Can Planets Turn The Tides For BJP Leader Uma Bharti?

Can Planets Turn The Tides For BJP Leader Uma Bharti?

Former Chief Minister Uma Bharti often stays in the news, commenting on her views in public. Days after the Indian government decision to repeal the farm laws, Uma Bharti said that BJP has failed to meet the people’s expectations. Raising his concern over the farm laws, Uma Bharti expects the BJP-led government to elaborate on ending farm laws. Right then, let us have a look at Uma Bharti kundali.

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Born on May 3, 1959, Uma Bharti is the Aquarius ascendant. She has Sun present in the Aries sign, while Venus in its own sign. The transition of Rahu and Ketu over the natal planets Saturn, Mars, Venus and Jupiter are likely to bring negative results for her. However, benevolent Jupiter passing over the natal Moon may bring relief for the veteran BJP leader.

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The planetary placements further explain that she has been undergoing a challenging phase for the past two years. Hence, she only has planets to blame for her downfall in the political world.