Shocking Facts of Rachin Ravindra That Is So Hard To Believe!

Shocking Facts of Rachin Ravindra That Is So Hard To Believe!

This time, not Ravindra Jadeja, but Rachin Ravindra has helped in whatever happened in yesterday’s match. Not every draw is special, but Rachin Ravindra will remember his debut for saving New Zealand in the first Test against India. The 22-year-old went unbeaten on 18 and successfully paired with number 11 Ajaz Patel to keep the last wicket intact through 52 balls of quality Indian spin on Nov 30, 2021, at Kanpur’s Green Park Stadium.

Incredible Performance Despite Variety of Doshs In Rachin Ravindra’s Kundli!

If we look at the basic Kundli of 22-year-old Rachin Ravindra, then his zodiac sign is Aquarius and at present, Sade Sati is going on in Aquarius. If there is a Sade Sati in any zodiac, it makes sure that the native doesn’t get the desired results in spite of real hard work. Right now in the horoscope of Rachin Ravindra, Ketu is transiting over the Sun of birth. Again, a negative side.

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Despite Sade Sati, the cricketer is having enough success to put New Zealand in a good position. One of the reasons is that Jupiter is in a favourable position. On the other hand, if we talk about Rachin Ravindra’s future, he might have a better time after Feb 28. At that moment, five planets will be conjunct in his third house of kundli. At the same time, Jupiter will transit over his birth moon, which may bring him good fortune.

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