Rooster and Monkey Compatibility – Rooster Chinese Zodiac – Monkey Chinese Zodiac

Rooster and Monkey Compatibility – Rooster Chinese Zodiac – Monkey Chinese Zodiac

According to eastern civilisation, Rooster and Monkey are both unique. They are the two opposite poles of the earth, and whether they can stay as an oxymoron is a question. The Rooster is asking for perfection, but Monkey can be messy most of the time. Rooster analytically sees the world and tends to find the light at the end of the tunnel. On the other hand, the Monkey likes to live the moment and will not worry about the future. Monkeys like to hog the limelight and are adventurous and want to jump from one tree to another. What will happen when two metal elements are paired together? Also, what will the Chinese astrology pattern predict?

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Rooster and Monkey Chinese Zodiac Personality

According to Chinese tradition, the Rooster is the symbol of perfection and confidence. Rooster’s influence will have few traits in common, like being approachable, unique, witty. They sometimes will be hard on themselves to achieve perfection. Chinese Metal Monkeys are agile, chirpy and active. They like the adrenaline rush and live for the moment. They are not good planners in life. The Astrological match of these two signs is a complicated one. Let us determine whether they will last or not for that need to go through their personality traits.

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Male Rooster Personality

Rooster males are witty, competent with good decision making power. They are highly organised souls. The males can be difficult participants. They might instigate violence and are critical of the person in front. Due to their headstrong attitude, they will demand perfection from others, which may lead to a rift in the groups. They want people to fall in line and will not understand the conditions of others. In short, you can say they are not considerate. However, if you seek their help, then they will help you.

 They are convenient and good with money management. Their management is such that they will never let the monthly expense balloon out of proportion. This gives you an example of how good housekeepers can be. This balance head approach gets disturbed once things start to swirl out of their hand. Due to this, they will tend to lose their temper. In terms of love and family, they like mature, perfect wives. They like their partner to be innovative and like them to do office work rather than be homemakers. 

You can win their heart easily by buttering them. In marriage, they will take control and would like to have their freedom and equality. They will give mutual respect to their partners and generally would not want to raise any turbulence.

Roosters are suitable for corporate houses. They are convenient and will start working at a very young age. They set their milestones and work to achieve them. They are perfect team players and will listen to your advice if they benefit from this.

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Female Monkey Personality

Monkeys are witty and charming. They are socialites and good at entertaining the group. People generally want them in their company. They are creative and have artistic skills like singing and acting. Few of the famous personalities like Diana Ross and Mana Ashida are female monkeys. The energetic Monkey will not wait for any setbacks and continue to work forward. Instead, they will manage time to meet the difficulties with sheer calm. They are goal-oriented ladies.

Monkey females have superiority complexes and, at times, can act proudly. People might think they are selfish. They are neat and well dressed with stylish hairstyles. They will try to show you their dressing or jewellery and like to again applause that. They will mix easily with different ethnicities and resources. However, they are very acute in money matters.

In love and family, they tend to be dynamic. However, they lack patience and will express their feelings sooner than later. So if you have a female Monkey friend, you will soon find out the status of your relationship. Being attractive, they want the same from their partner. Monkeys are an all-rounder and will not find any situation difficult. They will tend to adjust to any environment and can car their niche for themselves. Find out if Monkey is your ideal match.

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Rooster and Monkey Compatibility

Astrologically this is not a very good match. Their compatibility score is just 50% and average. It’s easy for both of them to fall for each other in the beginning. But this relationship tends to fizz out in the long run. They both are self-centred and will be happy in their own life. If they want to get along, a high deal of compromise has to be done. They are individually significant in their way but together in the family will not do well. They need to change their outlandish style and be more tolerant. Let us focus more on gender-wise compatibility.

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Male Rooster and Female Monkey Compatibility

A male Rooster is very organised and practical in life. According to Chinese astrology, they are very structured in their approach to love. At the same time, the Monkey will not wait for the relationship to take off. She wants to be the centre of attraction and wants the Rooster to shower all the luxuries and spend on her. However, Chinese Monkey women are flirty and like to date more people before they can settle in. Commitment is difficult for them.

This may be a sign of worry for the Rooster man as they are loyal and want to convert the relationship into marriage. Rooster males look for stability from their partners and want them to follow the rules of lover and relationship. Therefore, this match is not ideal many times and needs a lot of compromise and patience from both sides; otherwise, there will be frequent clashes. Even if the relationship is sexual, there is a low probability for this relationship to exist.

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Male Monkey and Female Rooster Compatibility

The male Monkey became irritated with the female Rooster’s controlling approach. Roosters like perfection and follow a strict schedule. At the same time, the Monkeys like to follow their plan. Roosters are rigid and are not flexible with any change in the timetable. There will be clashes in daily chores for both of them. The rooster would have planned things already, but the Monkey is still making his plan.

However, Monkey man can start using tricky ways to convince the female Rooster. This Rooster will eventually find out, and the relations will begin to take a downward turn. Rooster women prefer honest, loyal and straightforward partners, which the Monkey lacks. Rooster female needs to bend her way to come in alignment with the Monkey. While the Monkey also needs to show restraint and, at times, the timetable. This will help them both to keep this relationship going on.

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What to do if your Partner is Rooster?

People surrounding the Rooster should know that they crave perfection. You need to give them their due space and make them feel special, whether male or female. They like their privacy. Few of them are headstrong and get arrogant. They do not want anyone to stop them in their speech. They want people to take their opinion and views seriously. Generally, they are in control, but things start to go out of their authority; they get irritated and unmanageable.

People need to show tolerance and have patience in relationships. This will help them to understand the nature of Rooster. Male Roosters should marry Tiger, Ox and Snake. They know what the Rooster wants and will fulfil his desire. Female Roosters will have an excellent time with Ox, Snake and Dragon. They will help the female Rooster achieve their goal in life and understand her needs. However, the male should avoid Rat, Rabbit and Horse, and the female should avoid the Dog.

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What to do if your Partner is Monkey?

Well, if you can tolerate their fire-and-ice attitude, you can go along with them. Monkeys are generally active and have a lot of nervous energy. They do not follow a single pattern. For them, only one thing is sure, and that is uncertainty. They will sometimes irritate you with their childish behavior. There is so much energy in them that they do not know how to use it. People need to find a way to calm them, and then you can structure their way.

If they fail to try new things, do not discourage them. Instead, console them and find a way to move forward. They like their freedom and space. Love with restriction may not be ideal for them, and they will sway from you. At times, you may feel they are not stable and flirting with others. It would be best if you showed a lot of patience with them.

A perfect match for Male Monkey can be Ox, Dog, Dragon and Sheep. These signs will be practical and will understand the Monkey’s mentality and fulfil his mental and sexual desires. They should avoid Tiger, Boar and Snake. Female Monkey will do well if they get along with the  Rat, Rabbit and Dragons. At the same time, they should avoid getting along with Tiger and Boar. The wavelength of both these signs will match.

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