Surprising Facts About Hindu Mythology

Surprising Facts About Hindu Mythology

“You are what you believe in. You become that which you believe you can become.”
– Bhagavad Gita

The Hindu religion is the oldest, the roots of which can be traced back to ancient times around 5000 to 10,000 BC. So here, in this blog, you’ll find each and every line as facts only (We may not pinpoint before each sentence that this is the fact). So, take this blog filled with loads of wisdom and facts about ‘Hindu Mythology’ accordingly. We would also like to give you a task. Surprise! Just keep in mind how many facts you knew about Hindu Mythology from the below points.

Indian mythology has always been a subject of absolute curiosity among people. The best thing about Hindu Mythology Facts is, Mysterious ideas of the universe and its nature are phenomenally portrayed in our Vedas and Scriptures. It also resembles a lot of modern-day science. Hence, be ready for a knowledgeable ride of ‘Unknown facts about Hindu mythology’, on your marks, get set, ready, Go…

1. Creation of the Universe

According to Hindu mythology, many myths describe the foundation of the universe. Out of all of them, the most widely accepted approach is that the world was discovered when the holy word OM was expressed. So, it all started with ‘OM’.

Before that, there was nothing but the endless dark ocean. However, other scriptures and Vedas in Hindu mythology state that Brahma, the divine soul, formed the universe along with two other gods: Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. And yes, as we all might know that these three are the main deities in Hinduism.

2. The Connection Between Modern Science & Vedas

The holy Vedas of Hinduism is one of the oldest written scriptures in the world. Our modern science is surprised to discover that around 1500 BC old Vedas have a profound knowledge of the cosmos and universe that scientists are still discovering. How cool is that! Are you thinking about old-school thoughts? No, such books are very scientific and practical compared to the modern world. This is why it goes without saying that Hindu mythology and astrology are super popular across the globe.

3. ‘Earth is the Final Destination’

It is widely recognized that the Earth is the ultimate path for the soul to attain nirvana. The soul is immortal and moves through different worlds and dimensions on its path of existence, moving from body to body. The body must be hygiene enough ( T&C Apply), jokes spat. Based on karma chakra, a human soul may get the ultimate Moksha or sent back to another life. God must be having so many account books in his place.

4. Hinduism Has More Epics!

There are too many epics to observe in India compared to any other religion in the world. The list of Gods itself is endless. Each of these has many tales and fables that directly or indirectly guide people to lead a life in the best way. Out of all, Ramayana and Bhagavad Gita are treated as the most sacred, holy, and but obviously popular. The best part about Indian mythology is, the more you go in-depth, you’ll realize its pure knowledge and richness.

5. Tells About the Life Of Creatures Belonging To Other Planets

After reading the headline, don’t assume a picture of an Alien. Coming back to Hindu mythology, there are instances of other kinds of beings, such as Gandharava, Kinnaras, Nagas, and Apsaras. These are not ordinary human beings, but they belong to other universes (loks). Surprise! If you have enough time, just read about them, and you may thank us later.

6. The Story Of 12 battles Between Gods & Demons

According to Hindu mythology, to conquer the Trilok (heaven, earth, and underworld), the twelve wars were fought between demons and gods. Few of them were Hiranyakashipu, Narasimha, Varaha,Vamana, Kolahala, Adibaka and Andhaka-vadha. Wanna know who won at last? Of course, in all of them, the gods conquered the devils. Don’t stop that drum of celebration!

7. Divine weapons to kill Evil Asuras

Interestingly, several divine arms used in the past have been listed in the holy texts. If you look for unknown Hindu Mythology Facts, you’ll find that every god has unique spiritual abilities. Don’t you dare underestimate the power of Gods; after all, they are ‘Gods’. You’ll always find some special weapons used in wars in Hindu mythology like; Brahmastra, Trishul, Shiva Dhanush, Garudastra & Varunastra, Chakram.

8. Lord Shiva - The God of destruction

In Tridev, Lord Shiva is considered the God of destruction. We bet no one has that much capability of ultimate destruction than Lord Shiva. Devon Ke Dev Mahadev… God of all Gods, now just sense how great he is. Shiva, being humble and simpler than all the gods in Hindu mythology, has the power to destroy everything in just a blink of his third eye. His anger will put an end to the whole universe in a few seconds.

To all the kids reading this, no need to worry as of now! After all, he still lives like a yogi and dwells like a sage. Lord Shiva is also known as Maha Yogi and worshipped in every part of India.

9. 330 Million Gods and Goddesses

One of the most interesting Hindu Mythology Facts about Hindu Gods is that they are incredibly larger in number, with a whopping number of 330 million. This may sound unreal, but there is a reality, and we can’t deny that. According to the Vedas, there are just 33 major deities, and others are only their avatars and their reincarnations. Most Hindu families worship the main Gods daily in their houses. The way they place Murtis and other holy stuff gives our eyes; peace and bliss. Hey photographers, you can create your collage from those mini home temples.


On a serious note, we must tell you that no matter what you believe in, it’s quite important for everyone to be educated about world religions. We just have one life; why not know about the traditions and cultures of religion. Celebrate each day as Diwali & spread colours of happiness like Holi. Hey folks, this was ‘Hindu Mythology Facts’ or as we say, ‘Interesting facts about Hindu mythology’ for you. See ya!