Fire Pig Chinese Zodiac: Hidden Facts About Pig’s Personality

The Chinese zodiac horoscope defines every person in the form of animals. These are 12 animals which include the rat, the dog, the monkey, etc. These animals are nothing but just representations of the characteristics of the people born with that sign.

Although there are different elements that describe the basic nature of these signs, here we will talk about pigs emerging from the fire element.

Fire Pig Chinese Zodiac: An Overview of Zodiac Sign Fire Pig

The Pig is the 12th animal from all the 12 signs and is the last one in the Chinese zodiac cycle. The people born in the years 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019 and 2031 are given the sign of a pig.

In this, the people born in the years 1947 and 2007 are born under the fire element and therefore known as a Fire-Pig.

Characteristics of a Fire Pig:

Sheep and rabbits are the two signs that can be seen getting attracted to each other immediately from the very first time they see each other. They will have many things in common, which will lead the other one to fall in love easily, and once they form this bond successfully, they will lead a happy life thereafter.

Monkey is the perfect match for fire rabbits. They can be seen investing in each other for passion and enthusiasm, and gradually things would spice up with time.

Dog and rabbit have a connection that goes hand in hand. They have a perfect understanding that is required to make a well-balanced relationship. While one is honesty to their partner, the other one is loyal, and this makes the relationship fulfilling. Also, they have the will to do towards each other, which will make them financially sound in future.

Rabbit and Pig also form a good match since they have the required understanding and support for each other that will take them a long way. They both want to lead a normal and sweet life that is emotionally fulfilling and happy. Based on the understanding that they have for each other, they can tolerate each other’s shortcomings very easily, which makes this bond even more special.

Year of the Fire Pig: Love and Relationship Compatibility

Although pigs have a good amount of emotional quotient. They don’t disclose their emotions easily. They are very introverted and sensitive in terms of sharing emotions with other people. Their optimistic nature will often get them hurt but they don’t share their things with others.

Their romantic and emotional quotient is always a plus point for their married life. Even if they are into some relationship, they will get deep into the relationship very easily. They are very sensitive which results in their emotional ups and downs creating a mess.

However, they will not disclose any of their bad emotions with their partner and will not let it impact their bond very easily.

Male Pig in Love

Fire pig men are very passionate romantic lovers. They focus on devoting their complete attention to their responsibilities towards their love life and their family. Although they have a shy behaviour approaching their love once they get married they will lead a happy life fulfiling their responsibilities and support their family to the fullest.

Their determination can be seen by their loyalty and concern towards their partner once they get into a relationship. However, there is a little backdrop to their story which is brought by their inability to express themselves well.

Female Pig in Love

When it comes to love for female fire pigs they are always considered pretty, gentle and kind-hearted. Along with this their ability to sacrifice and contribute to their family responsibilities and their happiness is another gemstone they hold.

Moreover, they have the same consideration for their soulmate and apart from their family they can also create a happening atmosphere for their soulmate as well.

According to the Chinese zodiac analysis, the following signs have the best compatibility with fire pigs and can create a harmonious environment once they get together.

Best Matches for male Pig

  • Tiger and Pig are born for each other couples. They have the ability to maintain a healthy and well-balanced understanding which can take them a long way. Along with this, they have the required patience to deal with any difficulties that come along their way.
  • Rabbit and Pig are always at another level in terms of understanding and compatibility since birth. It seems like they have a prior agreement made in heaven. Their common gentle and considerate personality is something that no one can maintain so well in their whole life.
  • Rooster and Pig come up with another level of management together. They can manage things well in case of adverse situations as well. They are good at managing their personal and family time along with work. Therefore if both of them are working, they might never have a problem managing their schedule well and will end up devoting enough time to each other.

Bad Matches for Male Pig

  • Ox and Pig don’t have anything in common. Moreover, their point of interest is way different from each other, which makes them the worst place to live with. Their viewpoints are so different that if they get along, they might end being controlling and might use aggressively abusive language to convey their mood when things don’t fall their way.
  • In the relationship of dragon and Pig, one is too considerate while the other one is completely careless. They make them unhappy even if they try to live with each other. This couple would never make a match. Even if they got married, nothing would fall well.
  • Snakes are the kind of women that like high-class lifestyles and everything which high in trend. As a result, their partner might feel pressurised and would never be able to quench their endless thrust of money and demands. This might ultimately end up breaking their relationship even if they got married with a huge loss of wealth.

Best Matches for Female Pig

  • In the case of female fire pigs, the horse is the best suitable partner for them. Both of them have a common goal to support their family; their understanding is something that takes the game to another level. Both of them are very loyal towards their relationship and will not tolerate any nuisance, which can create any kind of hindrance in their love communication.
  • Although there is a scope of a few conflicts among the sheep and the pig, it is platonic to have minor arguments in a relationship as these also helps in knowing each other well and create a well-balanced ecosystem for the relationship to flourish.
  • The sheep also makes sure that the time spent together never gets boring and their partner never feels left out after a while. For this, they have new ideas coming up every now and then, and their creative mind is something that their partner will find interesting about their personality.
  • If a dog and a pig come together, they might find peace at some of the other points in life irrespective of the various differences in their personality because the difference is something that motivates the dog to spend more time with their partner and dig in more about them.
  • In fact, even the pig don’t mind shortcomings. Both of them are of the mindset that it is okay to have some shortfalls in something because a scope generates the need for work and exploration into each other’s life which makes the relationship forever growing.

Bad Matches for Female Pig

While making a contact with the monkey, both of them don’t have enough time to communicate well moreover they will not have the required trust because of miscommunication and their relationship will lack understanding which will ultimately lead to chaos in their lives. It is conclusively a waste of time and effort if they decide to get into it.

When it comes to the love affairs of Rooster and Pig, the rooster is more of a focused and conscientious person when it comes to life. Their pre-planned nature and calculated actions might feel like a kind of burden or pressure to their partner. However, there exists little possibility towards leading an ordinary happy marriage life.

Year of the Fire Pig: Career and Work

Pigs are considered very open-minded and optimistic by nature. They have a positive mindset and their career will be bright in the coming years provided they keep up their self-motivated spirit. Persistence is the key to they good luck.

They might find great career opportunities their way and they never miss catching one. They can maintain a good fortune in their career by themselves as if they find something interesting they don’t find any lows and people to support them through it as they are self-sufficient people who carry a positivity of their own.

Year of the Fire Pig: Health and Wellness

Although it seems that the fire pig might not face any major health issues and their health condition would be all-time stable, they need to keep a check on it as they may have many career opportunities but working upon them would take out a lot of labour and hard work from them along with a lot of consistent travel. This provided if they don’t keep a real-time eye on their health, they would probably fall ill.

They must be careful during the travel and especially concerned about their gastrointestinal problems.

What is a Metal Pig in the Chinese Zodiac?

Although we have different animals that reflect the characteristics of the person born in a particular year. These signs also have an element from where they belong. Therefore, in this case, the pig who belongs to the metal element are particularly the ones born in the years 1971 and 2031.

The metal pigs are very positive and upbeat. They are so ambitious that the people around them feel motivated. Moreover, they are more of a skilful and dutiful people than only an ambitious being.

Although this gives a clear picture of the Chinese zodiac fire pig and resolves some of our doubts and myths about them. There is a specific way to find out what exactly does a person belonging to a particular sign comprises of.