Chandra Grahan 2021: The Date, Time, and Effects on Each Zodiac Sign

Chandra Grahan 2021: The Date, Time, and Effects on Each Zodiac Sign

The last lunar eclipse of the year will occur on Kartik Purnima, November 19, 2021. At 11:32 AM the lunar eclipse will begin and will end at 5.33 PM IST comes to an end. The eclipse may be seen in some regions of India. Although the eclipse will have little influence in India, any Sutak (inauspicious) period will be nullified, and the eclipse will affect all zodiac signs. Learn more about the 2021 lunar eclipse and how it will affect your zodiac sign.

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Know The Impact of Chandra Grahan in all zodiac signs

Aries: Tensions may rise
Taurus: No major changes
Gemini: When travelling, be cautious
Cancer: You may find it challenging to start new tasks
Leo: Relationship issues on the cards
Virgo: Take extra precautions with your health
Libra: Expenditure may rise
Scorpio: Exercise caution while making major decisions
Sagittarius: It is advised to lead the boat of relationship well
Capricorn: You may find your work super duper boring
Aquarius: You may find yourself in never-ending arguments
Pisces: Getting things done may be tough

This is the basic effect of the moon eclipse on the various zodiac signs on Nov 19, 2021. Consult our astrologers today for more personalised advice!