Sun-Mars-Mercury Conjuncts In Leo Sign Opposite To Jupiter

Sun-Mars-Mercury Conjuncts In Leo Sign Opposite To Jupiter

August 2021 brings up multiple changes in planetary positions, and this would interrupt your daily life routine. Planet Mars is transiting the Leo sign, which will be soon accompanied by Mercury on 9th August. These two planets will form the conjunction along with the Sun, which rules the Leo sign. In other words, we can say that the Sun would be pleased to welcome both Mars and Mercury. As a result, this conjunction may have a positive or negative impact on the natives’ lives.

Since Sun considers Mars as its friend and shares neutral relations with Mercury, this would be a suitable phase for Lovers and students who are willing to pass government exams. This is because Sun is the significator of energies and abilities, while Mars is connected with aggression and siblings of natives. The second hottest planet Mercury may help you to remove speech-related problems.

During the conjunction of Mercury, Sun and Mars in the Leo sign, Jupiter will be sitting opposite of these three planets. Jupiter is the most auspicious planet in terms of Vedic astrology. So, Jupiter may play its part to shower blessings on you. Hence, you may enhance your knowledge and wisdom in this phase. So, when will these planetary changes happen? Follow us to know the timings and their effects.

Uncover the Effects Of Sun-Mars Conjunction In Leo On Zodiac Signs

Astrological Event In Duration And Time

  • Mars Transit in Leo – 20th July to 6th September 2021  (approx. 47 days)
  • Mercury Transit in Leo – 9th August to 26th August 2021 at (approx. 18 days)
  • Sun Transit in Leo – 17th August to 17th September 2021 (approx. 30 days)

Effects Of Sun Mars Mercury Conjunction In Leo On Zodiac Signs

Three planets under one roof would be a treat to watch for Astro lovers. But, with the union of Mars and Mercury, one may not have smooth sailing ahead. This is because Mars is the enemy of Mercury. Also, this conjunction will take place opposite Jupiter. Therefore, we approached our best astrologers to know their suggestions and sayings on the upcoming phase. Let us dig deeper to know what they expect from the union of these three planets.

Here is the Sun Mars Mercury Conjunction in Leo Impact on area of Life for natives of all zodiac signs.

Will Planets Assist You Maintain Good Health And Fitness?

This planetary conjunction suggests that you may have a minimum impact on your health. Therefore you may remain in good shape for a long time. Let us understand the health prospects for individuals of all signs.

Health prospects For Aries Natives: You may have a decent time regarding your health. You may slowly recover from long term disease. 

Health prospects For Taurus Natives: Natives who are struggling with heart disease may feel better in the coming days. But, you must continue to take care of your health status.

Health prospects For Gemini Natives: The twins may enjoy stable health. You may decide to perform yoga and meditation activities to enhance your fitness level.

Health prospects For Cancer Natives: You may have a normal time in terms of health. However, you must stay attentive to your health. Otherwise, you may need a doctor’s attention.

Health prospects For Leo Natives: Moving into this phase, you may feel fresh energies to stay calm and healthy. It would be a favourable time for your mental and physical health.

Health prospects For Virgo Natives: Individuals representing Virgo signs would have a suitable time to begin yoga activities. You should follow a diet and exercise to maintain good fitness.

Health prospects For Libra Natives: You may have minor health concerns at the initial stages. You may complain of body weakness due to seasonal changes.

Health prospects For Scorpio Natives: Your health status is expected to get hampered as Mercury and Mars’s conjunction may not turn out to be fruitful. Therefore, you should keep a close eye on your fitness and health.

Health prospects For Sagittarius Natives: Scorpions may have ups and downs in terms of health. But after some time, you may feel well. It is advisable that you should avoid eating oily and non-veg foods.

Health prospects For Capricorn Natives: You may need efforts to maintain good health, or else you may face sudden health troubles due to planetary changes.

Health prospects For Aquarius Natives: You may attain a peaceful time in regards to your health. Past health issues may get resolved, and you would be in good shape.

Health prospects For Pisces Natives: You may need to visit a hospital for health check-ups. You may stay physically active or may spend more time in the gym. You may plan to change your food diet.

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How The Upcoming Conjunction Of Mars Sun And Mercury Might Affect Your Love Life?

Love & relationship prospects for Aries Natives: Singles may have an excellent time to be in love with someone. You may meet your life partner and enter a new chapter of your life.

Love & relationship prospects for Taurus Natives: You are likely to fulfil your relationship goals. You and your partner may go travelling or may visit new restaurants.

Love & relationship prospects for Gemini Natives: You may have a favourable time with your life partner. You may get the desired response from your partner to build formidable connections.

Love & relationship prospects for Cancer Natives: Cancer natives may have a good time entering the marriage phase. Singles may find their partner and prepare for the wedding bells.

Love & relationship prospects for Leo Natives: Sun transit in Leo may make you egoistic. You may have ego clashes with your spouse. You must not indulge in arguments, or else you may have tough times.

Love & relationship prospects for Virgo Natives: Individuals may have a fair time moving ahead. You may plan to go on holiday to your favourite destination.

Love & relationship prospects for Libra Natives: Singles can expect proposals from their desired life partner. Lovers may decide to take their relationship to a higher level.

Love & relationship prospects for Scorpio Natives: You may have misunderstandings with your partner, but not for a long time. You may resolve issues and look after each other.

Love & relationship prospects for Sagittarius Natives: This conjunction may work for you in terms of love relationships. Sagittarius Lovers may plan to tie a knot with their partner.

Love & relationship prospects for Capricorn Natives: You may spend intimate time with your spouse. You would be happy to be in the cosy arms of your partner.

Love & relationship prospects for Aquarius Natives: This union of three planets may bring a favourable time for lovers to enter a new phase. Singles may receive proposals from their hometown.

Love & relationship prospects for Pisces Natives: During this time, those natives who are seeking a life partner should think twice before making a commitment. You may have a decent time in your love life.

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The Latest Conjunction Of Sun Mars And Mercury May Bring Changes In Your Career

Career prospects for Aries natives: This would be a suitable time to pursue a new course for the students. Those who are preparing for competitive exams can expect positive results.

Career prospects for Taurus natives: You may have a fair time in taking higher education, while your spouse may have career growth. You may plan to take education abroad.

Career prospects for Gemini natives: The twins may enhance their knowledge and learning skills these days. You may use it to pursue higher education. Career goals would be achievable for you. 

Career prospects for Cancer natives: Individuals may crack tough exams with concentrations of their studies. You may have a great time learning new things. You may get a good score as well.

Career prospects for Leo natives: Leo aspirants may get an inch closer to their success. Your hard work may not go in vain, and you may get fruitful results.

Career prospects for Virgo natives: Virgo individuals may have to work on their strategies to get good results. Otherwise, you may have to settle for an average score in exams.

Career prospects for Libra natives: Libra students may meet hurdles in achieving their career goals. Those who are aiming for higher studies may need serious efforts to get admission to top universities.

Career prospects for Scorpio natives: This phase may make you ambitious to achieve your best results in your choice of field. But, there are chances that you may fall short of them.

Career prospects for Sagittarius natives: Students may visit foriegn land to complete their higher education. You may complete your post-graduation due to favourable conjunction taking place in Leo.

Career prospects for Capricorn natives: Capricorn natives may succumb to unexpected changes in their educational field. Health issues may hamper your career progress.

Career prospects for Aquarius natives: You may plan to settle abroad after finishing your higher studies. Aspirants preparing for competitive exams may get average marks.

Career prospects for Pisces natives: Students may need effort and more focus in their studies to achieve their goals. You may join new educational courses to learn new things.

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Financial Goals Would Be Achievable If Planets Give You Assistances

Finance prospects for Aries natives: You may have a hard time handling your financial matters. There are chances that you may indulge in illegal activities, which may affect your income.

Finance prospects for Taurus natives: Individuals carrying Taurus signs may find difficulties in achieving stable income. You should control your money expenditures, or else you may run out of cash.

Finance prospects for Gemini natives: Twins may spend more time minting money. You may discover other ways to increase your income. You may invest money buying property or land.

Finance prospects for Cancer natives: Crabs may get rid of their previous financial troubles. You may also get your stuck money back. Your income is likely to get hiked.

Finance prospects for Leo natives: Job professionals may not meet their expectations in terms of finance. You may have to settle for less than what you would have expected.

Finance prospects for Virgo natives: Virgo investors may have moderate time to indulge in stock market activities. You may get profit from your previously made investments.

Finance prospects for Libra natives: The upcoming phase may bring suitable opportunities to achieve your financial goals. You may plan to save money for a long time.

Finance prospects for Scorpio natives: Scorpions may earn money through government jobs. You may have to wait a little longer, but after that, you can expect a smooth flow of cash.

Finance prospects for Sagittarius natives: Natives may spend more money on travelling and holidaying with their pals. Your money spending would be higher than your income.

Finance prospects for Capricorn natives: Those Capricorn natives who are connected with the medical or research field are likely to accomplish their financial goals. Also, you may have a stable income.

Finance prospects for Aquarius natives: Individuals may invest money in starting their new business. Those who are in partnership business should take care of their financial matters while dealing with others.

Finance prospects for Pisces natives: Pisces natives may hamper their financial status due to several health issues. Investors may have to settle for loss of money. You may not benefit from previous investments.

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Remedies Of Transit Of Sun Mars Mercury Conjunction In Leo 2021

Below are the expert-written remedies to follow during the triple transit of Sun Mars Mercury. By doing so, you may get the strength to survive hard times.

  • Start wearing suitable gemstones to strengthen weak planets.
  • Read Gayatri mantra and offer water to Sun.
  • Donate red clothes to poor or needy ones.
  • You should read Durga Chalisa on Wednesday.
  • Organise Ganesha Puja and worship the Lord with devotion.

Signing Off

The upcoming phase may bring unwanted changes in your significant areas of life. Overall, this conjunction of Sun Mars and Mercury may turn out to be fair time. However, actual predictions depend on the planetary position of the individual’s birth chart. If you want to ask our experts regarding your life troubles, directly contact them on our astro platform. Hope, now you have a clear picture of the coming planetary transition.