All About Pig Chinese Zodiac Personality, Compatibility & Much More

All About Pig Chinese Zodiac Personality, Compatibility & Much More

The natives who belong to the Boar Zodiac sign are considered to be quite ebullient , flexible and gentle as per Chinese Zodiac and personality. These natives have very accommodating and gentle personalities and might think twice before hurting others. The Pigs are known to have unique standpoints and attitudes amidst their colleagues and friends. These natives are one of the twelve Zodiac Signs in Chinese Astrology and those who are born in the Pig year are very enduring. They know what they want in their lives and they are willing to make small advancements in that direction. Nevertheless, the Pigs can get hot-headed at times when they sense trouble. But this is in no way an obstacle for them. These natives can quickly adapt themselves to build up their confidence.

Pig Zodiac Eminent Personalities

The natives who are born in the Chinese year of Boar or Pig are mild-mannered and chivalrous. As per Chinese Zodiac and Personality, these natives are quite frank and honest in their personality. These people have a very calm and composed appearance and they have strong minds and hearts. These individuals are capable of achieving everything that they want with the ability of their strength. These people are quite tolerant and optimistic. Once you become good friends with the natives of the Pig Zodiac you might be able to see their fidelity in the relationship. They are very humble and kind-hearted. They’re the ones who could keep their promises no matter what. These natives don’t like indulging in arguments and quarrels. They might be quite quick-tempered. The Pigs are very kind towards the ones they love. These natives are not afraid of any challenges or difficulties. However, whenever they are faced with some they can manage their heads on and gradually. The Boars can treat their friends very gently and they would not lie until it is in self defence. The Boars are light hearted people and they can fall asleep very easily!

Pig Personality Traits

The pigs might trust someone too much. One of their major drawbacks is that these natives are quite naïve. Because of such shortcomings, these people might very easily fall into traps. The Boars are very loyal to their friends. They make friends with a very select few people. However, they do not have many friends to fall back on. The Pigs might lack the tact of artful communication. They might become impulsive in certain situations. They are also known to lose their temper abruptly. If the Boars indulge in playing pranks upon the people they know they might not know when to put the stop!

Pig Zodiac : Career

The natives who belong to the Chinese Zodiac Sign of pig are quite strong when it comes to willpower. They are strong people. Their strength will make them very brave and they will work towards realizing their dreams. Because these natives hold optimistic and positive attitudes towards the life they can be very comfortable in any situation. They can even make their surroundings and the people around them quite amicable. They can have a positive effect on the people in their lives. The working atmosphere can get very relaxing with a Boar in the centre of it. However, the Boars at times come unprepared to the meetings lacking in well-constructed plans and vision. This might make them inefficient. Hence the Pigs should spend some time building a detailed schedule while at work. Also, their enthusiastic character might cause impulsive judgments . The boars should keep their calm and listen to what others would have to say.
Purity and an integral approaches to life are their shining traits and attributes. These natives can be very suitable for jobs pertaining to public life and educational institutions. The Boars are strongly curious and they have an urge to learn new things. Hence they might make advancements in science and research. Also, these natives like to perceive simple and slow-paced life hence the work which might entail a lot of pressure could be well suited for them.

Pig Zodiac : Love and compatibility

As per Chinese Astrology and Zodiac Compatibility, the Boars are considered to be ideal love partners. They are romantics at heart are very considerate and passionate When a Boar is attracted to someone they will go crazy and behave all head over heels in love. They will spoil their partners with tons and tons of gifts and would captivate the heart of their mate very easily. The Boars are great when it comes to understanding and listening and they could very easily make out their partner’s emotional ups and downs. They are good listeners and are patient enough to give them a hearing. Most of the Boars have enough endurance and patience to snap out their partners from grievances. They are also intelligent and hence they would guide their partners well with their practical advice. They are not the ones to force people to do the things that they don’t like. In love and relationships, the Boars or Pigs are quite tolerant and understanding. This makes them ideal love partners.

The year of the pig characteristics

The natives who are born under the Pig Zodiac Year are very strong people. They are quite honest and they do not play tricks. These natives would rather be frank than sugar-coated. These natives are quite just and upright people. They would pursue power for the benefit of all others. They would also seek power in the open and aboveboard method rather than in deceitful ways. The Pig natives do pursue the material pleasures of life. However, these natives would never rely on anything for free. They seek genuine knowledge and information which could be the source of their strength.

The Boar Zodiac is an embodiment of simplicity and pureness. These are quite kind-hearted natives. The Bors is appreciated and welcomed by a lot of people around them. The Pigs are in harmony with the world. They prefer amicable relationships. They do not keep grudges and are not at all revengeful.

The strength of the natives who are born under the Pig Zodiac Sign is that they are quite tolerant to the people around them and also to their own self. They are patient people. They have an open mind and a big heart. They can easily forgive people and their past mistakes. Even if the Pig is badly cheated they have this immense strength of letting go and moving on. Hence the natives of Pig descent are respected by many.

The Pig natives could become lazy. But nevertheless, they are quite brave, very industrious, persistent, conscientious, determined and committed. They are the people who would take up any work assigned to them and would deliver it with full quality and commitment. These natives are absolutely reliable people and they can strive by their own selves.

When it comes to interpersonal communication these natives are not very diplomatic. They are quite sincere in communication. Hence they would have a lot of good friends and attract the attention of love partners because of their sincerity and simplicity. The Boars are simple-minded people. They are quite upright. They are not the ones who would betray their friends. They would never get into competition with their friends. They are honest and sincere people with true friends.
Being really honest people The Boars are quite proud of their achievements. They are hard workers. They would hardly lie and never be a thief! The command power through their kindness. If at all possible they could be the real rulers. However, on the flip side, these natives might become indecisive at times that might create trouble and issues for them.

The Pig natives are materialists but they are not very stingy and they would enjoy sharing their belonging with the others. They would large;y benefit from social work and charity. These natives don’t give a damn about the other people’s insults and they might just shrug their shoulders giving hints that they don’t really care and have many better things to achieve in life.
However, these natives have not sharted shortcomings. The Pigs are short-sighted. They can pay attention to only what’s in front of their eyes. Such are the characteristics that can also set them free from long term worrying. They would not treat any disaster very seriously. They could save themselves easily from the painful situations because of their attitudes. The Pigs are overly generous. They might get involved in a deep crisis. When these natives cannot fulfil others expectations or fail to meet up the criteria of others they might get deeply disappointed. They might not be able to face the reality and might get depressed. They can get quite pessimistic when they have nothing to look forward to. They might overdo self-indulgence. The natives can get half-hearted. Because they might not pay full attention to the task at hand and take it very casually.
Being pure is a good thing however being overly pure will be disastrous for these natives. The Pig natives can trust anyone easily. They lack suspicion completely. They could even trust strangers and unfamiliar faces. Hence it is quite possible that these people might fall victim to the might of the cunning. Their very honest and naïve character might often put them in a spot and make them suffer. They might even have financial losses because of this. Hence these natives should not be the ones to take charge of the finances because they cannot hold the purse too strongly.

The Male natives are cheerful and mild-mannered beings. They are quite low–key people. These natives are good-natured and caring and understanding men. They are dedicated and insightful in their lives. However, these men can be deceived easily essentially because they are too simple to trust anyone easily.

Female natives are very optimistic people. These women seek complete peace in their lives. They do not have very high standards of living. These ladies are very kind-hearted and gentle. They are attractive and they might get a lot of male attention. However, they might become overly conventional in their thought process. Which might pose a challenge for them in their life path.

Elements and Fortunes

As per Chinese Elements Theory each of the Zodiac signs is associated with one of the five elements. Earth, Gold(Metal), Water, Wood or Fire. Which would mean that a Wood Pig might come once in the sixty years cycle. We know that an individual’s characteristics are decided by their birth year and their zodiac sign and also through one of the elements. Hence there are five kinds of Pigs as per elemental theory. Let us decipher each one of them below:

Earth Pigs : The natives of the Earth elements and especially the Pigs can be considered as social butterflies with friends from all walks of life. Three natives enjoy a lot of support in their personal lives as well as their work lives. They live very happy and satisfying lives. These natives are fortunate! These Pigs can get successful later in their lives. However, they are not the most romantic partners and they would need to work on it .

Wood Pigs: The Woods Boars are very lovable. They are earnest people. For them, finances are not a very big thing. However, these natives are advised to keep a pool of savings and build their bank for emergency situations. They are very much able to take each day at a time and they can very peacefully and calmly face all the difficulties of life. They enjoy smooth relationships that are plan and honest.

Fire Pigs: The Fire pigs might get very dependent on the others. They are best suited for work and jobs that demand cooperation and teamwork. These natives have the ability to build a strong career on their specific skills. Hence they are advised to nurture their specific skill set. These Pigs are solid in money matters and they would have nothing to worry about. They are quite popular and they can get along very well with the others.

Metal Pigs: The metal natives and especially pigs are quite straightforward. They can very well mind their own business. They can get lazy and unmotivated at times however it is easy for them to focus on their own work. They can succeed in life if they focus completely on what they do. However, these natives should learn the skills of saving and budgeting otherwise they might incur huge losses.

Water Pigs: These pigs are the ones who are brimming brightly with ideas. However, they can easily get influenced by others! The natives are very responsible people. They are enthusiastic. They are good with communication and more than all these natives are good listeners. These natives build a good fortune over their lifetimes and they can retire with a good corpus of funds.

Ending Note

The Pig is the twelfth of all the Chinese Zodiac Signs. These natives have well balanced and beautiful personalities and are blessed to have good fortunes in life.

All About Pig Chinese Zodiac Personality, Compatibility & Much More