Mars in Pisces: A Complete Guide and Effects of Red Planet in Pisces

Mars in Pisces: A Complete Guide and Effects of Red Planet in Pisces
  • Element And Quality: Water & Mutable
  • Celebrities: Vincent van Gogh, Elton John, Bob Dylan, Tom Hanks, Marilyn Monroe
  • Positive Traits: Sensitive, Emotional, Gifted, Devoted, Gentle, Supportive
  • Negative Traits: Unsure, Vulnerable, Stagnant

Are you born with Mars in Pisces in your birth chart? Then, you have come to the right place. With Mars in Pisces in the natal chart, you are struggling to convey your emotions to others. Isn’t it? You are guided by dreams most of the time, and this makes you a confident and strong person. The ruling planet of Pisces is Jupiter which has good terms with Mars. Thus these individuals will be spiritually inclined to good conduct and follow a decent lifestyle. These individuals follow religious beliefs blindly and advise others about pure behavior too.

Mars in Pisces individuals have sound knowledge of the religious scriptures. Even though they know all of life’s purpose, they still have to face some confusion when it comes to taking an important decision. The persons with this planetary position will have a strong desire to get settled in foreign countries and take life in a promising and optimistic way.

Mars in Pisces zodiac sign always sees their love life to be idealistic and won’t consider any issues; if not, it is much to bear. Since these people are very emotional, they tend to hear others’ emotions too. They find enjoyment in music and other art forms.

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Is Mars in Pisces bad: Mars In Pisces Man Characteristics

The primary attributes that the planet Mars shows are an individual’s drive and goal in life, temper, how the person pushes through the stress in the working environment, and how somebody acts in a close relationship.

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Emotional Drive

With Pisces  man, you may ,in some cases, be uncertain about what you need. Life might happen to you since you battle to control what’s going on. The Mars in Pisces emotional drive is consistently attached to emotion. If you don’t have a clue what you need, you have no strong desires in any case. Your states of mind change regularly, so your emotional drive is probably going to change, as well. You have more energy attached to feelings that are combined with times of inaction. With Mars in Pisces, you’re frequently ill-humoured, so your drive is totally attached to your temper and changes a bit.


With Mars in Pisces, your emotions can be unusual and extreme. Mars in Pisces man is attracted to energy since you feel so intensely. This energy should be delivered every now and then, or it will come out unexpectedly. At the point when you lose your temper, you presumably feel somewhat bad about it. You may deliver a sudden outrage on another person. You can likewise be unpredictable.


With Mars in Pisces, you most likely will not ask anybody for help. Mars in Pisces career makes you won’t feel any competition with others. You will be fruitful when you feel genuinely attached to a career. For instance, somebody with Mars in Pisces could be a stunning competitor, yet this is on the grounds that they feel so enthusiastically about the work. They can’t separate feelings from work.

Those with Mars in Pisces can make incredible pioneers or marketers when they firmly accept a reason. They accomplish their best work when they are genuinely attached to their work, and they will persevere relentlessly to accomplish what they want.

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Are Pisces Mars Good In Bed?

With Mars in Pisces, you are drawn to your own dreams of individuals rather than who they truly are. It’s difficult for you to see the real individual directly before you since you’re taking a gander at your own image of them in your mind. You’re additionally drawn to how you look to somebody. If somebody causes you to feel cheerful or “high” inwardly, you’re bound to invest energy around them.

Mars in Pisces romance makes you drawn to an imbalanced relationship when seeing someone. You float towards the poor individuals as imbalance interests you. With Mars in Pisces, you likely love the surge of dopamine you get when you initially meet somebody. The Mars in Pisces man presumably will not take the principal action or start except if he’s truly in the temperament to do as such.

Probably, he will gradually draw nearer to somebody he enjoys and attempts to construct an awesome relationship until they start to respond to his romance. At the point when the Mars in Pisces man initially meets somebody, he will feel what they need and can transform into his accomplice’s fantasy man. He is a definitive passionate chameleon which can be extremely confusing for his partner from the start.

Who is Mars in Pisces Compatible With?

Mars in Pisces man is really soft when he enjoys somebody. The Mars in Pisces man can even have instability about how passionate he is. He will attempt to neutralise his ceaseless feelings with manly pastimes, for example, working out, sports, vehicles, the military, or anything that causes him to feel all the more customarily manly. Different men with Mars in Pisces aren’t unreliable about this and embrace their feelings sincerely; a lot of this will rely upon the remainder of the graph and life conditions, just as how their folks responded to their passionate upheavals.

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The Mars In Pisces Woman

The Mars in Pisces lady will have an ethereal, fantastic angle to her person that potential partners will detect from a distance. She partakes in a sensitive, vivacious pursuit, rather than somebody who comes on excessively solid. The Mars in Pisces woman is drawn to partners with delicate, touchy energy. They may likewise be interested in grumpy or unusual individuals. In some cases, this can imply that the Mars in Pisces woman is drawn to performers, and specialists, or she may simply be spellbound by the individuals who have a profound and tormented energy, paying little heed to their work.

Since Pisces is so slippery and fantastical, the men she winds up with might not have any of these characteristics. She may have essentially shown the thought! When she concludes that somebody is in pain, it’s difficult for her to change the image in her mind, regardless of whether reality doesn’t support it. For instance, a Mars in Pisces woman might meet a man and hear him say only something passionate regarding his past.

When the Mars in Pisces woman feels a sincere relation, she is “snared.” She needs to feel that the other individual has energy all the time. If she can be blown away inwardly, that is all she needs. It’s simple for the Mars in Pisces female to be withdrawn from who her partner truly is. She accepts what a partner shows her promptly, regardless of whether it’s simply an underlying lie. Whenever she has made a dreamland around her partner it’s hard for her to get rid of it.

Wrapping up

We hope you are clear with the characteristics of Mars in Pisces man and woman and how they are in relationships. Get timely help for a fruitful life from our expert astrologers. If you want to know more about the planetary position of Mars in Pisces in your horoscope.

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