Dog And Snake Compatibility Analysis and Personality Traits

Dog And Snake Compatibility Analysis and Personality Traits

When you land in Chinese astrology, you land up in an animal farm, as it is an animal-based classification, unlike the Vedic one. The Vedic astrology is derived from the planets, star alignment and their combination. In contrast, Chinese astrology is chained by 12 animals. These animal zodiac signs repeat themselves after every 12 years. They are further linked to their earth element. For example, Snakes belongs to the fire genre, while Dogs are inclined to earth. These elements play an important role in their personality traits and compatibility factor.

Chinese Zodiac Dog and Snake: Personality Traits

The perfect combination of fire and ice, or say east meets west, is all about Snake and Dog. Both are two extremes of the ladder. However, both are insecure in their relationship. The relationship is not for the faint-hearted. Common! It is very little in common between them. To know better about them, let us move ahead.

Snake Man: Personality Overview

Male under the Snake zodiac are smart and have active 6th sense, and can judge others intentions. He belongs to the fire domain. Thoughtful by nature, they will invest carefully. They are carefree, level headed and will think before inking something. These features make them good leaders. They are thick-skinned and won’t let you know what is going inside their heart.

If we dissect their life and start with their love life, we can find that they are a detached personality type. They don’t like being chased and do not open up fast. However, once a Snake becomes familiar and opens up, you can find him passionate and enthusiastic. Maybe they are perfectionists? Just a thought. They demand a high standard from their life partner and can be choosy at times.

They are more inclined to the spiritual side of life and want the same in their marriage. Materialistic gain is not much of importance for them. This is an advantage as they will be good and stable partners. However, due to their reserve nature, they can be the mystery charmers. Ladies who want to love a mystery man can try their luck with a Snake.

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Career-wise, anything related to learning will suit them. Snake men can be great thinkers and philosophers. Office monotony will not suit them. History, Arts or philosophy can be an ideal match for their career prospect. A creative field like fashion design, Music composer or some educational field like teacher or journalist. They want their thinking to be challenged.

Female Dogs: Personality Overview

Dogs are loyal as you go by their name. They are the earth element. However, they are pessimistic and insecure in their life. Due to this insecurity, they very rarely trust others. This can cause problems in their love life. You cannot blame it solely on them, though. Once hurt, they tend to detach themselves from others, which is quite natural from an earth element. They tend to be inflexible in their approach, which can lead to arguments that can turn violent.

If you are a female Dog, then any mediator job is perfect for you. Dogs, by nature, can be good at handling disputes between two parties and can act as diplomats. They are good orator, so convincing people is easier for them. Profession related to recruitment, public speaker or managerial position suits them.

As mentioned already, the Dog and Snake combination is that of fire and ice. But both can complement each other well in relationships. They have to make a few adjustments to that. Let us get deep into the compatibility of Dog and Snake.

Dog and Snake compatibility

In their relationship status, it is mostly mentioned as “it’s complicated”. This can work, however, if the communication is good. Dogs are a stable sign and calm in nature. In comparison, the snakes are vocal and expressive, being a fire element. Snakes can easily charm their Dog husband. The female snake admires her husband’s abilities, but this can often lead to arguments due to differences in their opinion.

Male Snake and Female Dog Compatibility in Love

Pessimist by nature, Dogs, can often get negative about life and many times feel discouraged while dating a snake man. Snake man is more of a socialite kind of personality and likes to be with the crow. This opposite flow can lead to the dog’s withdrawal from the relationship and decreased sexual attractions between the pair.

If the Dogs rises above their pessimistic nature and can be jovial, it will be suitable for the snake. Snake likes attractive, beautiful women with multifaceted personalities. If he can find the match, then in return, the snake can provide a stable relationship with his partner. The Dog and Snake can become soulmates and can be an excellent example in society.

Their compatibility score is 75% which is quite good for an extreme couple. If they can keep their difference apart, then this can go for a longer duration. So if you are a male Snake and want to marry a female Dog, go ahead. Just a piece of advice, you need to work on your relationship, and everything will be sweet.

Male Dog and Female Snake Compatibility in Love

If you reverse the scenario, things can go a little dicey. The snake woman doesn’t like to be held behind a closed door. So honesty is a question mark here and may not be as loyal as a Dog man is. If a snake woman partners with a Male Dog, then she needs to show loyalty towards the Dog to work this out.

Female snakes are creative with emotions. If you want them to be with you, then you need to offer complete attention and warmth. Male Dogs need to allow the female Snake to take the lead. Dogs may feel the snakes do not give attention to family. This emotional instability can cause a few problems in their marriage life. Dogs being calmer of the two needs to balance out this equation.

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Though it is a difficult match, don’t lose your heart. We bring you some tips that may help in case you have a partner with Dog zodiac.

What to do if your partner is Dog?

If your partner is Dog, then you need to be a family man. Dogs are honest and loyal. If you repay their faith, they can be good partners. They do not like cheating partners. They are pessimistic. So a partner lifting them from their negative thoughts shall be good for the relationship. They are the family man you want, just that they are loners at times you may get frustrated by their self cornered attitude. But Dogs can be good partners if you are here for a lifetime commitment.

Dog’s best match is with Rabbit, Rat, Tiger. Snakes can match if worked out. However, they should avoid Sheep, Ox, Rooster as this match will not last long.

What to do if your partner is Snake?

Snakes are cold-blooded, but that doesn’t mean they do not have a weakness. They do not show their weakness in front of each other. If your partner is Snake, you should communicate with them, so they understand clearly and do not doubt your intentions. They need people who will understand them. Honesty and frankness is one quality which they dearly want from their partners. They hate people showing off because they get jealous easily. You need to allow the Snake to take the lead in a relationship. If you fall in love with a snake, make your partner feel special, like a heavenly god.

Snake’s best match can be Dragon and Rooster. Dogs can be an acceptable match if they work out their difference in a relationship. They should avoid a match with Tiger, Rabbit, Sheep, Pig. These latter Zodiacs tend to keep secrets and won’t allow Snake to take the lead.