Zodiac Signs Working From Home: Astrological Point of View

Zodiac Signs Working From Home: Astrological Point of View

Working from home was once a luxury, and for the past year, it is a necessity. Granted, working from home has its pros and cons, though it completely differs from person to person. A few pros of working from home are – sleep and wake up at any random hour of the day. Work in your PJs, work straight out of bed. You can toss yourself a fresh meal, no more waiting for your uber, and no more thinking about what to wear every single day. These are those invaluable pleasures in life where you can heckle and jeckle business with joy. Well, we have to speak of cons as well, don’t we?

So the cons of work from home makes individuals reclusive from the outer world. We are either constantly on our laptop or endless and mindlessly scrolling through our phone. This, in turn, creates anxiety at the mere thought of stepping out in the world. Mental health may take a toll because of it.

The professional and personal life gets quite blurry. Moreover, we humans are social animals, are we not? We got to meet other people and be up to date with our surroundings, afterall celebrity discussion and affairs is a piece of music for many ears!

Now, we leave it up to y’all to decide whether it is good, bad, ugly or in between!
Since the preference depends much on your individuality, Astrology can help us understand who will like who! How does each zodiac sign react to working from home? Let us read about it!

Aries: When Will The Work Be Done!

Aries folks may need an extra session of meditation while working from home. In addition, they constantly may need to take a chill pill and deep breathing before you send another “GENTLE REMINDER.”

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Taurus: OH No! I Won't Come To Office

Taurus love the comfort of their home. Waking up late, making themselves a cup of espresso, spending time in self-care, making themselves a good lunch and dinner, oh wait, I had to work. *Starts working at noon.

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Gemini: I am Ok Either Way

Gemini – The mutable sign may even set up a mini Ikea to work from home. A proper ditto office set up. However, they may be the ones who may miss the office, of those breakout chit chat, meetings, hurdles.

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Cancer: Home Is Where The Heart Is

Working from home is heaven for our very own Cancer. They are homebodies, and they may set up an entire entertainment centre across the house. They are also getting everything delivered at home—literal paradise on earth.

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Leo: Who Would Compliment Me Now

Leo dislikes working from home the most. They like to be noticed and appreciated! Working from home, they would often wonder if only those four walls could praise and respect. However, they would eventually find ways to stay connected and put to work their super active brain.

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Virgo: My Work is Always Perfect

Virgo folks are known as perfectionists! This is an attitude that they carry while working from home as well. Blessed is the manager who has Virgos in their team as they do not require a zillion follow up calls or emails.

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Libra: Did I Even Work Today

Libra folks may find it very challenging to cope while working from home. Librans could log in to their laptop and then totally forget about it. But, instead, they may get caught up in social media, binge-watching, and talking with everyone in the house. If they do not make a to-do list, there are chances that they may never complete that work.

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Scorpio: Take It Easy

Scorpio peeps excel when they are pushed to the limits. But, while you do this, you may get carried away as well. Hence, make sure you take it a bit easy, meditate every day, try to do low-intensity workouts and shut the laptop on time.

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Sagittarius: Do Take it So Easy

The Archer loves to travel and loves all the adventures. However, being locked in the house, Sagittarius may lose all the zeal towards work or anything generally and go very low on their productivity. But the Archer should go for morning runs or do a HITT session in the morning to get adrenaline working up.

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Capricorn: Don't Tradeoff Personal Life

Capricorn folks are hardworking, and they are often workaholics as well. Take a Break, do not be at the disposal of work 24*7. Try to establish boundaries with your work. Keep work life and personal life separately. Remember not to burn yourself out. Instead, spend time with family, facetime friends, zoom parties, or binge Netflix.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

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Aquarius: Is There a Difference

The fixed signs will not see any difference while working. They will be the first ones to come to the zoom meeting, with loads of ideas and concepts. Learn from the Aquarius folks how to network even while being away. Before time, meeting all the deadlines, pacing ahead in all the tasks, yes, that is our Aquarius.

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Pisces: Hold The Halter Rope

Pisces folks are pretty adaptive and gullible, as we know. But these folks may need to maintain a routine. Otherwise, they may get carried away. So there should be a balance between your work-life and fun life.

Which one of these are you? Have your experiences been similar while working from home? Whatever may be the case, we just wish you all well and hope for the day when it would be normal again to think that working from home is a privilege, not a necessity.

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