Vastu Mantra – Vastu Mantras Meaning, Benefits, Effects & More

Vastu Mantra – Vastu Mantras Meaning, Benefits, Effects & More

From ancient times, Mantras have played a significant role in balancing sattvic energies and gaining positive vibrations. Some people may feel that Mantras are Sanskrit words that need to be recited in a specific way. However, there is much beyond just speaking out the mantras.

In order to get rid of malefic energies and gain positive ones, mantras have known to be very powerful tools. Also, mantras act as a shield against all that is pessimistic in nature. There is a specific science related to these mantras, so the proper recitation of mantras helps create optimistic sound waves. Thus, it comes to the aid of individuals suffering from some complication or the other.

Of course, this science behind the sound waves created by the chanting of different mantras is very powerful and hefty. We cant see infinite space around us but feel it. Similarly, the energies that space creates is also not perceivable easily as it requires the development of a sixth sense to do so. So, mantras are chanted to fight the negativity and obtain the optimistic ones that completely alter the aura of the place and person. This is why it is essential to use this tool and weapon!

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Mantras In Vastu Shastra And The Benefits

Vastu Mantras specifically target the complications created with the ill placement of a specific portion of your house. However, these are of various kinds. Also, it impacts discrete locations in your home. Great power, right? So, why not try it out? Walkthrough these below mentioned Vastu Mantras and enjoyed a great benefit and advantage of it:

To chant Vastu Mantras, you usually use a rosary of Tulsi Mala along with flowers like Peet Pusp, Peet Aasan, and Peet Vastra. These help you gain maximum Vastu Mantras Benefits. Also, the total number of chanting mantras or japas ranges from 5.4 lakhs to 12.5 lakhs. Moreover, the best time to recite Vastu mantras is Vastu Shanti Muhurat. Chant Vastu mantras during this time and enjoy immense benefits.

The Vastu Mantras have many benefits. Chanting them regularly helps in removing the effects of malefic planets. Also, it helps enhance the positivity of the auspicious planets. However, the energy created through the recitation helps in fighting black magic, evil spirits, and other negative forces, hampering you or your close ones!

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Vastu Gayatri Mantra

Om Vaasthu Purushaaya Vidmahe
Bhoomi Putraaya Dhimahee
Thanno Vaasthu Prachodayath

Vastu Purusha Mantra

Namaste Vaastu Purushaay Bhooshayyaa Bhirat Prabho,Madgriham Dhan Dhaanyaadi Samriddham Kuru Sarvada.

Vastu Dosh Nivaran Mantra

Om Vaastoshpate Prati Jaanidyasmaan
Swaawesho Anamee Vo Bhavaan Yatve Mahe
Pratitanno Jushasva Sahnno Bhav Dvipade Sham
Chatushpade Swaaha.

Vastu Dosh Nivaran Mantra - 2

Om Vaastoshpate Pratarano Na Edhi
Gayasphaano Gobhi Rashve Bhirido Ajaraasaste
Sakhye Syaam Pitev Putraanpratinno Jushashya
Shanno Bhav Dvipade Sham Chatushpade Swaahaa.

Vastu Dosh Nivaran Mantra - 3

Om Vaastoshpate Shagmayaa Sa Gvag Sadaate
Saksheem Hiranyayaa Gaatu Mandhaa.
Chahikshem Utayoge Varanno Yooyam
Paatasvastibhiha Sadaanah Swaahaa.

Vastu Dosh Nivaran Yantra - 4

Om Vaastoshpate Dhruvaasthoonaam Sanam
Saubhyaa Naam Drapso Bhetta Puraam
Shashvatee Naa Minkshe Muninaam Sakhaa Swaahaa.

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