Sun Mahadasha: Discover Its Effects And Useful Remedies

The Sun is a primary source of energy for every element on the earth, as per astronomy. Vedic astrology too considers Sun as the major planet that has a prominent role to play in a native’s life. It is believed that the benefic Sun can bring immense authority and fame to the native, while the ill-placed Sun may hamper fame and power, leading to problems and conflicts.

Here, let us know more about the Sun Mahadasha effects and remedies. Plus, we will discuss how the Mahadasha of the Sun and marriage are related. We shall cover all the important and relevant details about the Surya Mahadasha and what difference does it makes when a native goes through it. But before all that, let’s understand the significance of the Sun in astrology and why Surya Mahadasha is such an important astrological event.

The Celestial Father - Sun

In Hinduism, people worship Lord Sun by offering water every day, especially on Sundays. It is the source of light and life on Earth. While Earth is considered the mother, the Sun is believed to be the father in astronomy.

As per Vedic astrology, Sun is the significator of power, self-esteem, ego and father. It is the soul of all living beings, and therefore, it is termed as ‘Pran’. The entire zodiac belt in astrology functions according to the movement of the Sun. In western astrology, twelve zodiac signs are the representation of the position of the Sun, which gifts the native with some positive and negative traits. Each time the Sun transits, it enters into the next zodiac sign, and that month is known as the Solar Month.

Positively, the Sun blesses the native with immense power, name, fame and dignity. It may help natives to achieve wealth, health and happiness. On the flip side, the Sun may make you egoistic if it is affiliated with malefic planets or unfavourably placed in the kundalini. This may cause various health problems too. Since Sun is so profoundly important, it’s essential to understand Surya Mahadsha and Sun mahadasha remedies, covered in the following sections.

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The Formation Of Sun Mahadasha

The Vimshottari Dasha system is commonly used as an astrological method to calculate the major and minor periods of all planets. And according to the Vimshottari Dasha, the entire cycle of all planets takes around 120 years to complete. Surya Dasha is the third cycle in this entire period that comes after Venus mahadasha. Sun Mahadasha remain in action for around six years. It occurs when the Sun is the closest to the individual’s Nakshatra in Kundli, and it may influence the native’s life.

The Sun is considered to be the Supreme Power in astrology as well as astronomy. Those who have Sun Mahadasha in their horoscope may see unwanted changes in their professional life. They can be positive or negative based on the house that the Sun occupies during the Sun Mahadasha. Let’s understand the positive and negative Sun Mahadsha effects in the next section.

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Effects Of Sun Mahadasha

The major and minor periods of the Sun may depend on the position of the Sun in an individual’s Kundli. The Sun Mahadasha may have positive impacts when it is placed in the Aries, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Sagittarius signs. Below are Surya Dasha and Mahadasha effects

The Positive Sun Mahadasha Effects are:

• The Sun blesses the native with immense happiness and health.

• The native may get a promotion and reaches a higher authoritative designation.

• It endows the native with greater respect in society. He/she may get royal status’ respect and dignity.

• The native will gain confidence to aim for higher goals and work towards achieving them.

• The native will acquire and earn wealth by following all the correct and moral ways.

• One may have a healthy relationship with family, especially the father-son relationship will flourish to a great level.

The negative effects of Sun Mahadasha are:

• The native may get separated from the family as there would be some major controversy and conflict between father and son.

• There would be constant fear of losing wealth through robbery or some disaster like fire or cyclone.

• There are chances of all the property being confiscated by the government.

• The native may lose all the respect and dignity in society.

• All this would eventually lead to aggression and depression.

• Due to stress and anxiety, the native may experience mental stress.

• The native might get involved in some scandal which may further harm his reputation.

• The native may suffer from multiple diseases related to the stomach and liver.

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Sun Mahadasha Remedies

Below are the Sun Mahadasha remedies given by our Astro experts.

• One should wear saffron or red coloured clothes, especially on Sundays.

• Respect your father and other elderly members of the family.

• Wake up before Sunrise and offer water while praying to Lord Surya

• Chanting of Aditya Hridaya Stotra will also help in soothing the malefic effects of the Sun.

• Worship lord Vishnu by organizing Vishnu Puja.

• Feed jaggery and wheat to cows every day.

• Chant the Surya mantra 7000 times.

• Start wearing Yantra to strengthen the Sun in your kundalini.

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Sun Mahadasha And Other Planets’ Antardasha

Sun Mahadasha can be positive with antardasha of Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Venus planets while it is negative with Saturn and Rahu. The sun mahadasha Venus antardasha will affect the love life of the native. Financially, there can be unexpected expenses too. The period of sun Dasha Venus mahadasha would be a fair time.

The sun mahadasha Saturn antardasha can be very problematic as there would be a dispute with a father or higher officials at work. Sun mahadasha Rahu antardasha may result in health downfall, and the native may face loss of reputation too. The Sun mahadasha Ketu antardasha will affect the work of the native. As a result, a person may plan to change the job or businesses.

The sun mahadasha Mercury antardasha is a favourable period that brings success in professional life and growth in career. Mercury and Sun together make the native intelligent and wise. The Sun mahadasha Jupiter antardasha is the best phase that results in getting married to the right partner. It is a favourable time to get an education and wisdom.

Ending Note

We understood that Surya Mahadasha might either bless you with wealth, health, name, fame and power or may settle for a loss. It all depends upon the position of the Sun in the kundali. The Sun Mahadasha can be highly beneficial in some cases, while it can be harmful in other cases. In such a case, one must use the sun mahadasha remedies available. Regarding marriage life, it may result in a separation between two partners. However, one should always consult an expert before analysing or precepting anything.