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Finding the one with whom you are highly compatible isn’t easy. Even when you meet your ideal partner, at times, you don’t have a clue about it as your partner may not be complementary to you on all your checklist. The pick-up line on the first meet, Hey BB, What’s your sign, can be useful to unlock all puzzles of your compatibility with a potential match. Zodiac compatibility helps you to avoid a shitty relationship. If you are looking for zodiac compatibility between Cancer and Aquarius, you are in the right place.

Cancer and Aquarius have great potential to change the world into the bargain. Aquarius is an independent thinker and super-rational rebel, while Cancer is a tender and loving homebody. Now it’s time to see Cancer and Aquarius love and relationship compatibility.

Let’s quickly look into the astrological facets of the Crab (Cancer) and the Water-Bearer (Aquarius), making them nurturing spirits.

The camaraderie with an abundance of breaks and personal space! Cancer embraces traditional values and beliefs, while Aquarius launches rockets ahead to the future, maybe the next generation playing with Parallel universes and Robot implants. At times, Cancer and Aquarius couples can get a tad fanatical. In this love match, Cancer may dip into fundamentalist religion, while Aquarius embraces strict rules and discards old beliefs and conventions. The duo’s extremism drives a temporary wedge in their relationship. The combination of the water and the air element is crap-ola at flirting, where the Crabs sit on the leaderboard consequently ahead of Aquarius.

Will this pairing exceptionally reign or chink in the armour? What are these pals up to? Let’s delve into their traits and find out how Cancer and Aquarius match each other.


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Let’s find out how compatible the Homemaker (Cancer) and the Visionary (Aquarius) are in love, relationship, and marriage.

Cancer And Aquarius Love Compatibility

Cancer wants to initiate the romance and with a direct approach orchestrates dates, and drives their relationship to the next stage. Aquarius enjoys the attention of Cancer and gradually realizes their love for Cancer.

  • The duo enjoys the romance as well as their freedom. After enjoying a few dates, if Aquarius shouts their love on the rooftops, it’s a done deal of a lifetime network.
  • Cancer and Aquarius in love support each other through thicks and thins. Cancer feels genuine emotions in the empty life of Aquarius. In return, the latter saves the former from emotional madness.
  • Cancer and Aquarius love match can be friendly if Aquarius gives up their domineering nature, and Cancer is more confident. The aggressive nature of Aquarius unnerves Cancer and draws them inward and edgy. This can hinder the development of emotional trust and limit the intimacy in their relationship.
  • Aquarius’s non-caring and light-hearted approach Shook Aquarius. Cancer wonders if the Water-bearer will ever be serious in love and relationship. Cancer should calm their emotional storms. There is no forcing issue in their relationship. The duo comes forward of their own accord to work for a successful relationship. Patience and Aquarius is a key to achieving balance in a love relationship and increasing Cancer and Aquarius love compatibility.

Pros Of Cancer and Aquarius Relationship

When water and air elements blend together in a relationship, they progressively work together to flourish their love relationship. Cancer is intense, emotional, and sensual. On the other hand, Aquarius is restive and impatient. Despite all differences, these guys enjoy a lovable relationship. There is no dull moment, and the couple is sure to have a blast.

  • Cancer is always ready to stabilize Aquarius. The latter will drag the homebody of the zodiac marginally into the modern world. The water-bearer gives the fish an appreciation of modern art, a free expressive style of dance, and dining in a lavish restaurant. The duo can strike sweet harmony in their relationship.
  • Cancer and Capricorn in a relationship are self-contained, and hence they don’t require a huge social circle to appreciate and satisfy them. The couple turns their phone off and retreats their partner 24/7. Cancer whips something up for their partners, and Aquarius reads Dune, Frankenstein, The Time Machine, Snow Crash, and more. When Cancer gets bored after the household chores, Aquarius introduces new ideas and activities to get into full swings.
  • Independent Water-bearer remains a great helper and companion to the Fish. Once Aquarius values someone, they will look out for their partner round the clock and will not miss anything to impress them. They extend their hand in a blink and will never show their back to the Fish. The helping gesture of the Water-bearer embraces the Crabs, as the homemaker craves security and needs constant appreciation and reassurance in the relationship.
  • Aquarius admires the way Cancer maintains stability in their life as well as in their relationship. When Cancer sets their eyes on something, they will not miss a single boat to achieve it. Cancer is loyal to Aquarius, and in return, the latter will do everything to keep the trustworthy image.

Cons Of Cancer and Aquarius Relationship

Cancer and Aquarius tend to isolate and be secretive with feelings. So building trust in a relationship can be a challenge for this couple. Both want to kill two birds with one stone. At times, Aquarius can be casual and carefree towards Cancer, and so the latter gets down in the dumps.

  • Half the time Aquarius is thinking dime dozens of new thoughts at one time without realizing it. On the other hand, Cancer is engaged in breaching last week’s agreement. The couple is empathetic, so walking a mile in each other’s shoes is grasping a straw for them.
  • The Water-bearer craves for freedom and least likes to be restricted in life. They will not fully commit if they can’t enjoy freedom in a way they want. The overly possessive nature of Cancer can create problems in Cancer and Aquarius relationships.
  • Cancer can never expect stability from their partner. Their constancy comes and goes in a fraction of seconds. It is not their mistake, they are too impulsive, change of mind without any prior notice is natural to them. Cancer admires stability in life, and so deviating minds and change of plans is a big no-no to sensitive Crabs.
  • Cancer is clingy and emotional that bustles Aquarius. Cancer needs security and to be loved in a relationship. They expect Aquarius to give them regular updates and romantic words through texts and phone calls often. If Aquarius shares every story and the smallest incidence happened in a day and also agrees to all ideas of the Crabs, it is a big plus for their relationship. IRL, Aquarius is uninterested in the emotional inclinations and giving regular updates to Cancer.
Cancer - Aquarius Comaptibility

Cancer and Aquarius Marriage Compatibility

Cancer and Aquarius marriage life is tricky and complicated, but definitely not impossible. Cancer and Aquarius definitely have different needs and goals in life. This does not mean they are standing on the two ends of the river. Respect is the key to their successful marriage life.

  • Cancer and Aquarius’ marriage is possible only if Aquarius confesses their love to Cancer and is ready to adjust to the clingy and emotional nature of their partner. The wedding bell rings if Cancer allows Aquarius for solo trips and gives space to independent Water-bearers. On the day of the wedding, expect anything from rurally rustic to modern designer dresses.
  • The couple is hardworking and charismatic. They V well known to deal with catch-22 situations. In the glad tidings, the duo combines their abilities and energies. They are always intrigued by their partner’s actions, jolly nature, and attitude.
  • Aquarius goes out to change the world, and on the other hand, Cancer stays closer to the things dear to them to ensure that their inner world never changes. Holla, this works for Aquarius as the water-bearer when tired from worldly pressures, loves coming back to the water for peace and a serene ambience to recharge and reflect.
  • When they have offspring, Cancer and Aquarius feel a strong responsibility to teach ethics and solid values to their children. Both consider their values paramount, and hence parenting can be a challenge. At times, it is confusing for their children too.
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Are Cancer and Aquarius Sexually Compatible?

A passionate affair! This is what is found in their intimate relationship when the trust of Cancer is unlocked with the emotions of Aquarius. There is no casual sex in Cancer and Aquarius relationship. On a high key, Cancer and Aquarius sex is deep and meaningful.

  • Cancer drives romance and delights beautiful sights, tastes delicious flavours, hears melodious sounds, smell pleasant aromas, and feels the physical touch of Aquarius. Their bedroom is filled with a Barry White soundtrack and alluring cotton sheets. Aquarius injects the imagination of the fish. Don’t get Shook, if they are caught playing Princess Lei and Hans solo behind closed doors.
  • Cancer’s emotions run deep in bed, whereas Aquarius focus on physical activity and may enjoy casual sex. The difference in preferences can have a serious influence on Cancer and Aquarius sexual compatibility. The couple may try to be tough outside by hiding their real emotions.
  • Aquarius embraces the sense of touch and pleasurable acts. They focus on numbers and different moves to grow intimacy. For Cancer pals, intimacy is about making a lasting emotional connection. Both need to open their minds and learn from the strengths of their partner. Aquarius should learn how emotions add intensity to the sex, and Cancer should learn that sex isn’t all about following the rules.
  • There is an unusual dynamic in a Cancer and Aquarius relationship. Aquarius is Shook when Cancer builds rigid boundaries in sexual encounters and starts whipping out the rules for everything that happens in the bed. Aquarius is a free-spirited soul and has nothing in taboo. When Cancer invokes rules, Aquarius takes a step or two backwards to analyze the situation, and it turns off their erotic experimental senses.

The road to a commitment of Cancer and Aquarius love and relationship is long and winding. Cancer impatiently chases Aquarius, and when Aquarius announces their love for Cancer, the latter puts down the sword of battle. In a nutshell, Cancer and Aquarius love relationships go up with the flow and enjoy lasting relationships.

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