behaviour of life.

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