Does Vladimir Putin’s Meeting with PM Narendra Modi Hint at Something?

Does Vladimir Putin’s Meeting with PM Narendra Modi Hint at Something?

During Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to India on Dec 6, 2021, the two countries would sign a significant contract worth over Rs 5,100 crore for the production of AK-203 assault rifles in India. Also, following annual talks between Prime Minister Modi and President Putin, India and Russia are likely to sign more than ten agreements. These agreements will be in the areas of space, culture, science and technology, military, and so on.

Let’s check out how Putin’s future looks like & how beneficial his India visit will be?

What Makes Vladimir Putin So Determined?

In the horoscope of Russian President Vladimir Putin, exalted Mercury is in Virgo. This makes his birth chart extra strong. Venus is in its own sign, showering popularity on Putin. Have you ever wondered why Vladimir is so determined? You better ask this to the Moon in his horoscope. However, there is an explosive combination of Sun-Saturn in the horoscope. Due to this, he often remains in controversies and his decisions remain somewhat different. As per the planetary positions, Narendra Modi & Vladimir Putin’s meeting would be fruitful for both countries.

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In 2022, the transit of Jupiter will improve Putin’s image on a global scale. He may travel to different countries in the future.

Putin’s visit to New Delhi will be a great milestone in the Delhi-Moscow relationship. This is only the second time the Russian president has left his country since the pandemic began in March 2020.

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