Overview of Magha Nakshatra Characteristics and Padas

Overview of Magha Nakshatra Characteristics and Padas

Magha Nakshatra is the 10th of 27 Nakshatras, ranging from 0 degrees to 13 degrees and 20 minutes in Leo. It has 4 padas as follows:

This constellation ultimately falls under the zodiac Leo and is called ‘The Mighty One.’ The planet that rules this Nakshatra is Ketu. Deities are the ‘Pitris’ or the ancestors. They guide and protect Magha natives.

These people are very traditional. They like to hold on to their ancestors, lineage, and anything related to the past. So, ancestral properties and inheritances are the significant themes under this Nakshatra. Basically, the Magha natives are interested in anything related to the past, be it ancestral, historical, scriptures, events, archaeological, etc.

If Mercury is transiting in Magha, the native is interested in written documents such as scriptures. On the other hand, if Ketu is posited in Magha, the native gets interested in the secret hidden knowledge like occult and tantra vidya. However, if Mars placement is in the Nakshatra of Magha, the native is interested in the critical history of a nation. Depending on the planetary influence or planets placed in this Nakshatra, the native develops various interests. But the theme of the Nakshatra is always there, i.e., anything related to the past or ancestral.

They usually have collections of antiques or hold on to the things passed down from generation to generation. They are strongly connected to the family name. Also, they receive good inheritances or family wealth. These natives are generally considered lucky since they are born with silver spoons in their mouth. They also witness unexpected good things happening to them frequently and out of the blue. It is with the blessings of ancestors that they get desirable things.

There is a mythological story with respect to this Nakshatra. ‘Karna’, the eldest son of Kunti, dies and goes to heaven. There he is served food in the form of gold. He asks how he is supposed to eat it. He is informed that on earth, he offered only gold in the name of his Pitris or ancestors. That’s why he was getting food made of gold. He understands it and comes back to earth for 15 days just to give food as an offering to his ancestors. These 15 days are celebrated as ‘Pitru-Paksha’, and it comes in the month of September.

One thing that Magha natives should do is give offerings to their ancestors and respect them. They are the guardian angels.

The symbol of this Nakshatra is a palanquin or throne. It is a symbol of being an authority, royal, rich, and heritage. The Magha natives feel that they want fame, power, position, and high status because they are born like that. They make big plans and execute. They are achievers and fearless.

Magha nakshatra males and females get success easily. They have a high level of confidence. However, they are natural leaders. They are straight forward and outspoken. They are generally good people. Due to these qualities, many politicians are of Magha Nakshatra.

They take care of their group, whoever they are leading. They are like a king. But if they feel that someone is negating their way of thinking and executing plans, they get very hot-tempered. They cannot stand any denial because they have a sense of authority. Magha natives have the motives to achieve worldly success, wealth, fame, power, and status. Whether it be their family, team at office or followers, they take care of them as guardians and protectors.

They don’t talk much. These natives might look arrogant, proud, and snobbish. However, they are just regal. Small talk is not for them. They can be reactive where their mission or policies are concerned. They are hot-headed and can take strong action.

The power of this Nakshatra is ‘letting go of your physical body’. That means letting go of material attachments. So the natives have a lot of energy and power to get into spirituality. A lot of Yogis are born under this Nakshatra. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (introduced transcendental meditation) and Paramhansa Yogananda had their Moon in Magha. However, Magha natives have the capacity to go beyond their physical self and move towards liberation.

They can be very materialistic or very spiritual. By the way, their actions are very drastic and extreme. But they are sometimes considered very cruel. Undoubtedly, they are perfectionists. They want to be known as leaders. They are constantly analyzing their actions and finding their faults. A streak of jealousy and hatred can crop up against the people with whom they compete with.

There is a lot of restlessness in this Nakshatra. They are physically strong people. They sometimes tend to think that they are higher beings. However, they have a superiority complex. They prefer to be served rather than serving. They enjoy flattery and cannot take criticism. They are loyal to their group and generous, and have a big heart for them.

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1AriesMarsWill power, self assertion, leadership, idealism
2TaurusVenusAmbitious, favors from superiors
3GeminiMercuryTeam work, community support
4CancerMoonCeremonies, ancestor worship, family pride

Characteristics of Magha Nakshatra Male

Magha men are royal and wealthy. They have a sense of superiority because they are the blessed ones. They get good inheritances and dominant positions or status in society. However, they are naturally born leaders. They are short-tempered, mostly when triggered by being against their beliefs. Also, they are protectors of their family and community. They are quite traditional and attached to their family name and fame.

Moreover, Magha men have very respectful relationships with everyone except for their competitors. They share very loving and secured bonds with family members keeping in mind all their needs and providing them comforts. Also, they get a good spouse who understands and supports them in their endeavours. They have a friend circle who themselves are achievers. Magha men have a class when it comes to relating with others.

They become popular politicians, historians, actors, musicians, artists, judges, prosecutors, military, archaeologists, TV hosts, leaders, etc.

They can succumb to serious ailments such as a tumour, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, epilepsy, and injuries.

Magha Nakshatra Male Celebrities: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Paramhansa Yogananda, Bill Clinton, Sri Aurobindo, Michael Jackson, Winston Churchill.

Characteristics of Magha Nakshatra Female

Magha females share a lot of resemblance to Magha men; that is why they can become notorious. What is acceptable in men is not always acceptable in women in this society. So being short-tempered and egoistic can cause more trouble to these women than to the opposite gender.

They are blessed with family wealth, and they lead prosperous lives. They have a sense of royalty in them. Also, they are ferociously freedom-loving and can’t take authority of anyone unless they have huge gratitude or respect for someone. They get married in a well off family and enjoy all the material comforts. However, they face ego clashes with their in-laws and sometimes with their spouses too.

Well suited professions for them are administrative positions in any company, researcher, stage artist, acting, social worker, politics, governance and law.

Magha Nakshatra Female Celebrities: Julia Roberts, Lyndon Johnson, Lou Henry Hoover, Theresa May, Jodie Foster.

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Bharani Nakshatra Padas

Zodiac SignLeo
Degree rangeLeo 0 to Leo 13.20'
Magha Nakshatra LordKetu
DeityPitris (Ancestors)
ColourIvory, Off white, Cream
BodyLips and Chin
AnimalMale Rat
TreeBanyan Tree

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