Stars Made Angela Merkal Do It? End of an Era!

Stars Made Angela Merkal Do It? End of an Era!

On Dec 8, 2021, German lawmakers chose Social Democrat Olaf Scholz as chancellor, ending Angela Merkel’s 16-year conservative rule and clearing the way for a pro-European government that has promised to increase green investment. Is there any serious planetary game behind this sudden news? Let’s check that out together.

7 Planets Behind Angela Merkel’s Decision?

Born on 17 July 1954 in Hamburg, Germany, Angela Merkel’s Sun horoscope has Saturn in Libra, which is exalted. She herself is a Virgo native and has Mercury in its own sign. Mars-Rahu has Angaraka dosha in their fire element. Due to all these yogas, she emerged as a strong woman.

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Because of Mercury, she has a very sharp & sense of all situations. Despite the fact that seven out of nine planets in Angela Merkel’s horoscope were sitting in the negative 6th and 8th houses, she made the decision to leave a week before her scheduled time. When it comes to the future, she may have some health challenges. Her viewpoint, though, may continue to be valued & respected in Germany.

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