Indian Cricketer Jasprit Bumrah’s Birthday Predictions

Indian Cricketer Jasprit Bumrah’s Birthday Predictions

Jasprit Bumrah has been a flash for Indian cricket. He is considered to be the best death bowler of the current era. Bumrah’s amazing bowling and high level of consistency have improved the Indian death bowling standards. Making his Test debut against a formidable South Africa, Bumrah made his presence across the cricketing world. Today, he is one of the best fast bowlers, leading to increasing bowling standards across the country.

It is Jasprit Bumrah’s birthday on the 6th of December, he will turn 27 years old. Let’s see how this year will spin for this sensational Indian seamer. Below are the Jasprit Bumrah birthday predictions. “Howzat?”

Bounces of Jasprit Bumrah’s Kundali

Jasprit is equipped with various bowling techniques – bouncers, yorkers, and slow ball. Let’s analyze Jasprit Bumrah’s Horoscope and know how eventful this year will be for him and if he will continue to impress us with his talent and performance in 2021.

Player’s Analytics

Jasprit Bumrah :- Indian International Cricketer .

Date of Birth:- 06 December 1993

Time of Birth: Not Known

Place of Birth: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Surya Chart


jaspreet bumrah kundli

The transiting Jupiter in Capricorn would aspect Ketu posited in the 7th house of the Surya Chart and the transiting Saturn would aspect Jupiter posited in the 12th house of the chart, and transiting Rahu will pass over the planets posited in the Ascendant.


He will be under the influence of the Major and sub-period of the Moon, which ends on 7th March 2021, and then the sub-period of Mars will begin.

Jasprit Bumrah would be well protected by the placement of stars in his Surya Kundali. Jupiter, the lord of the 5th house (performance) gets the aspect of transiting Saturn. The magic created by the planets for the year 2021 would help him to continue to impress his fans, and team players by his talent in the forthcoming year 2021.

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Numero Uno

Jasprit Bumrah came like a knight in shining armour and has cemented his place in the Indian cricket. The Gujarat toe-crusher had filled the shoes and the void, left by greatest bowlers. The fast bowler Jasprit Bumrah has been performing brilliantly for India. However, he recently lost his top spot in the latest ICC ODI Bowling Rankings. It was the injuries that ruled him out of the numero uno. Birth chart of Jasprit Bumrah shows the favourable placement of planets, and his auspicious period would continue as the sub-period of Moon continues until the 1st week of March 2021. After this, the sub-period of Mars begins. Mars (lord of 6th house indicates sports) will adorn him to continue holding his No.1 position in ODI’s after having cured of injury.

Indian Death Bowler

The role of death bowlers is one of the most important ones in T20 cricket and also IPL. Some players have evolved to become specialists and gained various titles. Well, it has been a no-brainer that Jasprit Bumrah has become the best death bowler in the league. Jasprit is blessed with Mars as lord of Ascendant, and 6th house of his birth chart Mars posited in the Ascendant with the Sun. Mars gets additional power from the Sun to shine in his career as a Death Bowler and would continue with his unique bowling style in International Cricket.

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Performance in the Kangaroo Land

India’s tour of Australia is likely to get the action back in the world of cricket. This tour is looked up to with a lot of anticipation. Indian cricket team will travel to the Australian shores for this game. Let’s analyze this prospect from Jasprit Bumrah horoscope birth chart. The series against Australia would begin from 27th November 2020 as per the schedule announced. The Major period and sub period of Moon along with Antar Dasha of Mercury, Ketu, and Venus would be highly favourable for him during the tour of Australia. He would be performing well as batsman and bowler too. He may even set a new record during the match.

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Scratches and Bruises

Bumrah was recently ruled out of a few series owing to injuries. Many India speedsters have fallen into the trap of injuries which has let down their game. Let’s know how Jasprit Bumrah keeps up with this. Birth chart of Jasprit Bumrah shows that Rahu would be transiting over the group of planetary conjunction in the Ascendant of his Chart with these planets is Venus, the lord of the 12th house and Mercury, the lord of 8th house and Mars lord of 6th house during the whole year. These all combinations of planets in his charts would be an alarming situation in respect of his health indicative of the possibilities of facing problems due to past injuries that may trouble him affecting his performance. There are even possibilities of having some more injuries during this tour. It may be better for him to be alert or cautious from not having any injury during the year 2021.

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We wish Jasprit Bumrah the best of everything, upscaling his game and taking the bowling scale a notch higher! Happy Birthday, Jasprit Bumrah!