Venus Transit 2024: Read Upcoming Planetary Transits

Venus Transit 2024: Read Upcoming Planetary Transits

Venus, who is typically thought of as a feminine planet, bestows upon you beauty and everything associated with celebrity. It is the planet of extravagance, prosperity, pleasure, romance, and love.

It is also in charge of our kids and relationships. These are the things that the locals will be most impacted by when Astrological Venus Transit s.

Venus spends 23 days to 2 months in a single sign. Fun fact: At any given time of year, Venus is never farther from the Sun than two signs! It also has a huge impact on our lives, much like the Sun.

Astrological Venus Transit in Vedic Astrology

According to astrology, a transit’s result or effects are determined by the house in which it occurs. The benefits and drawbacks of the Astrological Venus Transit  vary from person to person based on that! Venus is the planet that rules our lives in terms of fame, art, hobbies, and interpersonal relationships.

When arranged properly, it can improve your chances of getting married. Astrological Venus Transit  may also cause you to gravitate towards particular genres of music and art. If the transit is advantageous for you, it can help you achieve some notoriety and social standing.

Furthermore, it is not just about getting married and finding love. Venus’s transits from one sign to another may also have an impact on your relationships and obligations to your family, friends, and other people.

Furthermore, when Venus and another planet align in the same sign, Astrological Venus Transit  planetary combinations can also arise. Venus’s relationship to those planets will determine the specific effects.

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Astrological Astrological Venus Transit 2024 Dates & Remedies

Given below are the Astrological Venus Transit  2024 Dates and Time:

Astrological Venus Transit Name Astrological Venus Transit Date
Astrological Venus Transit in Sagittarius January 18, 2024
Astrological Venus Transit in Capricorn February 12, 2024
Astrological Venus Transit in Aquarius March 7, 2024
Astrological Venus Transit in Pisces March 31, 2024
Astrological Venus Transit in Aries April 25, 2024
Astrological Venus Transit in Taurus May 19, 2024
Astrological Venus Transit in Gemini June 12, 2024
Astrological Venus Transit in Cancer July 7, 2024
Astrological Venus Transit in Leo July 31, 2024
Astrological Venus Transit in Virgo August 25, 2024
Astrological Venus Transit in Libra September 18, 2024
Astrological Venus Transit in Scorpio October 13, 2024
Astrological Venus Transit in Sagittarius November 7, 2024
Astrological Venus Transit in Capricorn December 2, 2024
Astrological Venus Transit in Aquarius December 28, 2024

Astrological Venus Transit Effects On Each Zodiac Signs 2024

As was previously mentioned, Venus rules Taurus and Libra. In Pisces, it is likewise an exalted planet. As a result, it will most often have a positive impact on these signs. But each transit is unique, and so will be the case for every sign. 

Let’s see the impact of this transition on all the zodiac signs.

Venus Transit In Aries

What happens when Venus moves to Aries? Venus rules the earth sign Taurus and air sign Libra. At the same time, Aries is a fire sign ruled by Mars. Venus is the planet of beauty, passion, love, and everything feminine. Mars represents aggression, activeness, and confidence. But hey, opposites attract! Don’t they? When these two meet, it can result in increased passion and intimacy in the natives.

Venus Transit In Taurus

There will be an even greater demand for wealth and luxury when Venus enters its own sign. Venus, the ruler of Taurus, will bring in a breath of fresh air, even for an earth sign like Taurus that is grounded in reality most of the time. The natives may make a concerted effort to draw in and work towards an opulent and wealthy lifestyle while Venus is in Taurus.

Venus Transit In Gemini

Venus’s transit also has an impact on the air sign Gemini. Mercury, the planet of knowledge and communication, rules Gemini. Venus’s transit through Gemini is expected to spark a renewed interest in art and related fields for the native population. It could be theatre, dance, music, or the movies. Venus also has a significant influence on how the natives will live their married lives.

Venus Transit In Cancer

The Moon is Cancer’s ruling planet. Cancer is a sign of the water element. Venus and the Moon currently have a shaky relationship, and natives may experience negative or unfavourable outcomes from Venus’s transit. Venus transits Cancer, but its effects won’t last as long because Venus moves quickly. It can bring happiness and marital bliss to the natives when positioned correctly.

Venus Transit In Leo

The Sun rules the sign of Leo, which has fire as its element. Venus and the Sun have some problematic relationships, just like the Moon and the Sun do. However, as we previously discussed, it depends on the specific transits. Venus will pass through the Uttara Falguni and Purva Falguni Nakshatras on its way to Leo. What nakshatra do you belong to? With Nakshatra: Types and Significance, you can better understand your nakshatra.

Venus Transit In Virgo

As an earth sign, Virgo is governed by Mercury. Venus, regrettably, is weak in Virgo. This implies that when Venus transits Virgo, it occasionally causes issues for the natives. But when the transit occurs, the friendship between Venus and Mercury may come to the rescue. Positive or negative, it will bring about changes in terms of material and conjugal pleasures.

Venus Transit In Libra

Like Taurus, Venus is the sign of Libra. All signs will be affected by Venus’s transit to Libra because it will occur in the planet’s own sign. Air is the sign of Libra. It can support the indigenous people’s objectives personally and protect them from outside threats. For those without a spouse, Venus in Libra may also portend marriage for those born under this sign.

Venus Transit In Scorpio

Mars rules Scorpio in the same way that it rules Aries. Venus is the symbol of femininity, and Mars is everything that is masculine. In this case, Scorpio is regarded as a water sign and possesses traits associated with it. Both beneficial and negative changes in a native’s life can result from a Venus transit in Scorpio. Venus’s transit enhances your chances of finding a compatible partner, receiving support from your spouse, and pursuing other relationship-related endeavours.

Venus Transit In Sagittarius

Jupiter is the fire sign of Sagittarius. In Vedic astrology, Jupiter and Venus have a close relationship. Venus is regarded as the teacher of the “Asuras,” or the demons, while Jupiter is the guru to the gods. For natives, Venus’s transit through Sagittarius can occasionally mean difficult times, particularly when it comes to matters of the heart and relationships.

Venus Transit In Capricorn

Saturn is the earth sign of Capricorn. Venus and Saturn have amicable relations with one another. Venus’s transit through Capricorn may occasionally be advantageous or helpful for Capricorn. Venus has the power to satisfy Capricorn natives on both a personal and professional level. It is meant to make your home life more joyful.

Venus Transit In Aquarius

Saturn is the sign of the air element, Aquarius. As we previously discussed, Venus and Saturn have a cordial relationship. Venus also rules Aquarius’s trikona (trine) and kendra (angular), making it a yoga karaka planet for the sign. In any case, the natives benefit from the yoga karaka planets in terms of resources and social standing; Aquarius also benefits from Venus’s position as the yoga karaka.

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Venus Transit In Pisces

Jupiter is the sign of the water element, Pisces. For locals, Venus’s transit in Pisces may be advantageous. Venus controls your relationships with people of the opposite gender, which can positively impact that area of natives’ lives. Under the influence of this transit, your relationships with spouses and partners may also strengthen.

Venus Transits’ Remedies

Like the Moon, Venus, one of the planets with the greatest illumination, is strongly associated with the colour white. Venus is associated with white foods, white clothing, silver jewellery, white sapphires, and diamonds. Venus Transit 2024 remedies will vary based on the specific transit for each sign. Generally speaking, it can involve wearing jewellery made of silver and gemstones associated with Venus, as well as giving away white foods like milk and rice to those in need. To avoid any negative effects, it is always advisable to wear a gemstone only after speaking with an astrologer. Feeding the animals, lighting a camphor lamp, dumping white flowers into a river, and reciting Venus-related mantras are some additional remedies for Venus transit.

Puja for Venus Planet

If you think a Venus transit can bring some unwanted results for you, you can always perform a Shukra Graha Shanti Puja. It can bring name, fame, glamour, and overall luxurious life to the deserving devotees. Not only that, it can help you prosper in your work and business. A Shukra Grah Shanti Puja can also help you eliminate the malefic effects of the planet from your life. If you want to perform a Puja with expert pandits authentically, you can book an Online Shukra Graha Shanti Puja with us.