Rooster and Dragon Compatibility – Rooster Chinese Zodiac – Dragon Chinese Zodiac

Rooster and Dragon Compatibility – Rooster Chinese Zodiac – Dragon Chinese Zodiac

In the Chinese Zodiac, dragon and rooster are both fifth and tenth signs, respectively. The Chinese zodiac is based on a 12-yearly cycle based on animals as assigned to 12 years. Similarly, in Vedic, astrology focuses more on the alignment of planets and stars. However, these are further linked by their primary elements, such as fire, water, wood, earth and metal. These elements play an essential role in their personality traits and compatibility factor. Dragons are the most sacred animal in Chinese mythology and culture. Also, according to Chinese mythology, roosters can protect evil spirits.

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Rooster and Dragon Chinese Zodiac Personality

Among all the Chinese zodiac animals, dragons are the only animals who are mythical and are the most dominant and authoritative animals of all. As their fictional features, the person born in dragon years also consists of those personality charms. They are energetic, vibrant and intelligent. They need to follow up on their reputation as they are sensitive and noble people. They do not draw back from challenges, but they face them with confidence without losing hope. Although even meeting with challenges, they rarely ask for other’s help. They cannot live under the command of others as they prefer to live by their orders. They would instead work alone than in the group, but they don’t hate the crowd. Their temper can flare fast like dragons, even when they are usually cheerful.

People born in the year of a rooster are determined, optimistic, sensitive and clever. Likewise, they are born beautiful and have a sense of dressing up. They are usually honest and outgoing personalities, so they are likeable by the people around them. Their warm character and ability to connect with others are admirable. Their main characteristic is self-discipline and self-respect, considering that they prefer not to rely on others. They like cleanliness and staying organised. They stick up to one task until they complete it, and each time goes by the way they planned. They might be the odd one out of everyone and cannot accept others opinions. They have fluctuating emotions, which creates a problematic personality. Their personality is upbeat as well as close-minded. They mostly don’t speak their mind because of their arrogant and petty persona.

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Male Dragon Personality

Dragon males are outspoken, enthusiastic and upfront. Their infinite energy influences others in the same room as them. Their figure is firm and sturdy and can work ceaselessly. They have a self-driven personality, and they are committed to the goals they made to improve their future. These males plan the big picture of their future to look like how they want. Although they have a domineering aura, they are kind-hearted and friendly. Not only are they loyal to their partners and friends, but they also don’t forget to pay back to anyone who helped them.

Habitually, they are neither stingy nor pretentious with money, nor rather money is like only a medium for them to achieve their goal. They are generous when lending money. Hence, their friends are faithful and dependent on them. They are indeed intelligent, but they need time to figure out if work is given all of a sudden. Tiger signs can easily deceive them, so better to stay on guard around them. Being friendly ones, male dragons are often afraid to be left alone. They need the company of the friends or a group who can understand and rely on them. They sometimes mindlessly follow others not to feel abandoned.

Male dragon in love is still dominating but not to the extent their lover feels suffocated. They look out for a woman who is exceptional, independent with a deep understanding of the world. They are family-oriented and are respectful toward their parents. If they put their heart into something, it is impossible for it to unwavering. They are prideful, passionate and possessive when in love. They always make every effort to find happiness for their loved ones. Since their selfish and assertive nature, they sometimes fail to consider the feelings of others. In this time, their partners have to be tolerant to maintain the relationship.

Dragon males are flexible enough for any jobs as they are career-oriented people. They can succeed in any career they find appealing. However, they like to use their minds to something quick and mentally exhausting, and they are competent. They are indecisive when working alone, so they should work in a team to unlock their ultimate potential. They usually have their own strong opinion when working and insist on others to go by their view and often they reject the opinions of others. They enjoy creative thinking; hence political, artistic careers are beneficial for them.

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Female Rooster Personality

Women born in a Rooster year are realistic, dynamic, self-sacrificing and charming. They have a plain appearance seeing from the outside. They are kind and caring towards others and are family-oriented, modest, elegant and thoughtful generally. She always helps others when someone is going off track from their goals. When it comes to managing professional life and personal life, they tend to do it effortlessly. They appreciate the praise of others, as it helps them to show their good side. Their calm and generous attitude towards work makes them one of a kind. They believe in saving money but are also the ones offering a helping hand in need.

Their good points can turn into flaws when you are slacking. Only hollow imagination won’t help you fulfil your goals as they should be put into practice. They can be a perfectionist in their work and can not accept half-heartedness in it. Because of it, they are harsh on others and themselves. They can become conceited and toot their own horn when they turn idle. If praised greatly, they start to change into something for the person who honoured them to get honoured more like a child impressing the parents. They can turn into emotional, haughty and oblivion in exchanging words that can create a barrier in socializing.

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Female roosters are those who will take the initiative when they are interested in you. They are bold, full of life and bustling with energy. Their attitude towards romance is always positive and optimistic, but their definition of romance is not extravagant. Their ideal romance involves showing affection to their lovers day by day with their action rather than a grand declaration of love. One thing they can not tolerate with their partners if they try to control them in every way. Their family orienter=d attitude makes them a good wife who can also stay at home and show their care to every family member. They keen sincere and straightforward life with their only loved one as they rather like a partner less passionate but consistent.

Rooster females have their goals defined in life with excellent managing skills as well as are practical. Their hands are always open when it comes to money matters. Their manners and good social skills make them quickly get along with strangers. They are well suited for jobs that can involve engaging with strangers and speeches. They are good at winning the trust of their superiors and can quickly put their important values to use in work.

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Dragon and Rooster Compatibility

Rooster and dragon make a perfect couple that complements each other. They have some opposite traits and some similar traits, which makes them highly compatible. They both have outgoing personalities and enjoy socializing. Dragon’s passion and liveliness can bother rooster as they prefer to do stuff realistically and with conservative methods. Dragon likes it when someone is dependent on them, and the rooster keeps the security dragon provides. Rooster can be a nag because of their desire for perfection, while a dragon works the best when things are done the way they want. They certainly learn from each other when being in a relationship. Dragon teaches roosters to live fully, and roosters lead dragons to be practical and productive. They both have stable minds with a family orientation. Dragon keeps the daily life exciting and energetic for the rooster while the rooster manages the everyday work and business simultaneously. However, learning from each other always leads them to be happy couple.

Male Dragon and female Roosters have successful relationship compatibility.

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Male Dragon and Female Rooster Compatibility

Male dragons and female roosters in a love relationship bring new energy into the partnership. They both feel satisfied with each other as they both compliment each other’s lifestyle. The dragon male is a free-spirited individual as well as he enjoys fun social events. He mainly prefers the places he can show off the intellectual in him. Similarly, a female rooster is a simple-minded, peace-loving and conservative individual. She can display her proper form in places that have familiar faces and surroundings.

According to the Chinese zodiac, dragon and rooster are the opposite attractions. The couple can become acquainted with their worlds to understand each other. A male dragon helps a female rooster regularly get out of her shell when a female rooster allows him to treat a balance in his life. In tough times, female roosters are the most supportive the male dragon can have. Fortunately, they are physically and sexually attracted to each other. They certainly have a good time when dating each other. They can both stay happy in love with each other and understand which part they should work for in a long-term partnership.

The male dragon is attracted to the intense psyche of the female rooster, which turns out to be mutual when confessed. Both have a desire to present the best of themselves to each other, which is understandable at the start of a relationship. They have the same level of intelligence. Male dragons generously spend over their partner when female roosters provide him with comfort and peace. It is like they are each other’s home. They are good partners everywhere as lovers, friends or in business. Their arrangement of one protecting while the other serving them might be odd to some, but they feel comfortable with it.

They both are pillars for each other’s emotional stability and comfort. The male dragon has to appreciate the rooster for bringing ground to his life enough for him to stop loitering around because if a female rooster senses something is not right in the relationship, their romance can come crashing down. While for the temptation, female rooster’s loyalty is enough to not involve in that. Regardless of what could happen, if they both look at the positive aspects of others, this couple can be one of a kind on its own.

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Male Rooster and Female Dragon Compatibility

The pairing of rooster male and dragon female are attracted to each other like magnets at the first stage. But with time, their difference will surface, and it will create a contrast between their emotions. Even though they are polar apart, that is the reason they are more suited for each other. Their differences often help them to come closer rather than falling apart from each other. They have a good time when dating, that is sure. Dragons can ignore the need for a rooster to be appreciated, and they might feel dominated by the dragon’s possessive personality.

Chinese dragon female and rooster male are indeed not standard pair. Their differences are visible to the world, but at the same time, their personalities are similar to each other in many ways. The passion Chinese female dragons have equates to the rationality of the male Rooster. Their decisions made when discussing together always leads to success. Also, with both of them being kind person, they are always ready to help their partner. Their relationship is mainly based on the admiration they have for each other. Even when your partner has a whole different personality than you, there is one thing that keeps the relationship going: mutual respect and love.

The female dragon is adventurous, strong and impulsive, while the male Rooster is logical and conservative. The male Rooster helps the female dragon stand on both feet when female dragons get ahead of themselves. Female Dragon’s will power and male Rooster’s detail-oriented and classic methods help them make a good team. Rooster has a taste and sharp eyes for interior decoration. In the marriage between Rooster and dragon, the house will be clean and decorated with exquisite design.

Dragons have a good heart, and a rooster is an affectionate and faithful partner. They will probably fight more frequently than less. But despite that, communication is the way to lead a healthy and long-lasting relationship. Arguments can be avoided or discussed not to make others feel less important about their opinion. Both are intellectuals and competent, which can be a problem when they think they are in an opposite team. All in all, a dragon should understand the nagging of a rooster for its sound, and the Rooster should let the dragon have control of the life you lead to some extent.

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What to do if Your Partner is a Rooster?

If you are in love with a rooster, you should be aware of their nagging personality as they are perfectionists. They are bright and can handle everything on their own, but when in a relationship, they can push you to take their advice when they see you facing difficulties in a task. Roosters do not mind even when you keep ordering them on what to do. They will gladly follow you and appreciate your advice, but they don’t tolerate the lack of effort in any trim work. Their intelligence may overshadow yours sometimes, but it can be solved with healthy communication. Perfectionism makes roosters rather critical towards their peers and friends. Roosters solve difficulties by adequately grounding the logical data and practical knowledge of the subject. When in love, they wish to have tangible proof of them being in a relationship. They are constantly observed with a limited group of friends and familiar environments as they opt for more comfort to spend their everyday lives in-home or workplace. These things are not hurdles when one is genuinely devoted to the life of expenditures with a rooster.

Roosters are highly compatible with the people born in the year of Dragon, Snake and Ox. However, they should avoid being in a relationship with people born in the year of Rabbit, Dog and Rooster.

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What to do if Your Partner is Dragon?

If your partner is a dragon, they have an instinct to fall headfirst into anything without thinking for a second. They rely on their intuition to figure out what to do. They are surrounded by people who admire them, and it may be that you are also one of their admirers. They confide in the admiration of others. They are someone who needs guidance from someone who can steady them with their impulsive decisions. They have a knack for earning and spending generously on their lovers and close ones. When it comes to gathering, they are the one who knows all the groups of friends in the event as people and their praise surround them. They are not good at saving up, so if you as a partner can teach them the advantages of saving, they can be beneficial. They provide you with security, and as a family-oriented person, if they are pouring effort into your relationship, it can turn into a lifetime partnership. You have to work on some things to bloom your relationship status, but it can be a successful partnership for long with mutual understanding.

Dragons are highly compatible with the people born in the year of Rooster, Monkey and Rat. However, being in a relationship with people born in the year of Dog, Rabbit and Dragon can cause clashes and eventual separation.

So if you are a Rooster or a Dragon and want your perfect match, then you are at the correct place. Do not wait for anything.

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