Pradosh Vrat 2022: The Importance And The Stories Behind The Fast

Meaning of Pradosh

In Hindi, the word Pradosh means relating to the time of evening or the beginning of the night which is the first part of the night. The reason why this Vrat is called Pradosh Vrat is that the holy fast is observed during the time of Sandhyakal which means evening. According to Hindu mythology, it is believed that on this auspicious day of the Pradosh Vrat, Lord Shiva along with Goddess Parvati is extremely delighted and gratified. That is why the followers of Lord Shiva fast and worship him to seek his blessings on the day of Pradosh Vrat.

Importance of Pradosh Vrat

It is believed that if you fast on Pradosh Vrat, you can possess all the worldly pleasures like wealth, comfort, and health. Now let us take a look at a few reasons why the Pradosh Vrat is so important

Pradosh Vrat is known for fulfilling the innermost wishes and desires of the people.

It is said that the almighty frees you from all your sins. You can also be freed from the cycle of birth and death and obtain salvation.

Fasting on this divine day can also take away all the negative energies around you and improve your mental health.

When the date of Pradosh is on Sunday, it is known as Bhanu Pradosh. It is related to a happy, peaceful, and long life.

When Pradosh Vrat comes on Monday, it is known as Som Pradosh. Fasting on Som Pradosh can bring positivity and happiness to your life.
When Pradosh Vrat comes on Tuesday, it is called Bhaum Pradosh Vrat. Fasting on Bhaum Pradosh can improve your health and may also cure diseases.

When Pradosh Vrat comes on Wednesday, it is known as Soumyavara Pradosh. It is related to knowledge and studies.

When Pradosh comes on Thursday, it is known as Guru Pradosh. It is observed to seek ancestral blessings, prevent you from dangers, and protect you from enemies.

When Pradosh Vrat comes on Friday, it is known as Bhriguvara Pradosh. Fasting on this Pradosh can get you wealth, good fortune, and success in life.

When Pradosh Vrat comes on Saturday, it is called Shani Pradosh. Fasting on Shani Pradosh Vrat can get you a promotion at your job.

Pradosh Vrat 2022 Timing

Below is the list of important Pradosh Vrat 2022 coming this year.

Pradosh Vrat
05 August, Thursday Pradosh Vrat 2021 (Krishna Paksha Pradosh7:05 to 9:13
20 August Friday Pradosh Vrat 2021 (Shukla Paksha Pradosh) 6:51 to 8:49
04 September, Saturday Shani Pradosh Vrat 2021 (Krishna Paksha Pradosh)6:35 to 8:53
Saturday, 18 September, Shani Pradosh fast (Shukla Paksha Pradosh) 6:35 to 8:53
4 October, Monday Som Pradosh Vrat 2021 (Krishna Paksha Pradosh5:59 to 8:27
October 17, Sunday Pradosh Vrat 2021 (Shukla Paksha Pradosh)5:45 to 8:17
02 November, Tuesday Bhaum Pradosh Vrat 2021 (Krishna Paksha Pradosh)5:31 to 8:08
November 16, Tuesday, Bhaum Pradosh Vrat 2021 (Shukla Paksha Pradosh)5:22 to 8:04
02 December, Thursday Pradosh Vrat (Krishna Paksha Pradosh)5:19 to 8:04
16th December, Thursday Pradosh Vrat (Shukla Paksha Pradosh)5:22 to 8:08
31st December, Friday Pradosh Vrat (Krishna Paksha Pradosh)5:30 to 8:16

Pradosh Vrat Katha

Many significant stories are associated with this divine fast and most of them are of Lord Shiva. According to the mythological beliefs, in the ancient era, there was a war going on between the gods and the demons. The Gods were on the verge of losing therefore they decided to seek Tridev’s help. The Gods were advised to churn the ocean in order to obtain Amrit which is the Nectar of immortality. However, the gods alone could not do it so they sought the help of the Asuras and promised to give them their share of Amrit. The Gods and the Asuras finally formed an alliance and started churning the ocean, the churning released several elements from the ocean, one of the elements was the Halahal, a lethal poison that could kill every living being on Earth including the Devas and Asuras. Nothing could stop the Halahal but Lord Shiva, so he came forward to save the entire humanity and swallowed the lethal poison. The process of consuming the poison gave Lord Shiva a blue hue on his throat and henceforth he was also called Neelkanth.
Then Goddess Parvati with all her powers prevented the Poison from going down to Shiva’s stomach. Blessed by the almighty Lord Shiva’s grace, the gods and asuras started chanting for him in order to honor and thank him for saving the entire world. Seeing this, Lord Shiva danced on the head of his favorite bull Nandikeshwara between its two horns. Hence from that day onwards, Pradosh Vrat is fully dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

Pradosh worship material

On the auspicious day of the Pradosh Vrat, you will need to gather a few things in order to worship Lord Shiva. A plate for “Aarti”, incense sticks and lamp, camphor, white flowers, and garlands. If “Aankde” flowers are available, do make sure you get them as well
You shall also need white sweets, white sandalwood, Kalash, Belpatra, Dhatura, pure ghee, white clothes, and other materials for “Havan”.

Pradosh Puja- Methods and Mantra

The “Godhooli” period means twilight which is the time right before sunrise and sunset is considered to be the most auspicious time on the day of the Pradosh Vrat, that is why all the prayers and worships for Pradosh are done during this period. An hour before sunset, the devotees take a bath to cleanse themselves and get ready for the puja.

The very first puja is performed in which Lord Shiva along with Goddess Parvati, Lord Ganesha, Lord Kartik, and Nandi are worshiped. After that, a sacred ritual is performed where Lord Shiva is worshiped and invoked in a holy pot or a Kalash. The Kalash is properly placed on the Darbha grass, on which the holy symbol Swastika is drawn and water is filled in it.

In some places, on the day of Pradosh Vrat, devotees also worship the Shivling. The Shivling is bathed with holy substances like milk, curd, and ghee. Moreover, offering the Bilva leaves can get positive and desired results in your life as it is believed that Bilva leaves are very dear to Lord Shiva. Some people also use a picture or painting of Lord Shiva in order to worship him and then listen to Pradosh Vrat Katha or read Shiva Purana.

Chant the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra 108 times

When the puja is over, the sacred water from the Kalash is taken and the devotees apply the holy ashes on their foreheads. After the puja, most of the devotees visit Lord Shiva’s temples for his Darshan. It is believed that, on the day of the Pradosh Vrat, lighting up a “Diya” in the temple of Lord Shiva is considered to be very fruitful and auspicious. By following these simple and easy steps on Pradosh Vrat with utmost sincerity and full dedication, devotees can easily get Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati’s blessings.


Now that you know all about the day of the Pradosh Vrat, it’s time to follow all the sacred rituals and invite happiness and positivity into your home. We hope this article helped you understand all about this auspicious day and wish you all the best.