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Isn’t it interesting to know that the person you are with, shares an equal understanding of your emotions? There may be differences for sure, but where there’s love, there’s always a way, right? Knowing the differences can actually help them resolve the issues and make the relationship a lifetime bliss! Zodiac signs can help understand love compatibility in a much-simplified manner.

Well, well, well! The psychic Scorpio couples, when coming into a union, a purgative and healing affair is in-store or a complete disaster in the making. TBH, a Scorpio walking together with another Scorpio can change them forever. In the worst case of a break-up as well, the energetic impact and the lessons learned can echo for years. Let’s hit it and know what these two water signs are in for.


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Scorpio And Scorpio Compatibility In Love

Scorpio and Scorpio’s compatibility in love promises them an interesting association. When they come together in a union of any kind, it’s an instant psychic correlation that takes place in no time. Some of the key points in this connection are:

  • Yaass, the union of two Scorpions is indeed an utter experience of passion, magic, mystery, love, and fascination!
  • They both share a natural sense of eroticism and inviting energy. Interestingly, from the V first moment, stormy passions begin to spice up. They also attract each other with their innate strength and reliability.
  • It’s as if they have their one and only twin soul mate, the one who has the same dark and deep secrets as them. Amazement takes over when such a person who can know them even better than themselves, comes into their life.
  • Spoken words are seldom necessary as both of them feel a two-way psychic connection. We all know how mystical the watery Scorpio is!

Pros Of Scorpio and Scorpio Relationship

Both the Scorpio partners may share a deep inner peace, sense of secrecy, and purpose as they are affiliated with the water element. Belonging to the same zodiac sign, there are numerous common grounds that play an added advantage in this association. Here are a few pros to this relationship:

  • The whip hand of this love connection is that both can stimulate each other’s minds when they communicate at a brainstorming level, as both are driven by intellectuality!
  • They can immensely dive deep into communicating things that other people usually avoid indulging in. They can feel at home in each other’s arms without wanting for more. Awww, how cute!
  • They make each other realize that they are never alone and can heal deep wounds by simply being true to each other. Not only does this build a strong alliance, but it also draws them closer with each passing day!
  • Any obstacle can be tackled with the stormy waves present in both of them. Hence, they will make for great lovers!

Cons Of Scorpio and Scorpio Relationship

Being similar can also turn out to be negative when it is a Scorpio! As this is a stingy association where one can sting the other at the same level, there are some cons in this relationship as well. Some of them are as below:

  • As much as they both wish to share their life together, they hate being controlled even by their other half. Due to their dominative nature, the relationship between Scorpions can face concerns.
  • Both are possessive to the core, as they want to know what their partner is up to, while they want freedom for themselves as well. A little complicated!
  • The trust issue is another thing that gets in the way of this couple. In fact, it’s the major drawback stopping a Scorpio from being a Scorpio’s finest love match.
  • This can lead to salty arguments, which subsequently results in a lack of trust between them. If they sort these things out, they can experience a heck of a relationship!
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Scorpio And Scorpio Compatibility In Marriage

Can two sun signs of the same kind experience a happy married life? As it happens to be, this couple is in it for the commitment that comes from marriage, getting life-long care, companionship, intimacy, and friendship. Below are a few of the aspects of the Scorpio and Scorpio marriage compatibility

  • All Scorpions are lone wolves, hence, this married couple can become so enveloped and entangled in one another that they would rarely communicate with others.
  • They will share everything in life, which includes finances, decorating the house, extra household tasks, parenting, and so on. A perfect partner for one another!
  • Although, a Scorpio and Scorpio marriage can be a fairy tale one time, and a nightmare the other time. It can be filled with enchanted love as well as heated arguments.
  • However, as both parties thrive on the extreme passions of human beings, they can survive the stormy days and rise above them.
  • As a parent, the Scorpion is very protective, controlling, devoted, and possessive. Perhaps, they can be tough on their children when it comes to teaching them discipline.

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Scorpio And Scorpio Sexual Compatibility

Scorpio and Scorpio are intense and passionate, however, at times it can turn out as a nightmare. The reason being their inner rigidity and sexual energy can be hard to handle. Some more points on this fiery connection are as below:

  • Adding spice to one’s sex life is one thing, but in fact, these two are spices themselves. Scorpio-Scorpio compatibility in bed can be thrilling, like a dream come true!
  • They’ll be like a power couple with blinding sensual chemistry in between.
    Sex can be like a renewal of their bond where both these feel closest to one another than in other situations.
  • The two Scorpions can go to extremes, being awesome to being miserable. When things are sailing smoothly, the intensity of their physical intimacy can be amazing.
  • However, for this intimate relationship to work out, both lovers should stick to their tenderness within and be emotionally close when together. Else they might face a Bye Felicia situation as if torn apart by atomic energy.

This relationship can shine when they realize that their partner has the best intentions in their heart. Slowing down and spending time in each other’s cosy arms is the key to this Scorpio Scorpio relationship! And in the process, they will be able to achieve the greatest compatibility in love!

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