Jupiter Transit 2024: Read Upcoming Planetary Transits

Jupiter Transit 2024: Read Upcoming Planetary Transits

Jupiter is the preacher and is referred to as the “Guru,” or teacher, among all the planets. You can count on Jupiter to always be on your side if you choose the right path.

Jupiter takes 12 years to travel through all 12 signs of the zodiac. It spends a year on each sign. What makes transit the best? It is not often known to have any bad effects.

The planet stands for wealth, knowledge, spirituality, and education. It can also assist you in appropriately organising your ideas for your speech.

Astrological Jupiter Transit 2024 Dates & Remedies

Given below are the Astrological Jupiter Transit  2024 Dates and Time:

Jupiter Transit Name Jupiter Transit Date
Jupiter Enters Taurus 01 May, 2024
Guru Tara Asta From 07 May 2024 to 06 June 2024 = 30 Days

The planet is representative of wealth, spirituality, knowledge, and education. It can also help you put your thoughts into your speech properly.

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