Which Numbers are Lucky for Your Business?


Numerology, as used in your daily life to find yourself as a person, can also help in entering into a new phase of your life hoping for success in it moreover. Starting a business is one of the next stages of your life that can affect you with both positive or negative effects. Rather than worrying over the future outcome of your business, numerologists suggest you calculate the numerology for business which can decide what is the lucky number for your business and what is not. Numerology is a useful system to guide you to have a part in your career path.

Moving to numerology for business success, First, we must know that Business numerology is the study of numbers related to business. Date numerology and name numerology are included in the calculation of business numerology. From each calculation, it will be determined which number and name are suitable for your business. An ideal name for your business according to numerological calculations is impactful for attracting the public to your business and leading you into increasing money flow and bringing success. Without any ado, let’s explore the lucky number for business.

What are the types of calculations in business numerology?

The number which determines the success of the business is based on the name it. Also, the life path number of the business owner is likely to play a huge part in the compatibility of the business and its owner. In numerology, two main calculations are used to decide the success of your business and accordingly.

Name Numerology

The name of your business holds a dominant aura as it is the name you are going to be known by if you are to introduce your business to others. It can take your business to the ascension path or descending path. Some things to keep in mind before starting a business are the following;

The business name should be harmonious with the product or company name and destiny number of the owner.

The day and date number of the day you are inaugurating the business should also be considered when starting the business.

The date of birth and age number of the business owner is also included when starting a business.

According to Pythagorean numerology, each alphabet is assigned to the number from 1 to 9. This calculation can be found out by yourself or a numerologist can also help with this calculation if you want a detailed report of the numbers.

Method to calculate the name number is easy in just a few steps or finding the online calculator to calculate numbers can also be helpful.



Add the numbers related to each alphabet of the firm name and reduce the final number to a single digit.

If a firm name is larger than one word, then consider the whole name into calculating the number.

The final number should be reduced to single digits though if the numbers are in repetitive order such as 11, 22 or 33 then those are not reduced to single-digit as they are considered as master numbers.

Life Path Number

Same as the business name, when the owner’s full name is calculated into a single-digit number, that is decided as the path number of the person. Path number and firm name number should vibrate harmonically with each other for the success of any business.

Important Business Numerology Numbers

Studying the numbers of successful businesses around the world, numerologists concluded a few numbers which are considered lucky number for business. However, these fortunate numbers can’t be fortunate for every business as it depends on the life path number and name number of the business and their compatibility.

Number 5

Speaking of best numerology number for business, the number 5 is considered auspicious in general. Even with the auspicious meaning of the number 5, it is the universal bestower of good fortune. Numbers such as 23, 32, 41, 50, 68 are important in the series of 5. Number 23 even with the being fortunate number, is not usually used in the business world. Only a few companies have their business name within 5 or 6 alphabets. Number 5 governs the social activity and communication area. Any business will deteriorate without communication and crowd. People love to use the number 5 in their business and it brings advantages to their business and is beneficial to many.

Number 9

In ancient times, the number 9 was considered the divine number. It held spiritual meaning to it, thus the absoluteness of the universe was the energy of number 9, it was believed. Series number 45, 27 and 9 are beneficial to business it is believed. Numbers 27 and 45 are ideal for any business as it signifies divinity and divinity protects humans in the business. People born on dates in the series of numbers 5 and 9 can get maximum advantages of the 9 number business. number 27 is considered to own magical powers while number 45 signifies divine knowledge and wisdom.

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Number 33

Number 33 is known as the number of the Lord Kuber (Lord of infinite wealth). This number is the most fortunate and blessed number for any business. It might not be lucky for everyone as mentioned before. People born on 6, 15 and 24 are the luckiest to grasp maximum fortune from the number 33. The same goes for the person with life path number 6. This lucky number can shoot up your business to the sky level high. Hence, Lucky number for business also do exist.

Number 51

If you’ll ask, which numerology number is good for business? Well then, this one is an interesting number as it has companies in the top 100 of all the businesses list. The number 51 has a dazzling aura and multiple charms to favour the fate on your side to make the owner and the business unbeatable till the very end. The power of the number 51 is immense as it substitutes the absolute strength of the human soul, it might not be the same as number 33 but it has a more powerful aura to make a business successful.

Bad fortune Numbers

Numbers in the series of 2, 4, 7 and 8 are considered bad fortunes or the ones who have to struggle more with business.

Other numbers included in honourable mentions are 6, 42, 24, 87. In the least. if the numbers in the series of 1, 5, 6 and 9 are used in business, the business is prone to be successful.

Not only the numbers but astrological point of views are also considered to affect the business with the numerology calculations.

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