About Us

About Us

The brainchild of a group of renowned astrologers, Shri Astrology services was started in 2003 to provide telephonic astrology services. With our Talk to Astrologer services to telecom operators on VAS shortcodes, we provide accurate predictions and practical solutions for concerns regarding career, business, love, and other areas of life. Operating from across India, Shri Astrology Services has provided multilingual consultation to more than 6,00,000 satisfied customers. And the number is increasing day after day.

After a decade of successful astrology services in the B2B segment, our affordable and accurate astrology services are now available in app form on MyPandit.com.

Mypandit.com is an authentic, affordable, and one-stop astrology destination. The best astrology and user-friendly mobile app that will allow you to instantly connect with Expert Astrologers, Numerologists, and even Vastu Experts at any time of the day. The app will offer personalized online consultation across the globe on phone to address your concerns in life. The services are provided by over 150 + verified experts who can speak multiple languages.

What gives us an edge is our rigorous screening process for onboarding Astrologers. Bearing in mind the clients’ expectations, the founders have designed a strict and systematic process for certification and validation of the team of astrologers. Thus, the accuracy of our predictions and personalized consultations remains our primary goal.

MyPandit.com is an ideal astrology app for knowing personalized daily, monthly, and yearly horoscope predictions. It also provides personalized matchmaking and compatibility with spouse, love partner, friends, colleagues, and bosses. You can decorate your home and office based on Vastu tips. You can know the Muhurat timings for the inauguration of office or doing house welcome parties and auspicious functions like Marriage, Mundane, and Godbharai.

We take pride in providing you special and personalized solutions in all the aspects of life which were restricted to only your Personal Astrologer before.