Water Monkey Chinese Zodiac: Characteristics, Compatibility, Love, Health and Career

The Water Monkey Zodiac is very materialistic. They are kind but can keep secrets. With their intentions, they are neither straightforward nor open. They may make their way patiently. Instead of spending energy and time trying to overcome it, Water Monkey may beautifully compromise and bypass obstacles.

In their lives, Monkeys love to be free to act and might feel disappointed by rules and restrictions. If they are held back, they may soon lose interest, and once they get bored, they tend to move forward. They lack persistence which may slow their progress, and in the long run, they will do much more in their lives if they can concentrate on one thing at a time. Water Monkeys are good organizers, and they may always have an action plan, and if their action plan does not work out, they are glad to accept their failures and grow out of it. They like to impress people and will always be crowded with fans admiring their sense of humour and confidence.

Types of Monkeys and their characteristics

Chinese Zodiac Cycle Monkey’s years: 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028, 2040

1932 and 1992 are the year of the Water Monkey, and according to the Chinese five elements, it is the year of the waters, so the people who are born in the years 1932 and 1992 are known as Water Monkey.

In the Chinese zodiac cycle, the monkey is the ninth position. The animal sign that occurs in a 12-year cycle is associated every year, according to Chinese astrology.

Types of Monkeys, Years, and their Characteristics

1. Water Monkey [1932, 1992] Clever, sharp-witted, fond of being in the spotlight, but haughty.

2. Wood Monkey [1944, 2004] Always available to help others; pitiful, self-respect, but stubborn.

3. Fire Monkey [1956, 2016] Ambitious and adventurous, but irritable.

4. Earth Monkey [1968, 2028] Frank, optimistic and fearless.

5. Gold Monkey [1980, 2040] Smart, sharp-witted, and reliable, but also stubborn and irritable.

Water Monkey Chinese Zodiac: Monkeys represent clever and careful

As per Water Monkey Chinese Zodiac, the Water monkeys are clever and careful. They are born leaders, but their arrogance may cause hindrance in their careers. Academically, education and higher education would not come very easy.

Water Monkey Zodiac does not like to take suggestions and maybe criticised because of this quality. They are good strategists. They are excellent at planning things in advance in business and adhere strictly to the planned action plan. They find it difficult to hold their secrets and may easily disclose the ideas. Water monkeys are careful, sensitive, and will work hard to improve relationships that went wrong due to any misunderstanding.

Water Monkeys share all their skills with other natives and have a chance to succeed. Their weakness is a distraction. Water monkeys are susceptible to small gossip and drama that may damage and distract the working relationship. A person born in Water Monkey Chinese Zodiac might need support to stay focused and succeed.

Water Monkey Chinese Zodiac: Characteristics

The Water Monkey is a good observer, talented, determined, and has a desire to go far in life. The Water Monkeys are a little more disciplined than other monkeys and are ready to pursue a specific goal rather than being distracted by something else. Sometimes, the Water Monkey may hide its feelings that do not work for them. They may be sensitive to criticism, but they may always get people to do what they want.

As per Water Monkey Zodiac, the water Monkeys are creative and inquisitive people who like to look around them. They are very sensitive and reliable. The monkeys are smart and always willing to learn. They have a very good memory, and many Monkeys are good with language. They are very persuasive speakers and often participate in debates and discussions. They have a great deal of success in politics, in public relations, in teaching, and in sales due to their convincing way of communication. Sometimes, they might be tricky, clever, and deceitful, and take advantage of the scenario to benefit or outsmart their opponents.

Water Monkey Zodiacs trust themselves so much that they sometimes forget to take suggestions from other people. With so many diverse talents, the Water Monkeys make a lot of money in their life, enjoy exotic vacations, and love to exhibit their spending powers whenever there is an opportunity.

Water Monkey Chinese Zodiac: Love and Relationship

Water Monkeys born in 1992, have many pursuers. The opposite sex may help them easily. They may meet their spouse after a few romances. In general, they have a harmonious wedding life. In life, the quarrel is unavoidable. They should control their temper and communicate calmly with their partner when conflicts occur.

Water Monkey for Male: They use their charming characteristics to gain high popularity among the opposing sex. The most important thing in their lives is love relationships. In their eyes, soul mates are treasures. They may give up their jobs, their money, their status, and all they have if need be, as long as they love their lover. Their main focus is only on maintaining a good love relationship.

When others love them, their courageous and insane acts may satisfy people. Long-term sweetness generally encourages a complete married life. They can comprehend and respect others fully. If conflicts and quarrels arise, they may act calmly and try their best to maintain the relationship, so they will always bring with them the experiences of light-hearted love. In the meantime, they sometimes feel insecure about the future and ask their partners to remain with them forever.

Water Monkey Zodiac for Female: Female natives are unwilling to express their affection openly because it is not safe in their eyes if others know their true feelings. They are more prudent on relationships and marriage. They seldom make the first move when in love and want the males to take the lead, because of which they often miss a lot of opportunities to find the right person.

Most of them behave softly and understandingly when they love somebody. They may always give a second chance if their partners mess up. They particularly appreciate the admiration and praise of other people, especially from their husbands. They may be a bit stubborn sometimes, and when they are in that state, they wouldn’t lend their ears to the best of suggestions around them; however, lovers may calm them down fast with patience and lenience.

Detailed analysis of Chinese zodiac compatibility shows that Ox, Dragon, and Rabbit are the best matches for the Monkeys, and they will enjoy a prosperous and harmonious marriage to persons with such signs. These combinations often show wonderful pairs. Compatibility with Tiger, Pig, and Snake is not very favorable.

Water Monkey Horoscope Compatibility

An eternal relationship requires a lot of patience and understanding. They are sometimes rude and irritable in their daily lives. People must first find solutions to calm them and then get rid of difficulties. If that does not work, just stay with them and spend a hard time together. They need more freedom and space; restricted love will make them feel under pressure. Sufficient confidence is needed to get along.

The best compatibility matches for Monkey Male is Ox, Dog, Dragon, and Sheep. Bad compatibility matches for Monkey Male is Tiger, Pig, and Snake. The best Compatibility matches for females are Rat, Rabbit, and Dragon. The bad matches for Monkey Female are Tiger and Pig.


Date A Virgo lady

For few natives, a partnership business may be suitable. Water monkeys like to participate in all their business, which gets them very occupied. It is difficult for them to balance themselves too much if the business scale is large. It leads to some significant things being neglected because they take into account too many trivial things. They should focus better on decision-making and some important work, and give other business problems to their partners, which make their work much easier, but also make the business more smoothly grow.

Water monkeys are very fortunate in their careers. They have excellent professional skills as well as they are very hardworking. Their hard work and intelligence make them easy to get promotion in their careers. Their career can be better if they work with people with strong skills.

Water Monkey Chinese Zodiac: Health Aspect

Throughout their life, they may live a healthy life. They love to exercise so that they have good resistance and do not get sick often. But the bad habits of everyday life should be rid of. They should find a good job and relax, do not stay up till late, and eat more fruit and vegetables to continue to stay healthy.

Natives need sufficient attention in 2021 to remain healthy. Children and elderly people should consume more nutritious food and exercise regularly, as they have weak immunity. Workers and students should maintain a balanced diet and avoid staying up late. Moreover, regular health checks are vital for those with chronic or recurrent diseases.

Hints for Water Monkey Chinese Zodiac

In their careers, the Monkey natives have big ambitions but are suggested to not borrow excessive loans from banks to expand their enterprise, which may bring them a great deal of debt. Moreover, they are also suggested to not rely too much on others. They must consider carefully before making a choice even if their friends borrow money from them.