Study In Detail About The Rabbit Characteristics

Study In Detail About The Rabbit Characteristics

The Rabbit as per Chinese Zodiac and Astrology is known to be quite a tame animal. The natives who belong to the Rabbit Zodiac Sign are quite tender as well as makeswift in their movements. These natives have very soft and gentle personality traits. The Rabbits maintain very pleasant and friendly relationships with the people around them. They have modest attitudes. These natives would not get irritated very easily. The natives are also known to run away from quarrels and arguments!

Rabbit Zodiac Eminent Personalities

The natives of the Rabit are quite skilled in handling people and relationships. These natives are quite polite , very easy going and tender in their personality. They dress up very decently. They also enjoy popularity because of their polite and decent ways. The Rabbits always leave a good impression on people whom they meet. These natives also have a lot of friends. However, from within the Rabbits are quite cautious and delicate. These natives have a very genuine and gentle nature hence they would never intend to steal other people’s thunder. Hence naturally the Rabbits are quite brilliant team workers. The Rabbits are responsible people. They are kind-hearted. They also have a lot of patience. The Rabbits always keep their promises. They are very frank and sincere with their friends. For the rabbits family comes first. They always put the interest of the family above their own. They are grateful people in life.

Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Personality

The Zodiac Sign of Rabbit as per Chinese Zodiac and personality is quite cautious in every smallest of things. They stay nervous all the time. They might get very conservative. Hence they might not be very open to newer ideas. They might even hesitate a lot before taking up any project. Nervousness is their biggest enemy. Though these Rabbits are quite ambitious they might not take action immediately. In situations that are hard and tough, the Rabbits might want to run away from reality! When it comes to relationships the Rabbits can get very sentimental and hence it might get difficult for their partners to know their true feelings. The Rabbits are spendthrifts. They might not plan elaborately for their future. The Rabbits are known to enjoy a peaceful and smooth life. However, a tedious lifestyle might bore them beyond limits! Being very timid is not good for them.

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Rabbit Zodiac : Love and Compatibility

Rabbit zodiac traits suggest that they are very tender and noble. It will be easy for individuals of this Zodiac Sign to attract the best of love partners.

When it comes to love affairs the individuals of Rabbit descent are quite sensitive and considerate of their partners. Rabbits are also quite rational in their persona and they enjoy periods of dating immensely. Those who are in romantic relationships with Rabbits will find themselves surrounded by mystery as Rabbits have the tendency to behave mysteriously in Love relationships.

If an individual would like to entice a Rabbit then be very supportive of their ways and means. With their partners, Rabbits are known to get sentimental and sensitive. They could be very tolerant and considerate of their mates. If an individual would like to entice a Rabbit then be very supportive of their ways and means.

The Year Of The Rabbit Personality Traits

The Rabbits are very easy going people. They are flexible and accommodating. Their strength is that they would not get irritated very soon. They are quite rooted and down to earth people. No matter how successful they could be. They would not have an air about themselves!

They are known to maintain very pleasant relationships with the people around them. They would like to keep a very amicable and joyful atmosphere around them and in their relationships. They are someone who could not stand quarrels and squabbles. They would run the farthest in such situations!

In accordance with the Chinese Zodiac and predictions, the natives of Rabbit zodiac signs are quite genuine and gentle people. They are soft and kind-hearted. Just like the Rabbits who are very tender animals however they are sharp and swift so are the natives of the Rabbit descent. As per Chinese Astrology and predictions, the Rabbits are quite sharp along with being tender. The natives are known to be brilliant when it comes to teamwork. They are very adjusting with people. Rabbits are known to have a wide circle of friends. They can get along well with people from all walks of life. These natives are very responsible and committed individuals.

But on the flip side, the Rabbits might get over-trusting. They might trust people and situations pretty soon and might pose threats to their sanctity! They Are also nervous at the sight of uncomfort. They can walk very cautiously which might affect their future growth and progress. Together with it, the Rabbits are not very ambitious people. They would live in their own very sweet world. Now let us dig a little deeper and understand how Female and Male’s Rabbits are similar or different in their personality and attributes.

The Rabbit Male is quite an introvert and very reserved. He seeks his personal time and space more than others. In his quietude, he likes to reflect upon his emotions, thoughts and actions and analyze them. He is someone who could get self-critical. Hence a feeling of remorse or guilt will always keep him anxious.

The Rabbit Man can be best called a valuable companion who is determined to constantly work towards improving situations and things in his life and in his environment and not be deterred by any obstacles. The Man has a constant desire for comfort. He likes to reside in a stable and comfortable ambience. He is, however, a reliable friend and a great host. He constantly craves security in his life. He is one of the more sensitive men out of all the other Zodiac Signs. He can get very touchy and easily hurt but he can control his reactions very well. He might be misunderstood as someone who is trying to hide things because he likes to keep things to himself. Especially by the ones who do not know him well.

He is quite an opinionated man and he prefers to keep his thoughts to himself and speak only when required. He is terrified of tyrannical and unjust behaviour and hates revolt and arguments. He is obsessed with keeping peace and maintaining harmony and he could go to lengths to keep things in order. In his partner, he expects discipline and punctuality. He looks for loyalty and reliability in his partner as well. You would be lucky if you would have a Rabbit Man by your side! He is a gentleman, courteous and considerate. He takes pride in his honesty. He is someone who would always keep his words. He is very supportive and reliable in relationships.

Let’s look at love compatibility to find their best and worst matches.

The woman has a superb personality. She is not looking for a large family because she is not very nurturing. It is difficult to resist this woman. She might settle down a little late in life. She feels awesome when showered with a lot of attention.

She can be interested in philosophy. As per the Chinese Astrology and Zodiac science, the Rabbit woman is there for you when you need her. However, she prefers to live a peaceful and private life far away from the prying eyes. She lives a very exciting life. The lady is quite cultured, grateful and fine mannered. She is someone who would get along with almost everybody. But, she is very reserved as a person and she prefers to be a participant in very select activities and select conversations. The Woman is in tune with nature and she is very sensitive to everything that is going on around her. In very difficult and competitive situations or around very aggressive people she is not able to be herself fully. It gets too much for her. What the lady wants the most in life are a comfortable home and a peaceful life. She is a very good hostess. She is sensitive to what others feel and their needs.

Her partner is expected to be quite stable and confident. She is a secret keeper. She wants to know her partner’s deepest thoughts. In romantic relationships, she has high standards about how the person enters her life. She can get very demanding. She is a perfectionist and she demands nothing but a perfect life partner. Once she finds her ideal partner she would not leave his side forever! She enjoys good company.

She is an out and out perfectionist. She is a very feminine woman in the Chinese Zodiac. She takes pride in how she has been raised and in who she is. She is an emotional woman. She looks for security in life and wants her partner to be by her side at all times. This might create some troubles in her love life as she could get very sensitive with her partner. Every word and action might impact her in a big way. She will not be able to take criticisms very well.

Elements and Fortunes

As per Chinese Elements Theory each of the Zodiac signs is associated with one of the five elements; Earth, Gold(Metal), Water, Wood or Fire. Which would mean that a Metal Rabbit might come once in the sixty years cycle. We know that an individual’s characteristics are decided by their birth year and their zodiac sign and also through one of the elements. Hence there are five kinds of Rabbits as per elemental theory. Let us decipher each one of them below:

Metal Rabbits: The Metal Rabbits are completely full of energy and vitality. They are very perceptive individuals. They are very resilient beings. They do not know how to surrender! These natives might have some troubles while interacting with other people. They have the tendency to keep their emotions bottled up. They might seek some guidance and they can taste success gradually.

Fire Rabbits: The Fire rabbits as the name suggest are always occupied with something or the other. They hardly take any breaks to rest or relax! These natives are quite intelligent. However, they might have the tendency to abandon things midway. However, they are expected to have a smooth life.

Earth Rabbits: The Earth rabbits sail through life very smoothly. These natives hardly get hurt by anyone. They are quite relaxed and natural people. They might have a long life file dup with good fortunes!

Water Rabbits: The Water Rabbits are able to turn any unwanted situation as per their likings. They might have suffered financial hardships in their youth. They would like to spend their money on the longevity of their lives.

Wood Rabbit: The Wood Rabbits might run some tricks up their sleeves. However, they are not sly people. They are able to begin their career quite fortunate and may extend the success for a long time to come

Ending Note

The Rabbits Zodiac is fourth out of all the twelve Zodiac Signs as per Chinese Astrology and Personality. These natives are very earnest people. All they expect in life is fair treatment!

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