What happens after April 2022 to Xi Jinping?

What happens after April 2022 to Xi Jinping?

Chinese president Xi Jinping may not bid adieu to his position anytime soon. He may soon make a resolution to stay in power for a lifetime. Days after his decision, Chinese citizens left divided as some of them praised him, others made criticism.

Born on June 15, 1953 Xi Jinping is a native of Cancer, which means he will put his ideas into action. The union of Sun, Mercury, and Mars present in the Gemini sign assist him in following his ambitions. The combination of Sun and Mars gives him fresh energies and aggression. Following April 2022, the Chinese president may have a favourable time due to Jupiter transiting in the house of profession.

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Here, Jupiter will be opposite Saturn, forming a yoga, which is likely to bring a suitable time for him. Xi Jinping may be able to make China more powerful than before.

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