How Ketu Mahadasha Hampers Significant Life Areas?

How Ketu Mahadasha Hampers Significant Life Areas?

Astronomy and astrology both deal in the study of stars and planets. But some huge differences lie in the basic understanding and principles of the two branches. And one of these differences is the existence of the two shadow planets, Rahu and Ketu, which are insignificant in Astronomy. But Vedic astrology considers Rahu and Ketu very important and believe that these planets have a deep impact on the lives of people on the Earth.

Like other planets, Rahu and Ketu also have astrological events that may yield positive or negative results. But in general, the presence of these two planets in a native’s horoscope is not considered auspicious. One such difficult phase imposed by the planet Ketu is the Ketu Mahadasha. This article is going to cover all the important aspects of Ketu Mahadasha like Ketu mahadasha experience, Ketu mahadasha remedies and how is life after Ketu mahadasha. It will also cover the effects of Ketu maha Dasha with antardasha of other planets and explain how Ketu mahadasha for libra ascendant is different from Ketu mahadasha for Gemini ascendant and Scorpio ascendant. We will also understand in brief what happens in the last 6 months of Ketu mahadasha. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

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The Shadow Planet - Ketu

Ketu is one of the two shadow planets present in Vedic astrology. It is considered to be naturally malefic and is associated with detachment from spirituality and worldly affairs. It is the sworn enemy of the Moon and hence affects the thought process of the native. It also affects the relationship of the native with his/her mother. The unfavourable position of Ketu may result in loss of property and detachment or separation from the mother. There may be some major health issues for mothers and natives too. The domestic life of the native gets affected negatively.

On the positive side, the Ketu can bless the native with immense wealth and wisdom. The native would enjoy a healthy and happy relationship with their mother and other family members. He/she may get some ancestral property from their mother and get involved in charity or social work. All this will help him/her gain a respectable position in society.

The existence of Ketu is recorded not only in Vedic astrology but also in Hindu mythology. Ketu is a significant character in Hindu scriptures and is given the responsibility to make eclipses happen.

The head of the demon was named Rahu while the body was named Ketu. Since the nectar had reached into the mouth, so the two remain immortal but their power is reduced significantly. But to take revenge on Sun and Moon, they keep creating Solar and Lunar eclipses, which are not considered auspicious by Hindus.

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The Formation Of Ketu Mahadasha

Like any other planet, the shadow planet Ketu also affects the native in positive and negative ways depending on its position in the birth chart. If Ketu is placed in a favourable position, the Ketu maha Dasha effects will be positive and vice-versa.

The Positive Effects of Ketu Mahadasha 

• Helps in spiritual growth and enlightenment of the native.
• The Ketu blesses the native with immense wealth. It will also help in possessing wealth from mother.
• The native experiences growth in all aspects, especially in a career. The native reaches new heights during the Ketu mahadasha experience.
• During the Ketu mahadasha, the native may get a chance to travel abroad and even settle if things go in the right direction.
• The native may purchase some property or vehicle.
• The native enjoys marital bliss with Ketu mahadsha experience.
• The person remains healthy, wealthy and wise.


The Negative Effects of Ketu Mahadsha

• There is detachment from the world, family and friends.
• The native goes through a lot of mental stress and anxiety.
• Ketu may drag the native towards suicidal tendencies as the native would lose control over mind and emotions.
• The native may lose his job or the business would experience a huge loss.
• There would be too much aggression in the native resulting in constant fights and controversies in life.
• The native may become a serial killer or psychopath.
• The native may lose some sibling or beloved to death.
• The enemies or competitors might become active and successful in their endeavours.
• At the domestic front, nothing would be in sync and life would be difficult.
• Spouse and children may stop respecting the native and would make him/her feel unwanted in the family.
• The person may fall into the pit of huge debt.
• There would be unexpected and humongous expenses.
• Person might get poverty-stricken.

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Ketu Mahadasha Remedies

• Never disrespect the elders at home and around. Serve your grandfather religiously every day
• Serve the needy and handicapped people
• Avoid wearing red or coral shades
• Donate blankets and other things of the basic requirement to the poor
• Serve orphan and old age people
• Wear yellow or white more often
• Donate mustard seeds in the temple or to the poor on street
• Offer prayers to Lord Ganpati every day
• Consult an expert and wear Cat’s eye stone as per his/her advice

Final Thoughts

Ketu is friendly with Venus, Mars and Saturn while it is inimical to Sun and Moon. Ketu is neutral with Jupiter and Mercury. Based on its relationship status with planets, Ketu acts during Ketu Mahadasha and antardasha of planets.

The Ketu mahadasha Jupiter antardasha is a favourable period for the spiritual growth of the native. the native may get a chance to travel or settle abroad. The Ketu mahadasha Ketu antardasha is not favourable in general and results in mental illusions and unwise decisions. But it may be a good time spiritually and native may shine in their career. The Ketu mahadasha sun antardasha is a difficult phase and results in conflicts, dejection and demotion in all aspects of life.

The Ketu mahadasha for libra ascendant will result in an enhanced increase towards spirituality and gaining knowledge and wisdom through all modes. It will be an overall successful period. The Ketu mahadasha for Gemini ascendant is a difficult period where the native may fall into trap of fraud. There would be major health issues too. The Ketu mahadasha for the Scorpio ascendant is the same as for the Gemini ascendant. There are chances of being cheated by someone very close.

Life after Ketu mahadasha changes drastically as people start valuing their loved ones and their work. A person gets matured and feels liberated from past karma. The Ketu mahadasha effect makes the native humble. The Ketu mahadasha ending phase makes one realise that the world is a materialistic place full of illusion and peace prevails in the lap of God.

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