Mercury’s Importance: Everything You Need To Know About The Smallest Planet

Mercury’s Importance: Everything You Need To Know About The Smallest Planet

Imagine living a luxurious life and getting all essential comforts in the early stages of life. How cool, isn’t it? Well, this could be the result of your hard work, or maybe it’s because of Mercury. Considering the astrological facts, it would be the latter, which is busy showering blessings on you. Learning the thing or two about Mercury, you may ask the planet, ‘hey, Mercury, is it really you?’ – Yes, it is. Mercury is the smallest and the closest planet, which revolves around the Sun. In Indian astrology, it is popularly known as ‘Budha’, which refers to wisdom.

Mercury is one of the benefic planets of the stellar system. It is the provider of communication skills, mental abilities, and intelligence. However, you may be only able to receive its blessing if Mercury is strong or present in the exalted sign as per your birth chart. Otherwise, Mercury placed under the aspect of malefic planets may not provide favourable outcomes.

Fellas, here we are moving on to check the role and importance of Mercury in astrology. So, carefully read along with us to learn more about the smallest planets.

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Characteristics Of Planet Mercury

  • Mental abilities
  • Intellectual mind
  • Decision-making skills
  • Logical arguments
  • Siblings
  • Thoughts
  • Communications
  • Speech
  • Rationality

Significance Of Mercury In Astrology

Planet Mercury is a messenger of God, and it governs the Gemini and Virgo zodiac signs. Mercury helps the natives to improve their speech or communication skills. Also, natives may sharpen their self-image with the help of Mercury. In astrology, it represents the air element. This benefic planet helps natives to reduce the effects of negative forces. It has control over your thinking process and facial expressions. It handles your conscious actions, choices and analytical mind.

Natives with the strong Mercury in their birth chart may have better control of their words. They may know how to communicate with others. It may further help them to build friendly relations with others. If Mercury is favourably-placed in your Kundali, you may learn how to begin the conversation and end it. Besides, Mercury also owns three nakshatras (constellations). It is the lord of Ashlesha Nakshatra, Jyestha Nakshatra and Revati Nakshatra.

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Mercury’s Relations With Other Planets

Friendly planets: Sun and Venus
Neutral planets: Saturn, Mars and Jupiter
Enemy planets: Moon

In regards to Mercury’s relations with other planets, it is clearly seen that Mercury has more friends than its enemy. And now, it would be easier for you to understand what happens when Mercury unites with other planets.

The Conjunction Of Mercury and Sun
The association of Mercury with its friendly planet Sun will form Budhaditya Yoga. The combo of two planets Mercury and Sun may bless you with good characteristics like analytical skills and intelligence. It helps you to develop a great personality.

The Conjunction Of Mercury and Venus
When beauty meets the intelligent mind, it forms the union of Venus and Mercury. This conjunction may help individuals to sharpen their verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Natives may take interest in science or mathematics subjects. They may have a fine grip over their financial status.

The Conjunction Of Mercury and Saturn
Natives having the combo of Mercury and Saturn in the same house are likely to become a businessman or criminal lawyers. Individuals may suffer from health issues like breathing problems. This association of these planets may create issues during progeny.

The Conjunction Of Mercury and Mars
Individuals having Mercury and Mars in the same house are courageous, brave and energetic. You may not have miscommunication while having a serious conversation. But, you may indulge in arguments to prove your logic. You may face hiccups in your career growth.

The Conjunction Of Mercury and Jupiter
If Mercury is placed with Jupiter, then natives may quickly learn new things in life. This association also indicates that you may involve in unnecessary fights or conflicts. However, Jupiter’s presence may help you develop spirituality and high knowledge in life.

The Conjunction Of Mercury and Moon
The conjunction of two natural enemies’ planets may not give you favourable outcomes. But you may not have any major issues in life as Mercury is a benefic planet. If these two planets are sharing the same house, you may not be able to make important decisions in life.

The Conjunction Of Mercury and Rahu / Ketu
If Mercury is combined with Rahu, you may develop innovative ideas and intelligence. You may love to argue on your favourite topic. Whereas, if Mercury is sharing space with Ketu, you may pursue your career as a researcher or investigator. You may like to gather lots of information using modern technologies.
The accurate results of Mercury’s conjunction with other planets depend on its placement in the houses, signs and strength.

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The Placement Of Mercury In 12 Houses

Mercury may give positive outcomes if it is present in the sixth House as Virgo rules it. Also, Mercury’s placement in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th and 7th houses may give similar results. If Mercury is placed in the 3rd, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th houses, you may get unfavourable outcomes. Let us learn about Mercury’s placement in different houses.

Mercury in the 1st House
Natives of having this combination are curious to learn new things. You will be good at solving mysteries or complex problems. It may positively influence your ideas and thoughts. And so, you may become a quick learner and intelligent. You may possess a sharp memory.

Mercury in the 2nd House
The 2nd House is associated with wealth and prosperity. Suppose there is a presence of Mercury, then you may have a stronghold over your financial status. You may find different ways to earn money. With this placement, you are likely to choose a profession like a teacher, manager or advisor.

Mercury in the 3rd House

Individuals of Mercury in the 3rd House are good at convincing others. Also, you may deliver the wrong information to them. You would be busy making business trips. Here, Mercury, affiliated with malefic planets, can have adverse effects on the natives’ lives. You are likely to work in the electronics and communications department.

Mercury in the 4th House

The 4th House is governed by the Moon, which is the enemy of Mercury. And as a result, this combination may not work in the native’s favour. This placement of Mercury may damage your relations with your mother, or you may indulge in family arguments. You are likely to stay busy with your research task. You may opt to work from home as well. Read more

Mercury in the 5th House

The 5th House is associated with progeny and knowledge. If Mercury is sitting in this House, you will be good at communicating with others. Your action may speak more than your words. If a baby is born in the exalted sign of Virgo or Gemini, he or she may possess an intellectual mind during childbirth. Read more

Mercury in the 6th House

This placement of Mercury may make you impatient. You may face health issues like mental stress, anxiety or depression. You may find yourself busy with social activities. You may have logical quarrels to resolve the conflicts. Here, it would be difficult for you to attain peace of mind. Read more

Mercury in the 7th House

If Mercury is placed in the House of marriage, you may waste so much time thinking about your future life partner. This combination also helps you to find a life partner who has a sharp mind and better thinking abilities. However, if Mercury is under the aspect of a malefic planet, you may issue it in your marriage relationship. Read more

Mercury in the 8th House

The combination of Mercury and the 8th House may work for you in terms of marriage, profession and financial growth. You may not complete your education but may figure out multiple ways to earn money. You may slowly develop a spiritual life. You will be an expert in managing tasks or other resources.

Mercury in the 9th House

This combination represents that natives may have an intellectual conversation with their colleagues. You may incline towards spirituality, and later you may become a spiritual speaker. The 9th House Mercury may help you to complete your higher studies. You may travel abroad or may plan to settle in foreign countries. Read more

Mercury in the 10th House

Mercury’s presence in the House of career & profession means that you may possess excellent communication skills. You would be chasing your career goals and may achieve success at a higher level. In this process, you may wisely use your knowledge to complete your targets. This combination may give you successful results in a profession like a copywriter or a speaker. Read more

Mercury in the 11th House

11th House Mercury may help you to expand your friend circle. You will be open-minded to share different ideas and views with your close ones. Later on, you may find a spiritual interest in your life. With the placement of planet Mercury, you may develop a successful career in the IT sector.

Mercury in the 12th House

If Mercury is sitting in the 12th House, you may learn the correct use of your words. You may sharpen your communicative skills. If you have affiliated with Mercury in this House, it would be difficult for you to achieve mental peace. Due to this placement, you may injure yourself and succumb to long-term health issues. Or you may find yourself behind bars for illegal acts.

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What Happens When Mercury Is Weak?

If there is a presence of debilitated Mercury in the horoscope, you may suffer from business losses or may fall short of accomplishing your desired life goals. The presence of weak Mercury indicates that the planet has become inauspicious, and it could lead you to speech-related problems. It also signifies long-term health issues in your life. Or you may suffer from mental stress or depression. You may also suffer from skin disease or may be prone to accidental injuries. This weak Mercury could rattle your personal life as well. As a result, you may spoil relations with your spouse or siblings. Debilitated Mercury may insist you have a strong addiction to alcohol. You may run out of knowledge and intelligence.

Remedies To Reduce The Impacts Of Debilitated Mercury

  • Put saunf under your pillow while sleeping at night
  • If possible avoid alcohol or non-veg foods
  • Donate milk and rice to needy people
  • Offer water to the rising Sun
  • Wear silver in form of chain

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What Does Mercury Symbolize?

Mercury is the significator of intellectual skills, good memory power and transportation. Mainly, astrologers analyse its strength and placement to learn about native’s expressions and communications. The natal Mercury in your birth chart may regulate your views, ideas and thoughts. It also signifies our day-to-day life events like, how good you are at handling difficult situations? How do you coordinate with others? Or how you have an exchange of words with your colleagues?

Identifying Mercury’s position, you may know whether the planet is under the aspect of benefic planets or malefic planets. Mercury receiving the aspect from the benefic planet, may give you positive results in your life. If it is under the aspect of malefic planets, it may become weak, and you may have unfavourable times. Mercury also demonstrates how native is good at convincing others. An in-depth analysis of Mercury’s placement may reveal the decision-making skills of the natives too.

In A Nutshell

We had a detailed review of the significance of Mercury in Vedic astrology. We found that this benefic planet has sheer importance on our mind, speech and communicative skills. If the planet is under the aspect of its enemy or in a weak form, it may only push you amid the challenging times.

Debilitated Mercury neither offers help to its natives, nor it gives special blessings to them. However, you may use the remedies mentioned above for weak Mercury to reduce its negatives impacts.

Besides, we also learned about the conjunction of Mercury with other planets. And hey, don’t you think it was really interesting to know about its friends and the enemy planet? – Hell Yaas.

We also zoomed into Mercury’s placement in 12 houses to find which houses gain benefits due to the smallest planet. With this, we hope you had a clearer view of the role and importance of Mercury in astrology. If you are impressed with this auspicious planet’s qualities, then don’t forget to thank ‘Mercury’!