Transit of Mars In Leo 2021: Effects On Zodiac Signs

Transit of Mars In Leo 2021: Effects On Zodiac Signs

Leo is considered a fiery Sign, and the planet Mars governs strong desires, including aggression. Mars in Leo represents a strong sense of determination and violence. As a result, the native is ambitious and has a clear goal in life. He then leaves no stone unturned in pursuit of his goal. His personality has a magnetic appearance. The native works hard to achieve his goal. His very attitude endows him with authoritative power.

To attain tremendous success, the native should solicit the opinions of others and consider their suggestions. These natives have strong sexual desires. If their instincts are not well controlled, they may become notorious for their excessive sexual activities.
When Mars is in Leo, creativity is at its peak! Because Mars is the planet of action and initiative, and Leo is one of the most creative zodiac signs, a lot of energy is directed toward the creative force during this transit.

In astrology, Mars is also associated with the desire to win, and Leo energy is associated with pride. So this is also a very competitive transit, with a strong desire to be recognised for your efforts. Because Leo energy demands attention, a lack of recognition during this period may cause tantrums in any zodiac signs.

Effect of Mars Transit in Leo on Zodiac Signs

The transit of Mars in Leo 2021 ranging from 21st July 2021 to 10th August 2021 will have varying effects on different zodiac signs depending on the specific significance of each planet in each zodiac sign. Reading about the impact of Mars in Leo will teach you many do’s and don’ts to keep in mind during this transit. This will also assist a person in preparing for some of the specific effects of Mars’ transit through Leo. Now let’s go over the impact of Mars in Leo on each zodiac sign in detail.

Impact of Mars Transit in Leo For Aries

For Aries natives, Mars rules the first house of self and the eighth house of uncertainties. Because it is the lord of the ascendant house, its transit is critical for aries’ natives, as it affects their moods and day-to-day life. Mars will be transiting from the fifth house of pleasure, which may cause stomach issues, burning sensations, and acidity.

You should take good care of your health and avoid overly hot and spicy foods, as Mars’ aggression in the fiery sign will already have heated your stomach. Also, be cautious when driving during this period, as the fourth aspect of Mars will be in your eighth house, making you prone to accidents. Finally, those in romantic relationships should exercise caution, as your intense feelings and actions may frighten your loved one and disrupt your love life.

Your financial situation may be favourable, and there is the possibility of unanticipated or unexpected gains resulting from Mars’ aspect on your eleventh house of earnings. Nevertheless, medical students will have a good time because their interest in your subjects will grow and you will perform better in your exams.

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Impact of Mars Transit in Leo For Taurus

Mars rules the twelfth house of losses and expenditure and the seventh house of married life and associations for Taurus ascendant. After that, it will be in the fourth house, which represents family and happiness. Your mother’s health may suffer due to Mars’s placement here; you should get her a routine checkup and make sure she takes all of her medications on time. If you are thinking about investing in real estate, now is a good time to do so because you will get a good deal. Also, this period is favourable for selling any property because you will have potential buyers, allowing you to sell it quickly.

The married natives may experience some disagreements with their partners; however, you should relax and understand their interests to avoid significant fights. Those in the military, police, engineers, doctors, and surgeons will experience a boom in their profession as Mars expects your house of occupation and adds dynamism and strength to it.

Your work life will be good, but your finances will be unbalanced because you will be spending most of your earnings on the health and security of your loved ones. During this time, you could also go on a business trip.

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Impact of Mars Transit in Leo For Gemini

Mars rules the sixth house of competition, debts, and diseases for Geminis and the eleventh house of income, gains, and elder siblings. It will fall in their third house of strength, courage, and youth. The placement of Mars in this house is advantageous because it provides individuals with the courage and power to complete their tasks efficiently. Freshers looking for work will benefit from this transit because you will have more opportunities and job offers during this period and will pick the best one with your efforts.

Those looking for a job change will be fortunate to find a suitable option for themselves, as your work skills and dynamism will be high, allowing you to pass the interviews. However, those waiting for the transfer can expect some good news, as time is on their side.

Your relationship with your younger brothers and sisters will be strained, and you may find yourself in fights with them. However, your friendly plane will be helpful during this time, and you will make new friends. You can also take short trips with friends and acquaintances.

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Impact of Mars Transit in Leo For Cancer

For Cancer natives, Mars is a yoga karaka planet that rules the fifth house of innovation and the tenth house of creation. It will pass through your second house of accumulated wealth, immediate family, and speech. It would be best to be careful with your words and statements during this time, as your articulation may be rude and aggressive. Your rage may cause problems at home and harm your relationship with your mother.

This period will benefit students in general; you will be enthusiastic about your subjects and will study with zeal and dedication. Natives pursuing professional courses will also have a convenient time; you may want to consider turning your hobbies and interests into a career. Finally, this period will bring you good opportunities and projects to put your skills to use and earn a good living.

Those in the family business can expect to make good money because you will have a good command of your business and make profitable deals. During this time, your luck will be on your side, and you will be able to achieve success in your endeavours with little effort. You will also feel compelled to participate in religious activities.

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Impact of Mars Transit in Leo For Leo

Those in the family business can expect to make good money because you will have a good command of your business and make profitable deals. During this time, your luck will be on your side, and you will be able to achieve success in your endeavours with little effort. You will also feel compelled to participate in religious activities.

For natives in a love relationship, you may become more daring; however, you must ensure that you listen to your partner and that your partner does not feel as if they have no say in the relationship. For married natives, you may have some misunderstandings with your partner, which you should try to resolve calmly. Please keep in mind that you should not become overly possessive and that you must trust your partner.

You will be successful if you work in a position of authority, such as government or administration. It would be best if you took special care of your health at this time, as you may experience headaches as a result of over-stress, as well as acidity.

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Impact of Mars Transit in Leo For Virgo

Mars will be positioned in your twelfth house during this time. This is a time when you will experience a mixed bag of results. This time, both natives who are in business or a job can expect high monetary gains and wealth from various sources. In addition, this period will bring you fame, and your social standing will rise.

However, you may become overly stressed and have sleepless nights. You may incur some unexpected expenses, which could put you in financial jeopardy, so you must manage your finances well. If you intend to relocate to another country, this is not a good time for you. Also, if you are already working abroad, you may face some difficulties.

It would be best if you exercised extreme caution because there is a possibility that you will be involved in an accident or suffer a physical injury. In addition, for married natives, you may have some disagreements with your partner, which you should avoid.

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Impact of Mars Transit in Leo For Libra

During this time, the planet Mars will be in the eleventh house, which is the house of Leo for Libra natives. The planet Mars, which is in this house, will provide you with strength and determination. You will be able to efficiently complete even the most difficult tasks if you do this. You will also put in a lot of effort to achieve success. As a result, you will be prosperous in your endeavours to amass wealth. And your family and friends will be there to support you throughout the process.

If you are an athlete, you will reach new heights during this period. During this time, you will also spend money on household items and family entertainment. For natives who are in a love relationship, you may have disagreements with your partner; however, you should avoid such disputes and handle each situation peacefully to ensure the longevity of your relationship.

If you are in a love relationship and want to propose to your partner for marriage, now is a good time. However, with Mars in the eleventh house, it will aspect the second house, which means you should speak carefully because you can be harsh at this time and hurt someone.

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Impact of Mars Transit in Leo For Scorpio

During this time, Mars will be in the tenth house, also known as the house of Leo. Natives who work in government will prosper during this period. At this time, it is strongly advised that you follow the rules and the law. If you work in this field, you will become well-known in the community. You will be confident and have a strong personality.

Everyone will notice your leadership abilities at work. Your speech will be firm, and people will obey and respect you. However, you should avoid getting involved in office politics because it may stifle your professional development. Furthermore, with Mars in the tenth house, it will affect the fourth house, affecting your mother’s health.

You must look after her and, if necessary, consult a good doctor. Then, everyone in your family will be happy, and married natives will have a good time with their partner. You will be a responsible member of your family, and everyone will respect you.

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Impact of Mars Transit in Leo For Sagittarius

For Sagittarius natives, Mars rules the twelfth house of travel, dreams, and the fifth house of entertainment and recreation. It will fall into the ninth house of fortune. With this transit, you can expect some travelling in your court. You can visit religious sites or participate in a pilgrimage organised by a group or community. Scholars and teachers will have a prosperous period, and you will advance to the next level in your educational path.

Also, those planning to pursue higher education should take advantage of this time, as you may be fortunate enough to obtain good grades and attend the college of your choice. During this time, you may experience some complexities in your relationship with your father and gurus and avoid heated discussions or conversations with them. During this transit period, you may be interested in reading scriptures and mythological subjects.

Your younger siblings will assist you in completing your college or workplace projects. Those in romantic relationships will have a warm bond with their partner, there will be a spark between you and your loved one, and feelings of love will be intense. You intend to advance your relationship by introducing your partner to your family.

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Impact of Mars Transit in Leo For Capricorn

Mars is exalted in Capricorn, implying that its transit will bring significant changes to the lives of Capricorn natives. For Capricorns, Mars rules the fourth house of domestic comforts and the eleventh house of gains. During this transit, it will be in the eighth house. This Mars placement is not favourable for personal health and comfort. Instead of that, you should take good care of your health and be cautious when crossing roads or driving because you will be more prone to accidents and incidents.

If you are planning to buy a vehicle, you should put it off for the time being because the market is not in your favour. You may be going through a crisis in your family or some misunderstanding among the members. You should avoid getting into fights with family or strangers because they can take a heavy toll and lead to violence. During this period, your income may increase unexpectedly.

During this time, you should exercise caution when making new friends, as they could be enemies masquerading as well-wishers plotting against you. Also, be secretive about your business plans and deals because your competitors will be watching you and hoping to steal your ideas and profit handsomely from them.

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Impact of Mars Transit in Leo For Aquarius

For Aquarians, Mars rules the third house of courage and bravery and the tenth house of profession. It will be transiting the seventh house, which governs partnerships, vocations, and married life. During this time, business owners will thrive; you will establish a good reputation in your industry and win the hearts of potential customers. As a result, your resources will be expanded, and your business will grow.

Those in partnership firms will also work with zeal and will be able to secure good orders, which will increase their goodwill. During this time, you may also receive assistance from friends and acquaintances, which will add another feather to your hat. You may travel for work; these brief journeys or trips will yield fruitful results shortly.

Married natives are advised to be cautious, as they may face difficulties in their marriage. You are advised to remain calm and control your temper, or you may become embroiled in minor issues and fights with your spouse. But, overall, you will be brimming with energy and dynamism during this time, and you will complete all of your tasks in no time.

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Impact of Mars Transit in Leo For Pisces

During this period, the planet Mars will be in the natives’ sixth house. This period will bring you mixed results. You will be successful, but only after some struggle and hard work. Success will come quickly to you if you work as a teacher, engineer, mechanic, or similar field. You may also notice that you do not always receive support from your coworkers; this could be because you disregard other people’s self-esteem.

It is recommended that you work as humanely as possible while avoiding unrealistic expectations. You will be influential at this time and will be able to defeat your opponents. However, you may have to make some unexpected expenditures, which may throw your finances off-kilter. You must be cautious about your health at this time because you may be suffering from a bone, skin, or eye disease.

In terms of family life, you may disagree with your brother, which you should resolve peacefully. If your brother works for the government, he has a better chance of success at this time. You may not receive support from your family during this difficult time.

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