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Interested to know about Chinese Astrology and Zodiac Signs? As per the Chinese zodiac, the animals associated with your natal charts tell you so much about your unique personality and your life ahead. Chinese Astrology is 2000 years old. Sounds absolutely interesting, isn’t it? Chinese Astrology plays a significant role in their culture and everyday lives. The Chinese Zodiac signs are represented by the 12 animals. These animal-based Zodiac Signs could be understood as a cycle of about twelve years and each year is represented by a separate animal.
In this blog we will explore the unique characteristics of the Zodiac of Tiger and Snake and how do they stand on their compatibility radar. So without any ado, let’s start reading about Snake and Tiger Compatibility now.

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Tiger Zodiac Personality

In accordance with Chinese Astrology, a Tiger is a very royal being like a king and it has zero tolerance towards nonsense of anybody. Tigers like to lead and they would be in charge of everyone. They are fond of control. They want to control every situation. Also, they find it very challenging if they have to be followers #NotTigerThings. Tigers prefer being in charge of every situation in their lives and they can only rely on themselves in an unpleasant and dangerous situation.

Tigers get power in conquering everything that is unachievable and they are the ones to show off. They would boast that the unknown and unthought of could be done by them. However, it becomes easy for them to lose interest in any situation, a person or a thing. They could get bored easily. Or they even might lose interest once they have taken over or captured a particular situation.

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How does Tiger behave in Love?

As per Chinese Zodiac and compatibility, when Tigers are involved in romantic situations they love playing the game of seduction. They would just love to seduce their partner. Like the other cats’ Tiger are aware that there are rules in these games and they compete to win their partners at any cost.

Tigers are capable of even going on a battle to win the admiration of their beloved partners. These folks are natural leaders. They would want to seduce their partners into submission. Tigers are not always these hardcore players as is their impression. They can become quite moody and sensitive. They are true to their heart in any romantic relationship.

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Snake Zodiac Personality

In accordance with the Chinese Astrology and Compatibility, those who are born in the month of Snake Zodiac are considered to be quite brilliant, humorous and wise. They could also be quite insidious, sly and dark. As per our history which talks about the many characteristics of these beings but mostly the history talks about them as being “mysterious”. A lot of the folk tales labels these animals as very negative and dark. But if we look closely, we would know that these animals are a symbol of Wisdom. The individuals born under Snake birth month are quite smart, intelligent and decent beings.

These individuals could be great political leaders, thinkers and world leaders. They are well educated. They remain very enthusiastic about life and all that is going on around them. They are also romantic at heart. These folks are quite eloquent beings. Their personality might come across as non – chalet. However, they are spiritual beings. They are quite sorted beings. They like to complete each task at their own pace and as per their methods. They are however rightly called mysterious beings because one cannot guess what is going on in their minds. Tigers are not the ones to disclose their weakness to others. They might also get very suspicious.

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How does a Snake behave in Love?

A Snake is quite a romantic when it comes to matters of the heart. In accordance with the Chinese Zodiac and Compatibility, the ones who are born under the Snake Zodiac are considered to be very loyal, passionate and enthusiastic in Love relationships. The male snakes especially will gain a lot of attention from the opposite gender throughout their lives. The Snakes are passionate lovers and find satisfaction in vigorous love affairs. The Snake personality is capable of being called quite trendy. They like to try out new things in love. Individuals of Snake descent are very good at understanding and reading their partner’s mind. Hence it will become easy for the Snakes to attract lovers and build relationships. At the beginning of the relationship, the partner of the snake may feel that the Snake remains indifferent towards them. However, with time into the relationship, the passion and zeal of the Snake partners will get multiplied. This is only possible with the right kind of partners.

The Female snakes on the other hand are quite straight forward and frank individuals. However, they could also get very strict with their partners in certain situations. One of the drawbacks of the Snake is that they can get quite possessive of their partners. Hence the love interest or the spouse of Snake descent may feel depressed and suffocated. Snakes are very faithful and loyal beings, However, they are advised to give some personal space to their beloved partners.

Now let us explore how much are they compatible or incompatible with each other.

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Tiger Wife and Snake Husband

As per the Zodiac and compatibility of Chinese Astrology, the relationship of Tiger and Snake could be quite an unsettling and chaotic affair. Coming to Tiger woman and Snake man compatibility, both of these Zodiac signs are strong signs and both of them are quite strong and proud individuals. Hence at times, they might fail to understand one another’s feelings. Both Tiger Wife and Snake Husband cannot trust each other. The Snake husband is quite steady in his life along with being very sophisticated and brilliant while the tiger Wife is bubbling with enthusiasm, and is an idealist and very philanthropic.

The self-centred Snake husband might find his wife to be very eccentric and absolutely unreserved. On the other hand, the Tiger Wife resents her husband’s secretive attitude, ambitiousness and being a loner. Having meaningful communication in this relationship is a task as both of them function from different planes.

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Snake Wife and Tiger Husband

Speaking of Tiger man and Snake woman compatibility, Both of these signs are suspicious of each other’s motives and cannot trust each other. How could they ever be husband and wife? They can both only see each other’s negative sides. The Snake wife is quite astute and pragmatic. The Tiger husband will plot to create obstacles in the life of his wife. The Husband feels that his Snake wife is quite envious very high and mighty and possessive. On the other hand, the Snake wife literally fails to understand that his husband loves to play with fire. That’s Snake and Tiger compatibility for you!

The Snake wife is quite shrewd when it comes to finances. While on the other side the Tiger Husband is very lenient when it comes to money and enjoys lavishness and blows it up. As per Chinese Astrology, this union of Tiger and Snake is bound to have a very rough ride because of their differences and they cannot really put up together a lot.

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Ending Note

Hope you guys understood about this Chinese Zodiac Tiger and Snake Compatibility. Crazy as it may sound that two fabulous personalities who are otherwise fantastic but when they come together they can blow up and get quite uncontrollably messy! Such is a relation between a Tiger and A Snake!

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