July 2024 Vivah Muhurat

July 2024 Vivah Muhurat

Marriages are said to be made in heaven. However, any marriage is actually fixed and made to function on our planet. Therefore, it becomes crucial to comprehend the factors that contribute to a successful marriage. Vedic astrology states that matching kundli to determine doshas, dashes, and gunas is one of the factors that contribute to a successful marriage.

The compatibility of the two individuals in the marriage is another factor. The Kundli can also be used to analyse this. Astrology states that some signs or rashes are incompatible with certain people but are excellent for a relationship with other rashes. And finally, the Lagna muhurat, or the marriage of muhurat, is one of the most significant factors that influence marriage. Before getting married, it is crucial to understand the Shubh Marriage Muhurat because, without it, a marriage ceremony is not regarded as full and fortunate.

However, why is that the case? If you are getting married in the upcoming year, why is it important to know the shubh muhurat for the marriage ceremony in 2024? Through this article, let’s discover the rationale behind the shubh muhurat for marriage in the months of January, February, March, April, May, June, July, November, and December of 2024, as well as some other auspicious marriage muhurats.

Marriage Muhurat 2024 – Why are They Important?

The saying “Well Begun is Half Done” is accurate. This adage also applies to marriages. Setting the stage for a happy and healthy marriage is when the prospective bride and groom’s Janma kundli is taken into consideration. Additionally, the couple who tie the knot while making the sacred vows during the marriage will reap benefits if the marriage occurs on the Marriage shubh muhurat in accordance with the Marriage muhurat panchang. Hindus believe that if a couple follows the shaadi muhurat and chooses an auspicious wedding date, their bond will be strong enough to endure for seven births. This contributes to a fulfilling married life and a happy family growth.

These days, people frequently schedule weddings according to their convenience rather than seeking the advice of an astrologer to determine their marriage lagan, which leads to issues later in life. Couples who do not marry on Shubh Marriage Muhurat have ongoing arguments and, in unfavourable circumstances, end up divorcing one another.

When determining the marriage muhurat, kundli and panchang are significant factors. When determining the shadi muhurat, the astrologers attempt to analyse the Moon’s position in the Nakshatra of the prospective bride and groom. The letters that show up in the Nakshatra according to the moon’s phase determine the shubh Nakshatra for marriage. By using astrology to determine the marriage muhurat based on the date of birth, the couple and their families can potentially avoid future issues. We’ll talk about the Hindu marriage dates for 2024, broken down by month, in the next section.

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How Is the Marriage Muhurat Decided?

As per Hindu marriage rituals, people consider a phase where nakshatra and the planets are in a favourable position in order to get positive outcomes. Marriage Muhurat can be known by Tithi, Yoga, and the status of the Moon. Pandits choose Marriage Muhurat using a birth chart. This is another method to decide Marriage Muhurat, where the Astro-experts focus on the natal position of stars and planets in your Kundali.

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Best Timings For Get Married in 2024

The upcoming marriage season in India is likely to occur every month of the year 2024. In India, people consider the winter season as a perfect time to get married. Most of them also consider the summer season to embark on their marriage journey. The winter season is popular among brides and grooms as they get a chance to wear thick outfits and more jewels and may perform rituals without sweating.

While some prefer to get married in summer as they have multiple options to organise a destination wedding. This year, the best months of winter to ring wedding bells are November and December. Whereas the best months of summer to begin wedding rituals are May and June. Other than this, you will also find plenty of opportunities to tick off the wedding dates in the month of July and April.

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Wedding Dates in July Month 2024 – Get Ready for Your Big Day!

Almost every month in 2024 has some dates considered auspicious for marriage 2024. According to months, let us find out these auspicious days for marriage in 2024. According to the marriage calendar 2024, the shubh muhurat for marriage in July 2024 is given below.

Let's look at the Marriage Muhurat 2024 July Month dates and times.

DateTimingNakshatra Subh Tithi
Tuesday, 9 July 2024 14.30 to 18.50 MaghaChaturthi
Thursday, 11 July 2024 13.15 to 23.30 Uttaraphalguni Shashthi
Friday, 12 July 2024 06.00 to 23.30 HastaSaptami
Saturday, 13 July 2024 06.00 to 15.00 HastaSaptami
Monday, 15 July 2024 06.00 to 23.30 SwatiNavami, Dashami

Wedding Muhurat in 2024 – Last Note

Kundli and panchang are important factors to consider when determining the marriage muhurat. Astrologers try to analyse the Moon’s position in the prospective bride and groom’s Nakshatra in order to determine the shadi muhurat. The shubh Nakshatra for marriage is determined by the letters that appear in the Nakshatra based on the phase of the moon. The couple and their families may be able to steer clear of problems in the future by using astrology to calculate the marriage muhurat based on the date of birth. In the next section, we’ll discuss the Hindu marriage dates for 2024, broken down by month.

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