Retrograde Planets in Vedic Astrology

MyPandit June 14, 2022
Retrograde Planets in Vedic Astrology

What is meant by planet retrogrades in astrology?

The backward motion of a transiting planet is known as retrogression motion in Vedic Astrology. The backward motion of any planet is only relative to the position of the earth. In reality, the planet has not or never will move backward in our solar system. In other words, the planets always move in a forward direction only in the sky. They appear to be moving backward at some specific distances and locations as seen from the surface of the Earth.

The Sun and Moon are never retrograde in a birth chart. Rahu and Ketu are always retrograde.

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Why is it considered important?

Retrograde Planets are one of the important tools by which we can estimate the intensity of any planet. Sometimes, retrograde planets make human life appear to be stuck at the moment, neither moving forward nor backward. However, the functional behavior and natal placement of the retrograde planet must be assessed before judging any event. 

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How does each of the planet's retrograde affect us or what do they mean?

Mercury Retrograde:-

The main area of control for Mercury is communication. So, Mercury heavily draws influence over communication. Whenever Mercury is in retrograde motion, people may see that their thoughts and words are better put across through some lesser-known channel. Due to this reason, there is a chance of communications being understood incorrectly.

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Venus Retrograde:-

Normally, Venus retrograde compels us to take a cautious approach towards our love affairs. Concealed emotions may come up to the surface, and we may reassess our wants and the ways to satisfy them. The laws that organize our values may be subject to scrutiny and all of a sudden what we prized most may appear unimportant.

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Mars Retrograde:-

The planet Mars signifies energy. Mars retrograde results in wrath and disagreement become internal. Mars in retrograde can be characterised by internal agony, tension, passive aggression, and pain. Suppressing the feelings within, instead of expressing them in a healthy way can mislead the rage and hatred. 

Jupiter Retrograde:-

Jupiter is a planet that rules the social aspect. Its influence impacts people in a comprehensive manner. The Jupiter retrograde makes us to reassess our morals as a society. Beliefs are redrafted, viewpoints concerning religion or spirituality are scrutinized and the very foundations of our life existence are examined. 

Saturn Retrograde:-

Saturn’s influence on Earth decelerates everything. Saturn in retrograde can make us toil. It can make us put in the additional effort or make us think intensely and ponder our actions or our external surroundings. When Saturn is in retrograde there are no quick and easy ways for success and people must not think of hastening lengthy and exhaustive ventures. Troubles with people in power may crop up.

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Uranus Retrograde:-

When Uranus becomes retrograde, the native’s lack of patience occasionally takes on a ruthless mentality. Thrusts of energy are trailed by arduous idleness and emotions to overcome.

Neptune Retrograde:-

When a Neptune becomes retrograde, there might occur issues within the past around a person. The body may get unheeded, cruel treatments in the matters the native deals with, or used at wrong zones by others. 

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