Vastu of Pooja Room – Pooja Room for Prosperous and Happy Life

Vastu of Pooja Room – Pooja Room for Prosperous and Happy Life

A house without a Pooja room is incomplete. Either you call it Pooja room, mediation room or prayer room, this room is not just a part of the house. It spreads a positive aura so that you can be in a meditative state. According to the Pooja room, this sacred room should be constructed as per Vastu to safeguard it and the entire family from the negative energies. As per Vastu Shastra guidelines, the Pooja room plays an essential role in connecting and spreading positivity. Though, many people are not aware of the Vastu Shastra guidelines and their benefits.

The Pooja Room or temple is a sacred place where we worship or perform prayers. There is no such place as the Pooja room. According to the puja room, as per Vastu, the correct placement of the Pooja room invites health, prosperity, and happiness in the house and its residents. There should be a separate Pooja room in every house. Nowadays, due to a shortage of space, wall-mounted temples or small corner mandir are considered better for tiny homes in modern apartments. As per Vastu tips Pooja room, you can eliminate bad energies and enhance and attract positive energies by following the Vastu guidelines. Connect with our skilled Vastu specialist to design a Pooja room in your home.

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Fix Vastu Dosh in your Pooja Room by Following Simple Method

Many of us look for a Vastu-friendly Pooja room for our home. But we do not know how to execute and implement the Vastu Guidelines. Most often, people think that reconstruction is required for extensive changes. But as per Pooja room tips, there are specific guidelines that you can follow for making a mandir Vastu-compliant.

Which side God should face in the Pooja Room as per Vastu?

As per Vastu Shastra, Gods should be arranged in a row. This is because the idols should not be kept facing each other. Irrespective of which direction the Pooja room is located, God’s idol and images should face the North-East direction. While performing prayer, the North-East direction is regarded as the auspicious direction. So you can place the idols accordingly.

What should be the best colour for the Pooja Room according to Vastu?

The Pooja room is a sacred place. Hence, it would help if you opted for softer shades of colour scheme. The best colour to choose for your mandir is white, cool blues, or pale shades of yellow and orange. According to Vastu Shastra Puja Room, the use of lighter shades gives your temple a soothing and elusive look. You can also opt for a Vastu-compliant colour scheme for your home.

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Vastu Shastra Tips for placing Idols of Gods

If you plan to design a Pooja room in the house, place it on the ground floor. The home temple should not be constructed adjacent to the bathroom or below the staircase. Place the idols on a wooden platform and keep them above ground level. You can use a wooden frame or a simple bench for this purpose.

Can you keep the idols directly in front of the walls?

According to puja Ghar, as per Vastu, do not keep idols leaning against the wall. Just leave an inch and a half-space between the idols and the wall.

Where to Place Candles and Lamps as per Vastu Shastra?

Lighting lamps and candles in the Puja room eliminates the negative energies in the house. The South-East direction is perfect for placing lights and candles in this direction.

What you should not keep in your Pooja Room as per Vastu?

Generally, we will find garlanded pictures of deceased family members or relatives in the Pooja room at home. However, did you know that this is against Vastu Shastra guidelines? You can perform prayers or puja in the home mandir for deceased relatives. Do not keep their picture or photograph in the temple. According to the Vastu Shastra Puja room, these photographs should be kept in the South or South-West portion of the home. Do not place war pictures, pictures depicted to hunger, anger or agony in the home mandir.

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Vastu Shastra Tips to follow or Avoid While Designing Pooja Room

Pooja room is considered as one of the sacred places in the house. This holy room generates positive vibes in the home. To eliminate negative energies from the house, we should strictly follow specific Vastu tips Pooja room.

Location of the Pooja room as per Vastu

A Pooja room holds a vital place in all Indian homes. The ideal location for designing Pooja Room is the North-East corner of the house. Alternatively, you can construct a Pooja room in the East or West direction of the house. Keep the idols or images of God’s in the East or West direction of the home Mandir. If your Pooja room is attached to the kitchen, the North-East corner is perfect for Pooja space. Never build a Pooja room in the North direction.

Construction of Pooja room at the correct location as per Vastu Shastra

Do not create Pooja space or mandir in the storeroom. Bedrooms, basements, first floors, above and below the toilets, below or above the kitchen. Likewise, avoid building a Pooja room beneath the stairs. Avoid placing the mandir in the bedroom. However, if there is no option left for making the Pooja room, in that case, you can use the North-East area for the Pooja room.

Placement of Pooja room as per Vastu

If you reside in a multi-storied home, create a Pooja room on the ground floor or at the centre of the house. The centre part of the home is considered very auspicious for Pooja and prayer.

Idols & Images

Images and idols of God should be kept a few inches away from the walls. Please don’t make them lean against the walls. Do not place chipped and broken idols in the Pooja room.

Things to Avoid while placing the Pooja room as per Vastu Shastra

Never place the idols and images facing towards the South.  Avoid keeping chipped or broken idols of God. Build a wooden mandir or shelves for establishing God’s image and idols. Never place the idols on the niches of the walls. Also, avoid placing God’s idol directly in front of the Pooja room’s entrance..

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Doors of the Pooja room as per Vastu Shastra Tips

According to the Pooja room, as per Vastu, the North or East walls are ideal for doors and windows in the Pooja room. Use good quality wood for making the doors and windows, and these should have two shutters.

Vastu Shastra Tips for Colours

When it comes to the colour scheme of the Pooja room, white and light shades of yellow and blue are recommended best for the Pooja room. Soft white and pale yellow are considered auspicious and create an ideal ambience for Pooja room and meditation.

Use Marble in Pooja Room

Adorn the beauty of the Pooja room with pristine marble and give the room a spacious look.

Entrance of the Pooja Room

There should be a threshold at the entrance of the Pooja room. The ceiling of the Pooja room should be in the shape of a pyramid. A pyramid shape is considered lucky. The South-East corner is ideal for havan Kund or Agni Kund.

Decoration to Avoid in Pooja room as per Vastu

Avoid placing images of war, violence or any image that symbolises the negative emotions in the house. Do not keep any pictures of animals or birds engraved on the wall or doors. Avoid placing unnecessary items in the Pooja room.

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Things to consider in Pooja Room as per Vastu Shastra

  • Do not place deceased ancestors’ pictures in the Pooja room. This should be strictly avoided as per Vastu tips Pooja room.
  • Avoid placing a dustbin in or near the Pooja room. Please do not place a dustbin outside the entrance of the Pooja room as it invites negative energies in the house.
  • Use the Pooja room for prayer and meditation.
  •  avoid hiding money and other valuables in the Pooja room.
  • Pooja Room Vastu is very crucial to understand. You will get maximum benefit with the help of Vastu tips Pooja room. Still, if there are doubts in your mind and you want to gain knowledge related to Vastu tips for Pooja room, then connect with our Vastu experts who will guide you in all the aspects.

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