Libra Traits

Libra Traits

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Libra Personality Traits

Great listeners and hard to bribe Librans are the keepers of justice. Made with high ideals, they live to keep their environment clean with their Libra traits. You can call them the aesthetics of the zodiac. Libra presents paramount importance to relationships. You are attracted by fashionable mates and are always looking for harmony in Libra relationships. Libra can mediate into the cruelest of fights bringing order and peace. God, among humans, you are the “Superman” of society. Libra would fight till DEATH to protect the citizens. Try chaos in front of the libra, and you are sure to get beaten to the PULP.

Libra Positive Traits: The Best Traits of Libra

Diplomatic (Resolving Conflicts)

Making them world leaders would result in world peace. Libra traits translate to being super talented when it comes to the resolution of conflicts. You deserve the Nobel prize for peace (not to forget Gandhi) when it comes to ending wars. Libra would sacrifice their sleep by listening to your problems and providing solutions.

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Great Listener (Really Smart People)

Libra is a big brainy sponge that soaks up all the information around them. Air signs really respect news, education, and information. You know that only a good listener can help people. Libra can perform exceptionally well when it comes to delivering justice. Libra traits mean avoiding conflicts and can literally RUSH to bring thoughtful resolutions. Chances are high you see a libra judge in the courtrooms.

Romantic (Live To Love)

Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet governing love, money, and beauty. Chances are high, you become love drunk and do something that is absolutely crazy. Ahem, immensely crazy!. Libra loves keeping people happy and engaged. The air signs are highly motivated by physical appearance, which makes you definitely go for good looks. For Libra, beauty is always skin deep. Damn, you give a lot of importance to looks.

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Fair (Justice Above All)

Let me introduce the justice league among all the stars. Libra not only strive for justice in their life but would also fight for you. You consider mediation among your life roles and responsibilities. In matters of legality, these people can beat the SHIT out of any other challenger. Libra natives do have a logical mind and would never never never (never-ending) take sides when it comes to delivering justice. With Libra traits, it is fair judgment all the time!!!

Idealist (Never Breaks Commitment)

Once a libra commits something, it’s done. Quitting and backing off are not your terminologies – crucial traits of the star sign. Libra always wants the best and has an incredible sense of commitment. ‘The Scales’ works for social good and gives out decisions that would benefit all. Dare to backstab a Libra personality, and they will make your life HELL!!! ‘The Scales’ values commitments and expects the same in return. 

Understanding (Great Listeners)

Libra traits make them naturally very understanding of nature. Libran will come out of their comfort zone when it comes to saving people. A good listener will always succeed in understanding problems and situations which are complex. Calculus is deeply rooted in your brain, which makes you a nerd when it comes to understanding difficult situations and problems.

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Libra Negative Traits (Dark Side)

Yes, there are Libra bad traits, too! You find it difficult to move ahead. My friend, you are entangled when you have to make decisions, and your mind constantly struggles – Decided, not decided, almost decided, decided, and again not decided! I think that’s enough to say that you are indecisive.  Several personality traits that you imbibe make you unreliable. Librans are superficial and think beauty is only skin deep. Being a great diplomat can sometimes become a curse. You get the power to manipulate others. Some Libra traits to avoid!

Lazy (Lousy Behaviour)

Libra people are lazy; that’s why they prefer the easy route. You might run away from a heavy task or ignore some commitments. Be careful as this might bite you in the near future.

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Indecisive (Confused Personalities)

Libra is an air sign represented by scales. You are indecisive. Over-analysis and over-thinking nature lead to the creation of confusion in many situations.

Unreliable (Not Trustworthy)

You have more than one personality, which makes you unreliable. In matters of life and death, it becomes difficult to rely on you. Try to use your intuition in serious situations. That would make your life much simpler.

Superficial (Living on the Surface)

Venus, as the ruling planet, makes you superficial. Often this leads to a shallow mindset and materialistic personality. Beauty can become your weakness, and you may get exploited. With these Libra traits, your superficial mindset can often lead you on a path of darkness as you will fail to see the light.

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Manipulative (Playing with Minds)

Libra form great diplomats, which sometimes acts as a curse. You get the power to manipulate others. Diplomats need to manipulate people to “get things done”. Being a pro diplomat, Libra individual knows how to twist and turn people to get their things done. In fact, you have the talent to turn the whole tide in your favour whenever you wish.

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Libra Relationships (Sensible Lovers)

Ruler planet Venus makes Libra elegant, witty and stylish. You pay a lot of importance to looks, making it attractive to the opposite sex. Owing to major libra traits, you are soft and sensitive by nature and must avoid domineering people at all costs. Libra Relationships are always charming and romantic with a sweet personality and a very good sense of humour. Libra traits mean you enjoy higher compatibility with Gemini, Sagittarius, Leo, and Aquarius.

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Libra Home Life & Family (Protective & Balanced)

Librans are diplomats and come forward to offer help whenever a family member or friend is in trouble. You love being in the centre of attention. All they expect from the relationships is balance and harmony. Being indecisive, they might take some time to trust someone new. You like to live a balanced lifestyle and are always just in nature.

Libra Worklife & Money (Amazing Diplomats)

Balance is the keyword when it comes to work and life – an ideal Libran trait. They have a strong sense of diplomacy which would make them amazing leaders, judges, lawyers, and diplomats. You excel best when working in a team. They are brilliant at speaking and can convince the team members to follow their ideas. They know how to spend money and always keep some aside for gloomy days.

Wrapping Up

Libra are fond of shopping and has incredible taste while purchasing things like new shoes/clothes/furniture/stationery. They do like to show off the items they are fond of. They hate to live alone and are always looking for a partner. Needless to say that the Scales like to love others and be in love. Keeping someone on their side is one of their prominent habits. Wading in and solving conflicts are two of the most admired affairs of Librans. They can take calculative risks to mediate into conflicts and resolve the issue.

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