Kill The Stress With Capricorn Silver Pendant!

Kill The Stress With Capricorn Silver Pendant!

Capricorn is the tenth astrological sign in the Zodiac wheel. It originates from the constellation of Capricornus or famously called the horned goat. The Capricorn native is born between 21st December to 21st January. Capricorn is considered as an earth sign that is stubborn and often considered as a negative sign. It is one of the four cardinal signs and is ruled by the planet Saturn. Capricorns are famous and hold specific significance in different cultures. Some text gives a correlation between traditional characteristics of Capricorn as a sea-goat and Enki, the Sumerian god of wisdom and water. They both have heads and the upper body as a goat while the lower body is like a tail of a fish. In the Akkadian and Babylonian mythology, it is also known as Ea. While in Hindu mythology, the equivalent of Capricorn is the crocodile also called the Makara. 

While each Zodiac sign has its own specific traits and weakness, having said that Capricorn will have its own. Each of these signs will have a lucky gemstone that impacts them positively in their life. For example, Capricorn’s lucky stone is called the Blue Sapphire. This Blue Sapphire is generally worn as a ring or Capricorn pendant, Capricorn pendant necklace or Capricorn medallion. Before we take a deep dive into the Capricorn Zodiac pendant and related jewellery, let us take a shallow dip into Capricorn traits.

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Capricorn Silver Pendant: Let's Start With Capricornian Traits

Capricorns are earth signs. They are known to be very highly ambitious and successful in whatever goals they aspire in their life. Saturn as the ruler, native-born under these signs tends to be self-disciplined and dedicated workers. Due to this overworking nature, they are often termed as workaholics and sometimes get frustrated and have a negative outlook about life.

If we look at their positive traits, then we see them as ambitious. They are represented by the head of the goat and goats as we know are known to climb steep heights. Capricorn will clear the hurdles with their strong ambition and desire. However, all this hard work and ambition can cause the goat to have a bit of blurred vision sometimes.

They are born intelligent and tend to learn from their life experience. If you are their friends then they will see you as an investment to make the relationship last. They will not act on their perception rather they will act on their experience. This makes them subject matter experts in their field.

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They are respectful. They will respect you in a relationship. They are down to earth and practical with their behaviour. They will keep their attitude and behaviour balanced for everyone. They are self-disciplined and master the art of self-control. This makes them able leaders and chalks out clear plans about their future. They are quick learners and take their mistakes as an opportunity to self introspect.

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However, they are overly serious and tend to get frustrated fast. Their overworking nature makes them stressed with their routine life. At times, they act very stubbornly. The stress in their life makes them overburdened with work. So what does the astrologer have to advise them? Get your lucky gemstone attached to your skin or body. This can be done by wearing the lucky stone in the form of a Capricorn Silver pendant or Capricorn medallion. Let us know about these Capricorn Zodiac pendant details.

Capricorn Silver Pendant: The Design Decoding

The Capricorn Silver pendant with the glyph or the representation of the sea-goat is embedded in the silver pendant hoop. The design depicts the head of the mountain goat and the tail of a fish. This represents the Capricorn sign and the character representation of the Zodiac sign. Blue Sapphire or commonly called the Neelam is placed in the middle of the Capricorn’s emblem. Silver combines with the Blue Sapphire giving a positive vibration for the native Capricorn. A common alternative to Blue Sapphire is Amethyst, which is just for information. Astrological impact needs to be studied before you include Amethyst in your jewellery.

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Capricorn Silver Pendant: Achieving Wide Variety Of Advantages

The combination of these two helps the natives to get rid of the daily stress and get the mental peace they are looking for. Furthermore, it also gives the native motivation and surges to move ahead. Individually, the Blue Sapphire if suits the native, then it removes the malefic effect of Shani Sade Sati. It gives the individual immense health and wealth. 

It also uplifts the energy level of the native. The blue wavelength of the stone clears the cloud of doubts and gives the native decisive decision-making power. It also helps the student and scholars to improve their concentration and focus. This helps them to achieve their academic goals. It also helps reduce the negative feeling causing depression. It also has certain health benefits and few claims that it controls some of the pitta dosha.

It also calms the nerves and soothes the senses thereby removing the stress and anxiety from your daily life. Financially, it can give a spurt of income to the native who wears this Capricorn Silver pendant embedded with Blue Sapphire. Blue Sapphire has to be worn over silver or gold. Mostly due to the cost complication, the pendant or the rind is made open with the base of silver with Neelam embedded in it.

Overall, the silver pendant necklace with Neelam gives the native courage, increasing the craving for knowledge and also raising the social reputation. The ladies, especially, go for the pendant form. The Capricorn silver pendant looks stylish and elegant. It not only looks beautiful and charming but also gives you the benefits of the Blue Sapphire. This is the perfect mix of beauty with zodiac attraction that gives the individual an auspicious effect.

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Capricorn Silver Pendant: The Product Formation And Uses

The Capricorn silver pendant or the Capricorn Silver necklace has a base of silver. The pendant and the necklace are of silver. The weight of the gem may vary from 3 to 4 grams. The purity of the silver varies, mostly it’s the sterling silver that is used for this product. The blue Sapphire is cut in a round shape generally but the shape is not restricted to round only. 

This product in the form of a necklace or pendant can be used as an attractive jewellery option. It can also be used as a gift. Those who want to wear the blue sapphire for remedial purposes and want to have a stylish look can opt for this Capricorn Silver Pendant or even Capricorn Silver necklace. The holistic effect of this combination gives you relief from stress and gives you mental peace.

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Capricorn Silver Pendant: The Final Thoughts

Since ancient times, shiny metals and lucky gemstones have played an important part in the life of the individual. Whether it is in the form of show off in society or do get the benefits of the metals for a particular zodiac. For example, an Aquarius will have an Aquarius silver pendant and Aries will have Aries Silver Pendant and so on. Capricorn Zodiac Pendant or jewellery also act in the same way. It helps to get the auspicious effect of Neelam, couples with silver and also matches the trend of looking stylish and savvy in this modern world. It’s like old school meeting the new one and still able to come to an agreement. We all know Capricorns are hard-working goats with a tail of fish, pun intended. This glyph of Sea-Goat is perfectly captured in the Capricorn Silver Pendant. So what are you waiting for? Try this Capricorn today only.