Know all about the Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn

Know all about the Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn

When a planet is in retrograde it can emphasize the events that are bound to happen, it can affect your unsolved issues from the past, your wrongdoings, unforeseen changes, different kinds of blockages, built-up frustrations, and aggravations in walks of life. Let’s not overlook the fact that Mercury is the “spiritual guide” and the “Prince of all the zodiacs”. So Mercury retrograde can show us the way to our soul.

Mercury retrograde meaning explained in simple words is, ‘When it looks like the planet is moving backward from where we are standing on Earth’. But it is just an optical illusion because planets can’t go in the backward direction.Gemini and Virgo signify third and sixth respectively as per the Kalpurush Kundali. The Prince planet rules the practical Virgo and quick-witted Gemini also, so we know that both these signs will be heavily affected. On top of this, it also matters in which house and which sign the retrograde cycle lands in. For instance, if Mercury is staying in an air or water sign like it is for most of 2021, they will be affected the most. While it can vary from one retrograde period to the next (fire and earth signs too), the basic jumbling and slagging of a Mercury retrograde cycle stays the same.

OK, So Will This Mercury Retrograde Affect ME?

During Mercury Retrograde you and I will notice issues like;

  1. We have to mind our language during a Mercury retrograde period. Take your time to think and write or type, spelling errors and typos are bound to happen, but it’s extremely important to triple-check every text, email, and DM before hitting send.
  2. Your way of expressing yourself is also quite junked that needs oiling, otherwise, misunderstandings can happen if your true intentions are not conveyed.
  3. Your decision-making skills may also be topsy-turvy, so during this period you should avoid signing any major contracts and if you must, be sure to thoroughly read the fine print in large size font.
  4. Talking about tech, you can blame Mercury retrograde for any electronic meltdowns. It is advisable not to buy any new gadgets till Mercury is on a spree, and if you have to on an urgent basis, just make sure that you have a warranty for that.
  5. Travel should also be avoided but if you have already booked your tickets and you’re going, be mentally prepared for delays, cancellations, and a few wrong turns.
  6. Lastly, but certainly not the least, you can expect your past ghosts to haunt you down. So during Mercury retrograde, it’s best to politely decline unexpected coffee dates and “innocent” proposals to grab drinks.

Tips to survive Mercury retrograde:

It’s pretty simple, choose your words wisely, remember to proofread, keep your hands off signing contracts or read them extra carefully, back up all your data, and have a Plan B in case of travel mishaps. But if you look at it from the positive window, you’ll know that Mercury retrograde isn’t all bad. In fact, it is just testing you and me. How prepared are you if any inconvenience happens? When things go haywire, how’s your self-care routine? Take it up as a challenge and a time for reflection. These retrogrades are not the end of the world, duh! Mercury retrogrades three or four times per year for three to four weeks, so you’ve been through it before and many times, you will get through it this year, too *wink*. Although other planets also go ringa ringa in a backward motion except for the Sun and the Moon, Mercury retrograde is the only one that has the potential to mess up all things related to communication and transmission. Jokes aside, but when Mercury rests, it gives us time to take a breather.

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Effects on India

Mercury retrograde will take place from 4th February 2021 to 11th March 2021. According to India’s Kundali, Taurus is in the Lagna house, so Mercury retrograde will grab the space in the 10th house, the house of career and profession. Changes in these two sectors are expected. During the changing phase, in the 1st week of March, India may face financial trouble which is very crucial. There’ll be an increase in chemical and petroleum products in the country. Some relative changes can be seen in the real estate industry too. As Mercury is regarded as the significator of conversation and communication, individuals working in the telecommunication industry may get a raise in their salary or see growth in their work. India will also observe changes in commission related jobs. The Government of India (GoI) may see a cash crunch during the financial year-end, i.e. March. And to resolve this financial problem, the government may get a solution in April only.

Mercury Retrograde Effects on Aries

Having a good time, pulling each other’s leg, teasing, and making fun of each other is all part of being a friend package. But sometimes, unknowingly you say or do something that might hurt them, so it is essential to be careful while dealing with people be it your friends.

You may get betrayed by your close friend or relative but be the bigger person, let go of it, and forgive that person. You will make new friends. Focus on better things as your interest may pique into the research field. The Mercury Retrograde will be beneficial for students, and they will succeed in whatever they do.

Individuals in the media field may have a difficult time during the Mercury retrograde. Whereas sportsperson and politicians will be here for a good time. The waiting period may be longer when it comes to completing the important work, but slowly and steadily all will be done. Hurdles and obstacles will come in your way while starting a new venture or business, but as long as you deal with it calmly, you’re good to go!

During this Mercury retrograde, you may get worried about your parents and children, do take care of them too! Elders are advised to avoid going on any trip – short or long in this time frame. Aries native’s younger siblings will have a good time while elder siblings may face a rough one.
Aries natives aged between 5 to 14 years may get infected by waterborne diseases.

Mercury Retrograde Effects on Taurus

You are satisfied with everything that life has offered you, but still, there are times like these when you get mental stress. This affects your productivity and you’re not able to complete your work. After putting in ample efforts you may come into the limelight but still don’t achieve the desired success.

Mercury retrograde may affect your family members in different ways; your younger siblings may face health issues, your children may struggle in his/her studies, and your parents will maintain good health but your father may face problems in his professional work. Sportspersons and media professionals may have a decent time during this phase.

Taurus students may have a challenging time, but don’t lose hope and take much stress. Business individuals and workers associated with the communication sector should stay alert and always on toes. You are advised not to trust anyone in your work or business.

While talking to your spouse, you are advised to filter what you say and be a little timid about your communication skills. Proper time and attention should be given to your in-laws. Don’t let this stress you out. Set your priorities and give importance and time to only those who deserve it. Mercury will be blessful to you as it’ll shower fortune on you during this retrograde.

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Mercury Retrograde Effects on Gemini

For Gemini, Mercury is your ruling planet, so when it goes retrograde your whole world will be thrown off as the Prince will make sure you have a good time. Small religious trips and abroad vacationing are on the calendar. Any life-changing decisions taken during this time can be a mistake or a lesson. And some mistakes may even give you positive results, but that does not mean you continue doing those stupid mistakes.

Your pending work is still pending because of your distracted mind, so try not to lose focus and increase your concentration span. If you are planning to buy a property or a vehicle, take advice from experts in that field, then and only then take further steps to make that purchase. Also, individuals in politics may enjoy the good times.

If your parents are having some health issues, Mercury retrograde will improve their health. You will be blessed with the patience and energy to solve your child’s problems. Your elder siblings will enjoy this time while your younger ones may face ups and downs in their married life. Avoid getting into arguments with your father. You don’t wanna end up saying something, you’ll regret later, right? Lovers may have silly issues in their love lives, but that will take you closer than ever.

It is said that Gemini is an epic flirt, during the Mercury retrograde all your exes will swoon over you, and you might even end up sexting the wrong person. You gotta keep yourself calm and collected, time out some time for meditation and self-care therapy to keep your head on track, don’t screw up healthy relationships just because you’re horny and your Insta DM is filled with your exes. Use this intense Mercury retrograde, to get organized, appreciate, and express gratitude to people, who you truly care about (and who care about you).

Mercury Retrograde Effects on Cancer

Cancer natives are fighters, no matter what kind of challenge life throws at them, they have various weapons to fight and stand back up. Amidst all this, your mental strength may go down, so it is advised to take help from professionals before engaging yourself in any work. During this Mercury retrograde, you may find yourself getting pulled towards religious work.

There may be some issues in finishing work related to your parental property. You’ll also have unnecessary expenses, therefore think before investing in assets right now. You will also have to spend on your child, which can be for their education or marriage or anything else.

Your parent’s health will improve. Your younger siblings will have the time of their lives, while elder ones will have to fight the storm. Pay attention when you build new friendships, relationships, and partnerships.

Researchers will get assistance from unexpected sources. Students should continue their hard work, and it is advised to refrain from completing any important work as the Mercury retrograde may hinder that. Professionals working in the communication sector may have to face some blunders. But for politicians, it’s a very good time to experiment and try something new. If you have some new recipes cooking, try those – the result will turn out great!

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Mercury Retrograde Effects on Leo

Lefts and rights, ups and downs, wrongs and rights, black and white exist everywhere. And during Mercury retrograde, that is what will happen between you and your family members. You will have to earn your friends’ support. Irrespective of the teeny-tiny issues you may gain profit from the new partnerships. Mercury showers your parents with good health.

Your marriage life may be a little disturbed. Even lovers may get into trouble and fight with their partners if they are not careful with their words. To dissolve the distance and misunderstandings take some time off with your spouse and have heart-to-heart. Women should take utmost care of their health, especially those of you who are expecting a baby.

In your professional life, your colleagues may have different opinions and thoughts that don’t match yours, and they may not cooperate with you in anything. However, you should be the mature one and try not to spoil the relation with them, the advice is especially for the business people. Students will have an amazing time, and they may even travel abroad. Those who are working in the publication department may make mistakes in their work. Also, it will be a good time for politicians and sportspersons.

Mercury Retrograde Effects on Virgo

You may have a confused mind and mixed thoughts. But don’t back down if you have made up your mind regarding something. Legal matters and court-related work should be done with care. While driving, you may meet with an accident, to avoid that ‘DRIVE SLOWLY’ and don’t do any stunts on the road.

Your fickle mind distracts you because of which you’ll lose interest in your work. But work and time stop for no one so calmly deal with your important work and refrain from giving advice and extra knowledge to others. You also gotta watch your tongue while talking to your in-laws and relatives from the maternal side.

When Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn and Aquarius, at that time, you will also fetch a solution to your child’s problem. Mercury will bless you and your parents with good health. Your father may get extra responsibilities at his workplace, which will give you less time with him. If you are having any skin-borne disease or intestinal problems, you should consult a doctor right away and strictly follow what they say.

Mercury is your ruling planet too, Virgo, so it’ll not let you go through any difficult phase alone. It’ll guide you in everything. Students will flourish in what they do, and people having their own business will also do well. Individuals in the sports or media field may have a decent phase.

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Mercury Retrograde Effects on Libra

Good times and bad times are part of life, and you will have the best of both worlds. In regards to your professional life, you’ll have a good time. On the other hand, you will struggle to build mutual relationships with others. Mercury will bless you with mental strength, and you’ll be able to form new strategies and implement them in your work in the future. Your creativity will also enhance.

There are chances of you facing water-borne diseases, stomach related problems, or any sort of virus infection. Mental stress is something that is in your hands, so avoid thinking about the matters that give you stress.

During the Mercury Retrograde 2021, you should divert your path a little towards religious work. The field of communication, sports, and politics is something that will flourish during this phase, and people associated with these industries will have a good time. Shortly, you may get a new contract that will earn you huge profits.

If there’s any pending work concerning your parental property, it’ll get better, and you may get improvement in that. Your parent’s health will be a matter of concern for you so devote some of your time to them. Your elder siblings will also have some turbulence in their married life, whereas your younger siblings may enjoy a good time. You will find a solution to the problems that your child is facing.

Mercury Retrograde Effects on Scorpio

Mercury will create havoc, and you may indulge in silly arguments with your family members because of that. You may have tension about pending property works, but if you deal with the situation patiently, it is likely that you will get a favourable outcome. This phase may not be very promising for your family, though.

Your parents will face some health issues, so you need to pay special attention to them. Your siblings may have a tough time, once this Mercury retrograde is over their life will go back to normal. On a positive note, you’ll get a solution for your children’s problems.

Don’t miss those sweet getaways as those small trips may earn you positive results. Students will be able to focus more on their studies and at the same time, have a great time. Business professionals are advised to finish their important pending work only after consulting the concerned person. Mercury will give a challenging time to those individuals who are in the field of sports, politics, or communication.

During Mercury retrograde, your interest will be inclined towards religious work. You will also see changes in your sleeping schedule. Disturbed sleep can cause mental stress, so it is advised to reduce your mobile screen time, give rest to your eyes. If you continue to waste your time scrolling Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, you may have to face some terrible days. It’s better to take free advice than suffer later, right? Lovers will find it hard to sneak and meet, oops.

Mercury Retrograde Effects on Sagittarius

Don’t take it to heart but putting it without sugar-coating, Mercury retrograde will not treat you good Sagittarius *sad face*, but it’s not like it will just throw bombs your way too. You just have to be careful in every step you take, every decision you make, every – well everything. During this phase, you may find some change in your personality.

While travelling, you must be alert and take care of your bags and belongings. Also, learn to handle your electronics and gadgets with care. Develop a habit of reading the full document before blindly signing it. This period will trouble you and get you tangled up more than you already are with your court-related work.

The effects that Mercury retrograde will bring may hamper your parent’s health, but it will resolve your children’s problems. During this time, the chances of your child going abroad are also very high. All the legal work, parent’s health, child’s travel plans, etc. will make you spend more in these few weeks.

Your younger siblings will have to walk on ice while your elder siblings will enjoy the cakewalk. Mercury will call out to the buyers who want to buy a property, and you’ll be able to sell yours too at a good price. Individuals working in sports, communication, and political fields will survive and may even have a decent time.

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Mercury Retrograde Effects on Capricorn

Capricorn, you can take a chill pill as Mercury retrograde will gift you a decent time. Embrace the new changes that happen in your life and forget the old strategies. But while hunting for different sources, don’t forget to have a look at your bank balance.

During this phase, you will gain mental strength and find room for more creativity too. Don’t use your inner strength for ulterior motives as it can backfire you. You will polish your speaking and negotiating skills. Individuals in the field of communication, politics, and sports will have a great time.

Your family members will demand special time and attention from you, don’t ignore their demands to maintain healthy relations with them. While fulfilling these wishes control your speech a little. Otherwise, you may end up having arguments with your spouse and in-laws. You will regret all the unnecessary drama later.

Focus on quality time and take care of parents. BTW, your mother’s health may improve, but your father may still face minor problems. People dealing with neck and eye problems should strictly follow the doctor’s advice.

Mercury Retrograde Effects on Aquarius

The Mercury retrograde period will be full of learning skills for you Aquarius. The first skill you’ll learn will be the art of calculating as you have a habit of rushing things. You should not make any decision hastily.

Before signing any form or document, read it at least once? It’s not like it’ll be 50 pages long like T&Cs. Also, while composing an email, you should calmly read it out loud and hear how it sounds before hitting send. It’ll save you some hammering!

Your boss will also give you new responsibilities in your work and to complete that you will have to do immense hard work (a little more than you already do). Another skill that needs polishing is your speaking, listening, reading, and writing abilities. Start preparation for IELTS, everything will be covered in that.

And while brushing yourself and learning skills, your mental strength may increase, so pat yourself, will ya? Students will develop new skills too and have a good time. Individuals associated with sports, communication, and politics will be grateful for the Mercury retrograde.

During this time, you will also see changes in your thought process, your opinions, and your behaviour. When talking about relationships in Mercury Retrograde, Love will be in the air for Lovers. Anything related to your family will be sorted. For instance, your pending work related to the parental property may get resolved. Your younger as well as elder siblings will gain something or the other during Mercury retrograde, your parents will be fit and healthy, and you may even resolve your child’s problem. Told ya sorted!

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Mercury Retrograde Effects on Pisces

Thanks to Mercury retrograde, Pisces natives will enjoy this time. You will be blessed with the creative ability to complete your fancy work. You may go on some small or long trip that will convert into a mini vacation. To working professionals in the communication sector, Mercury will call upon trouble for you. While businesspeople, sportspeople, and politicians will have a great time.

Mercury may bless you with mental peace, and any decision you take during this retrograde may earn you a good amount of profit in the future. You will even earn profits from your property. Students will go through a happy ride.

Your siblings will enjoy this period, especially when they are on a long journey. This period is also promising if you are willing to send your children overseas for their studies. Your parents are likely to have some minor health issues, and your father will also have trouble coming from professional work.

Lovers will have a favourable time whereas the case is kinda opposite for the newlywed. Married couples will have trouble in paradise, which may result in parting ways for a short time. Your spouse may even travel abroad, not because of the fight (you silly duck) but maybe they’ll have to stay away because of work purposes or something else.