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Love has its own ups and downs when considering a relationship between two romantic partners. But TFW, you find a soulmate who mirrors your qualities and can head on to discover stars with you, is simply out of this world. Ain’t it? Well, finding such individuals is tricky when the earth consists of millions out there. And when you find them, you can check your love compatibility meter with the help of your zodiac signs! So let’s go and read about Gemini and Aquarius love compatibility.

Do you know that these two cerebral maniacs can actually go for space exploration and come back? Hundo P! Gemini and Aquarius are phenomenal interactors, big time dreamers, and a bit quirky at giving spell work a try, and happily bringing world peace to save humanity. In fact, at first glimpse, it seems as if they have married mankind and social welfare! However, their trill union and quality time spent with each other will make their intellectual sparks fly. The sky’s the limit for this Gemini and Aquarius match!


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Gemini And Aquarius Love Compatibility

Having the same outlook about love and romance, Gemini and Aquarius’s compatibility is great due to being detached individuals. Let’s dig deep into the love tale of these airy creatures.

  • The Twins are always on the go and require a spaceship or two to dance wildly in their freedom. Enter Aquarius, whose suspense and unpredictability keep Gemini on their toes, and give immense space to express their whims as well.
  • The Water-bearer needs a partner in crime! Not really, but someone who can understand their concern for social causes. Guess what? The Twins are the best suitable candidate as they will give the same amount of support and freedom to the former.
  • Gemini and Aquarius are totally enticed by their sharp intellectual skills and over-the-top communication of each other. These complicated creatures can undoubtedly keep their affinity on the peak levels of fire, once they admit their true emotions to each other.
  • Here’s a combo of two passionate souls, they’ll uncover hidden treasures of life, and together their excitement and genius brains can make an immense difference on the planet. Dates? Well, nothing better than discussing spontaneous ideas on supporting humanity, while relishing those candlelight meals.
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Pros Of Gemini And Aquarius Relationship

Both these are air sign individuals, which is why they share a bag of similar traits. This OTP can slay it with their insane yet magnetic aura, and rich chatty skills!

  • The Twins and the Water-bearer connect beyond time and space, where killer ideas and thoughts float without putting many nerves into them.
  • When these lovers decide to go on a mission, they’ll put their hearts, brains, and souls into igniting the rocket and launching it with a plan. Gemini lends the required momentum in the initial stage, while Aquarius keeps the plan going. An ideal and mind boggling couple, isn’t it! One starts, and the other completes.
  • The Twins, with their outgoing nature, take the lone wolf Aquarius to social gatherings and fests – which the latter readily does when truly in love. In a working affinity, these lovers will keep an eye on one another’s state of mind – well, Gemini tends to have increased anxiety levels, and Aquarius may fall prey to a nervous breakdown.
  • This duo is all about weaving together with their interests in arts, technology, and expertized ventures. Gemini and Aquarius can often visit the space exploration of NASA or ISRO, and sometimes Paris for its art and culture.

Cons Of Gemini And Aquarius Relationship

Amidst soothing rains and rainbows, tornados can hail in the Gemini and Aquarius relationship paradise. Here are a few drawbacks to be worked on by the duo.

  • The Water-bearer changes moods and moves swiftly like fast-forwarding the next song on a playlist. The dual nature of the Twins can fluctuate their minds on a whimsical note. There will be squabbling from Aquarius about Gemini’s indecisiveness, while the latter will keep hammering the former about being moody and stubborn.
  • These individuals have great escape plans during those moments of feeling suffocated. Although this duo goes on throwing shade at each other’s salty behavior, they always come back after forgiving one another.
  • Generally, Gemini and Aquarius stay away from the emotional domain where feelings are left untouched. Their affinity can hit the tower if they fail to talk about it since its inception and do not work on creating an emotional bond.
  • This duo thinks that their relationship doesn’t need a ground of love and warmth to make it a blissful one – they are too occupied discussing outer galaxies and black holes! But there is still a chance to make it through the infinite space, as they share such an amazing connection, tapping into their heart will create magic one day.
Gemini - Aquarius Comaptibility

Gemini and Aquarius Marriage Compatibility

Being far away from convention, it might seem that these two won’t agree with the idea of settling down. However, a Gemini Aquarius marriage will be of top-level, and they’ll unfold some happy moments together.

  • For Gemini and Aquarius, the world is filled with numerous possibilities waiting to be unveiled. With this common link between them, saying “I do’s” will be a cherry on the cake.
  • This couple is enthusiastic about having many conversations – planning budgets and deciding the next country to visit for holidays are all included. Problems are thrown out of the window with mutual agreements. A win-win situation in their marital life!
  • The Twins and the Water-bearer do not hold back one another and give as much space as needed. This conjugal couple is completely okay spending some time away, resolving sore throats, or participating in a social awareness rally.
  • They might have only a single child, population explosion is a matter of concern for Aquarius, while Gemini might themselves need to grow up first! The kids will have the whole plot to have fun and experiment with chemicals, and electric meters – a weird and happy family in all.
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Are Gemini and Aquarius Sexually Compatible?

It’s a thrilling experience for Gemini and Aquarius to have sex. The place doesn’t matter as far as they are up for it. TBH, they don’t care about getting lost somewhere and enjoying those raw moments.

  • Gemini and Aquarius should not be mistaken for getting into a romantic relationship with just anyone without brains and only beauty!
  • The major thing that connects these souls in those sensual encounters is each other’s intellectual side. They are drawn to the quick wit, intriguing communication, and flirtatious charm of each other.
  • Although the Twins are a bit youthful and shy at first, the Water-bearer will manage it all single-handedly and make the former go beyond the sky to openly express their innermost desires. A breathtaking union is at play in the bedroom!
  • Different experiments are welcomed with alluring communication beneath the sheets. This duo is so quick to learn about their partner’s physicality that in no time, they’ll become experts in giving the utmost satisfaction. Once they open up that emotional window, Gemini and Aquarius can hit extreme limits in their physical intimacy, and keep each other bound for eternity.

Whether in a romantic partnership or friendship, this couple is meant to be an excellent match throughout their life. Gemini and Aquarius’s relationship compatibility has all the potential to head towards perfection, given that they acknowledge their love and emotions for each other from time to time. In the end, it can turn into a beautiful fairytale of fun, laughter, and brainy wizards!

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