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IRL, we feel connected to some at first sight, and while can’t stand with some others. When we meet people on dating apps, matrimonial sites, or any social media platforms, the quest ‘Are We Compatible?’ keep rolling in mind. What’s your DOB? Is one of the interrogations few people ask after sharing some personal details. Well, asking DOB at the initial conversation is not at all cray. Zodiac compatibility helps what the other party strives for and which Achilles heel you may have to get a grip with. Bet, you are curious to know how compatible you are with your sweetheart, friends, and family members.

With all excitement fencing around, we are here to find out what two Cancer signs bring on the table. Holla! When Cancer gets connected with another Cancer, a yin-yin bond is all about setting up their home, enjoying indoor activities, sharing emotions, and being cozy in their love bubble.

Let’s quickly delve into the astrological facets of the zodiac nester (Cancer) making them oversensitive.

Spectacular! Yaas, this is what you feel when two Crabs are together. Home, Sweet Home is Crabs’ hang out point, when they hook up together. It’s an emotional domestic bliss at its finest. When together, they enjoy cooking delicious cuisines and nurturing one another which can be smothering at times. They are the mirror from which deep understanding is always reflected back. With all the astrological facets in common, they feel things out in the same style. Fine understanding and love with personal space is the key to a Cancer-Cancer successful relationship.

Let’s delve into their traits and find out the positive and negative side of these mirror personalities.


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Whether the relationship between Cancer and Cancer is a swift drive or a pissing contest. What is this yang-yin up to? Let’s find out the compatibility of two Cancers in love, relationship, and marriage.

Cancer And Cancer Compatibility In Love

No rushing up! At a snail’s pace and with a cautious approach, they come closer to each other. They yield sweet fruits in the end. Bravo! After a long slow walk, the duo is deeply devoted and endlessly loyal to each other.

  • On a date, the couple may intuit the emotional interest and feelings of one another. They learn the ins and outs of their partner so well that they do not need to explain anything.
  • The duo has an intense level of trust in each other, and both never break the trust as they know very well how badly it hurts when your partner is disloyal to you.
  • Grounded Souls! Cancer and Cancer love Compatibility openly tells what they want from their partner. The beauty of this love relationship is their eyes get to feast on one another and they read out everything there in their partner’s mind. Actions speak larger than words when a Cancer couple is together. Dreams and expectations are exactly known much before their partner has shared them.
  • Realist over Perfectionist! Ahhh, so real! IRL, none is perfect and all tend to make mistakes. Thanks to their compassion and benevolent heart that imbibes a remarkable amount of patience in them.
  • Once they are attracted to one another, they have a whale of a time. There is never looking back or stopping in the middle. Water keeps flowing despite storms or hurricanes on its way. They love the Moon and back.
  • It’s easy for Cancer to fall in love with another Cancer as they have everything that a water sign desires in their partner. Commitment and loyalty are all that swiftly drive these love birds to their destination with their bells on. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime network. They mesmerize each other’s real beauty without blinking an eye for a long time before saying three magical words to each other.

Pros Of Cancer and Cancer Relationship

  • Nurturing and heartwarming partners! No other sign in the zodiac is so caring and nurturing as the Crabs. No sweat, where are into each other getting emotional, intense, or clingy.
  • The duo seeks stability and hates being a couch potato. They always ensure nothing goes wrong in their relationship. Both are intensely connected to one another but never overlook their responsibility. They will never tolerate financial instability. Their dream paradise is their sweet home, the duo securely creates one for them.
  • Cancer and Cancer in a relationship crave intimacy and emotional connection. When it comes to love and showcasing their feelings, they are intensely passionate. For them, their partner and their house are their whole world, and they give their all for these two.
  • They very well know how to show their love and romantic love. The duo belongs to the same sign, and hence there is no question of being loved. Both are Hundo P committed to each other. Hence, there is no room for insecurity, and also there is a fat chance for disloyalty.
  • Cancer loves to appreciate others as there is a motherly figure hidden in them. A green thumb to their relationship today, tomorrow, and ever after. They attain the age of wisdom with no deprivation of the relationship. A simple gesture like boosting up one another in hard times, patting one another back on small achievements, and getting ROFL on silly talks and jokes.
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Cons Of Cancer and Cancer Relationship

Although Cancer and Cancer are very much alike to one another and share great compatibility. At times, the pair with a good bond will be at loggerheads that troubleshoot a strong relationship. Cancer and Cancer also have a rollercoaster ride and have to face some turbulence. Let’s look at some dissimilarities that can cause problems between Cancer and Cancer in relationships.

  • Looney tunes! When this emotional bond dives into too many fluctuating moods! This watery sign is ruled by the Moon. The flow of water is discrete during the waning and waxing of the Moon. So is the relationship between Cancer and Cancer. Emotional ups and downs are bound to be experienced in this relationship as both are hypersensitive and their mood lingers with the change of wind.
  • Thrilling journey! When the duo is in a good mood, they have one track on the mind and everything is bob on the build. But they are in heated arguments or disagreements, their compatibility has more holes than a cheesecake. On a choppy emotional sea, they flow like hairy at the heel. It seems like a helmsman is missing on the ship.
  • Over possessiveness can pinch their beautiful romantic relationship. The duo craves security all the time. For feeling this need, they hold their partner tightly. They can’t bear threats of things which they have built judiciously and will not allow to derail them. They can’t stand infidelity.
  • They are over-caring and expect the same from their partner. They crave constant reaffirmation of love from one another. IRL, the couple text and call one another at a regular interval, never getting late to reach home or be on a date and endearing each other’s words. But when one fails, it may make their relationship grow cold.
Cancer - Cancer Comaptibility

Cancer and Cancer Marriage

The desire of getting married is at a peak for Cancer. Can you imagine the level of desire when two fellow Crabs are in a relationship? Yaas, it’s no stretch of the imagination! For the Cancer duo, marriage is a sweetener that seals their deal for a lifetime. They are hell-bent to ensure that their relationship is lasting for life.

  • Marriage material! This is the feeling when Cancer sees their fellow partner. Security is on the prime list.
  • Cancer and Cancer in marriage life share a love of cosy domesticity. For the wedding, the duo usually prefers natural surroundings instead of chaotic big-city venues.
  • The couple opts to homeschool their kids as no one seems to possess the capabilities of providing their offspring with the experiences and learnings they deserve. Their kids are at centre stage for them and they keep a watch on them 24/7.
  • The duo is extremely ambitious and this is one of the back channels for their long-term ties. They also share an interest in history, traditional values, family ties, cooking, gardening, and having an intimate and soulful romance all day long.
  • But the Tsunami of emotions can vanish what they have created. Attain one’s age of wisdom and control fluctuating moods to bear sweet fruits for a lifetime.
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Cancer and Cancer Sexual Compatibility

Sensuality makes Crabs feel secure and deeply connected. No words, but still the feelings are getting articulated. Awe, too cute! Mix the sensuous feeling with candles, exotic perfumes, rose petals decor, satin sheets, and body chocolate, and the emotive souls run deep.

  • Timid Crabs are slow to start when it comes to getting intimate in their relationship. It’s very natural to build trust in each other. Commitment and trust are their priority and need to have before they are plunged into a blanket. They are a mirror of each other in every way and eventually, they will realize the same. They will reach the deepest emotional core within their intimate life.
  • Not the one nightstand couple! The duo is emotionally involved to embrace the physical connection between them. Once the connection is built, they are ready for all. An emotional bond needs to be felt more between the sheet than physical satisfaction. It may be tedious and unimaginative for many, but not for the couple. For the duo, having an emotional intensity over perfection in movement is important. They find it pleasurable.
  • Cancer and Cancer in bed enjoy cuddling and cooing with their fellow partner. They spend most of their time in lovemaking.
  • The couple sees the perfect motherly figure in another. For excitement, they need to transcend partner feelings for one another. In the absence of it, their sex life is like watching paint dry.

Cancer and Cancer couples conjunct and hence it’s like loving yourself. When Cancer is dating or in a relationship with a fellow Cancer, they are deeply simpatico, caring for one another, and sharing romantic, thoughtful gestures. But their fluctuating moods can collide with everything they have built. Fine-tuning one another’s emotions will help to create codependent bonds instead of showing tantrums and causing dramatic fights or inviting unnecessary cold wars. The duo loves to build a cosy cocoon but they need to ensure that they don’t get stuck in this bubble.

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