Saturn Sade Sati for Libra: What Effects It Will Be On Natives?

Astrology lovers usually believe that Saturn brings unwanted pain, suffering, problems, and challenges. Therefore, Saturn is considered the symbol of dejection. That’s right because the planetary position has an influence on the individual’s life. Saturn’s characteristics further explain the reason for failures, delays, and problems occurring in the life of its natives. Sometimes, everything seems so perfect till the climax, and the entire scene changes. Things may go against us when Saturn is ill-placed or affiliated with shadow planets.

On that note, Vedic astrology comes in handy for us. This Indian variant of astrology believes that planets and stars radiating energies directly impact the natives. These planets at times become the reason for sudden gain or loss or unexpected issues. Whenever a planet transits from one sign to another, it imposes its command over the natives. And these rules and effects are specific to the houses in which the planets find their residence. If a malefic planet is placed in the house of career and profession, it may throw challenges in the educational field. Similarly, if the benefic planet comes into action, it may assist you in making progress.

Being one of the malefic planets, when Saturn forms a conjunction with its friends, it may allow you to respite, but you should be more disciplined. In this article, we unravel more facts about Saturn Sade Sati for the Libra sign. We will understand what happens during the sade sati for Libra and its effects. Including that, we shall learn about the different phases of Sade Sati along with its remedies. Alright, folks, then stay glued and give a full read.

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The Ringed Planet Saturn

Saturn is believed to be a karmic planet as it judges the past karmas of individuals. Thereafter, it provides the results in the major areas of life. So, it is safe to say that Saturn punishes those who took the shortcut to reach success. On the Other hand, Natives who made progress on the right track may receive rewards. This is possible because astrologers say that Saturn keeps records of the misdeeds and generosity towards parents, elders, needy ones, and animals. Because of its characteristics, it is considered to be a strict professor.

Malefic Saturn can give us painful experiences only to realize and learn from our mistakes. Hence, it becomes necessary to analyze the strength and position of Saturn. Those who have favorably-placed Saturn may achieve immense wealth, longevity, and name and fame. This could be only possible if we keep checking our actions and don’t leave the path of goodness.

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Positive And Negative Traits of Libra Natives

The Libra sign is connected with love, beauty, grace and justice. And for that reason, Librans should thank its ruling planet, Venus. The god of love, Venus, makes sure that no stones leave unturned when it comes to the department of romance. Natives who belong to the Libra sign may find it easier to maintain harmony and peace. They always keep others before themselves and strive to form a fun-loving environment. They love to serve and be appreciated for being so.

Soft-hearted Librans are creative and practical in their work life. Negatively, they may lack decision-making ability. This is how they get frustrated when they are not appreciated. Moreover, one of the negative traits of the Libra natives is that these pals refrain from becoming introverted. This further explains how active they are in their social life. Some of them would be ready-to-go traveling partners, as well.

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  • Small Panoti >> Taurus >> Wednesday, June 7, 2000 >> Monday, July 22, 2002 >>
  • Small Panoti >> Taurus >> Thursday, January 9, 2003 >> Monday, April 7, 2003 >>
  • Sade Sati >> Virgo >> Thursday, September 10, 2009 >> Monday, November 14, 2011 >> Rising
  • Sade Sati >> Libra >> Tuesday, November 15, 2011 >> Tuesday, May 15, 2012 >> Peak
  • Sade Sati >> Virgo >> Wednesday, May 16, 2012 >> Friday, August 3, 2012 >> Rising
  • Sade Sati >> Libra >> Saturday, August 4, 2012 >> Sunday, November 2, 2014 >> Peak
  • Sade Sati >> Scorpio >> Monday, November 3, 2014 >> Thursday, January 26, 2017 >> Setting
  • Sade Sati >> Scorpio >> Wednesday, June 21, 2017 >> Thursday, October 26, 2017 >> Setting
  • Small Panoti >> Capricorn >> Friday, January 24, 2020 >> Thursday, April 28, 2022 >>
  • Small Panoti >> Capricorn >> Wednesday, July 13, 2022 >> Tuesday, January 17, 2023 >>
  • Small Panoti >> Taurus >> Wednesday, August 8, 2029 >> Friday, October 5, 2029 >>
  • Small Panoti >> Taurus >> Wednesday, April 17, 2030 >> Sunday, May 30, 2032 >>
  • Sade Sati >> Virgo >> Saturday, October 23, 2038 >> Tuesday, April 5, 2039 >> Rising
  • Sade Sati >> Virgo >> Wednesday, July 13, 2039 >> Sunday, January 27, 2041 >> Rising
  • Sade Sati >> Libra >> Monday, January 28, 2041 >> Tuesday, February 5, 2041 >> Peak
  • Sade Sati >> Virgo >> Wednesday, February 6, 2041 >> Wednesday, September 25, 2041 >> Rising
  • Sade Sati >> Libra >> Thursday, September 26, 2041 >> Friday, December 11, 2043 >> Peak
  • Sade Sati >> Scorpio >> Saturday, December 12, 2043 >> Wednesday, June 22, 2044 >> Setting
  • Sade Sati >> Libra >> Thursday, June 23, 2044 >> Monday, August 29, 2044 >> Peak
  • Sade Sati >> Scorpio >> Tuesday, August 30, 2044 >> Friday, December 7, 2046 >> Setting
  • Small Panoti >> Capricorn >> Sunday, March 7, 2049 >> Friday, July 9, 2049 >>
  • Small Panoti >> Capricorn >> Saturday, December 4, 2049 >> Saturday, February 24, 2052 >>
  • Small Panoti >> Taurus >> Wednesday, May 28, 2059 >> Sunday, July 10, 2061 >>
  • Small Panoti >> Taurus >> Tuesday, February 14, 2062 >> Monday, March 6, 2062 >>
  • Sade Sati >> Virgo >> Thursday, August 30, 2068 >> Tuesday, November 4, 2070 >> Rising
  • Sade Sati >> Libra >> Wednesday, November 5, 2070 >> Sunday, February 5, 2073 >> Peak
  • Sade Sati >> Scorpio >> Monday, February 6, 2073 >> Thursday, March 30, 2073 >> Setting
  • Sade Sati >> Libra >> Friday, March 31, 2073 >> Monday, October 23, 2073 >> Peak
  • Sade Sati >> Scorpio >> Tuesday, October 24, 2073 >> Thursday, January 16, 2076 >> Setting
  • Sade Sati >> Scorpio >> Saturday, July 11, 2076 >> Sunday, October 11, 2076 >> Setting
  • Small Panoti >> Capricorn >> Sunday, January 15, 2079 >> Friday, April 11, 2081 >>
  • Small Panoti >> Capricorn >> Sunday, August 3, 2081 >> Tuesday, January 6, 2082 >>
  • Small Panoti >> Taurus >> Sunday, July 18, 2088 >> Saturday, October 30, 2088 >>
  • Small Panoti >> Taurus >> Wednesday, April 6, 2089 >> Monday, September 18, 2090 >>
  • Small Panoti >> Taurus >> Wednesday, October 25, 2090 >> Sunday, May 20, 2091 >>
  • Sade Sati >> Virgo >> Saturday, October 12, 2097 >> Friday, May 2, 2098 >> Rising
  • Sade Sati >> Virgo >> Friday, June 20, 2098 >> Friday, December 25, 2099 >> Rising
  • Sade Sati >> Libra >> Saturday, December 26, 2099 >> Wednesday, March 17, 2100 >> Peak
  • Sade Sati >> Virgo >> Thursday, March 18, 2100 >> Thursday, September 16, 2100 >> Rising
  • Sade Sati >> Libra >> Friday, September 17, 2100 >> Saturday, December 2, 2102 >> Peak
  • Sade Sati >> Scorpio >> Sunday, December 3, 2102 >> Sunday, November 29, 2105 >> Setting
  • Small Panoti >> Capricorn >> Saturday, February 25, 2108 >> Saturday, July 28, 2108 >>
  • Small Panoti >> Capricorn >> Friday, November 23, 2108 >> Monday, February 16, 2111

The Formation of Saturn Sade Sati for Libra

Sade sati for Libra is likely to begin in the first quarter of 2023. So, this could be a major setback for those who are holding the Libra sign. If you were born with the Libra sign, you may know that it would be a difficult time in the coming years.

Saturn transiting over the natal sign means that Libra individuals are likely to have a bag of mixed experiences. You could be happy and sad at the same moment, but more or less, your struggle may continue for years. This could be the result of relations between Saturn and Venus, which are associated with these Air signs.

Sade sati period for Libra begins when Saturn enters the Virgo sign, which is 12th from the position of the Moon. This Shani sade sati Rising period for Libra would give mixed results because Virgo is ruled by Mercury. And the second hottest planet, Mercury, shares friendly relations with Saturn. But at this point, during Libra Shani sade sati, Saturn may make the natives very sensitive. They would easily trust people and repent when they feel broken from the inside. Their expected standard would get elevated and may not reach new heights. Libra natives may crave justice for others and themselves, and therefore, they lose focus on their careers. This may have adverse effects on their career and professions.

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The next sade sati period for Libra is the peak phase, where Saturn will move into the native’s moon sign, Libra. This would be a comfortable position for Saturn in the sade sati for the Libra moon sign. Career prospects would be decent, Single may have slight marriage delays, and if married, you may have moderate time with your spouse. Saturn would help you stay healthy all through this period. So, overall, the sade sati effect on Libra would be positive during this sade sati period for Libra. The only caution would be that you would be under work pressure and exertion.

In the last phase of sade sati for Libra, you may need to handle things with utmost care. Malefic Saturn will move into Scorpio’s house, ruled by the Moon. This could result in disappointment as Saturn and Moon are enemies. Hence, more challenges are expected in the last sade sati period for Libra. At this time, the sade sati effect on Libra would be felt as natives would be under stress at the home front and professional end too. Natives serving the sade sati for Libra are likely to face challenges in financial matters. The best you can do is follow the below-stated remedies to eliminate Saturn’s negative impacts.

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Remedies For Libra Shani Sade Sati

The first two phases of sade sati for Libra would bring fair results. Whereas things may not remain the same in the last phase. So, here’s what you must do to cut off the negative impacts of Shani.

  • Wear black and dark blue color clothes on Saturday
  • Donations of black seeds and edibles are advisable.
  • Chant the Shani mantra and Mahamritunjaya mantra.
  • Organise Shani Puja under the expert’s guidance.
  • Invoke Lord Hanuman every Saturday.

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Winding Up

Saturn sade sati for Libra will begin from Oct 23, 2038, and will reach its peak phase on Jan 28, 2041. After completing a period of two and a half years, libra sade sati end date approaches on Dec 12, 2043, and will continue till Dec 7, 2046. This is when the sade sati will end for Libra. When the sade sati ends for Libra in 2046, natives are likely to feel relieved of the mental stress.

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