How Many Minutes Will I Get Over A Phone Call After A Successful Recharge?

You need to pay per minute in order to use the ‘Talk now’ button. Our charges are Rs.10 + GST per minute for non prime subscriber and Rs.7 + GST per minute for prime subscriber. (You can availed prime membership by paying a nominal fee of Rs.99 per year). To speak to astrologers, customers need […]

If an Astrologer Fails To Resolve My Queries, Will I Get A Refund?

If you don’t receive relevant answers or are dissatisfied with an Astrologer’s response , you can talk to another available astrologer on the phone. In case of a refund, if you are a prime customer or a first time user, you will be refunded the amount within 7 working days. It is necessary for other […]

Will My Personal Details Be Kept Confidential?

Yes, your personal details are into safe hands. MyPandit guarantees customer confidentiality. We never share the personal details to any other parties. You are free to scroll our secured website to add or edit your profile any time.

Why Do Predictions and Remedies Differ From One Astrologer To Another?

Each astrologer has his own way of examining or evaluating birth charts. Planets are in constant motion and their nature keeps changing with transit to zodiac signs. This is the primary reason why the same decisions and plans at different time zones have different outcomes. This is why predictions differ from one astrologer to another. […]

How accurate are the predictions?

Predictions may differ with the minutest change in details as it completely relies on an individual’s natal position of stars and planets at the time of his/her birth. The MyPandit portal offers you a platform to interact with the most trusted and authentic Astrologers of India holding expertise in all branches of Astrology. Furnishing correct […]

Can your guidance change my future for the better?

Yes, with the best and accurate predictions from our experts you may stand a chance for a brighter tomorrow. You can contact our astrologers through phone calls or by just clicking on the chat window. You can take their help in choosing the right career path, answers to health-related queries, ways to enhance business profits […]

What Details Are Required To Make Predictions?

In order to make predictions, you need to provide birth details like date, place and time of birth to our Astrologers to enable them to draw out your Janam Kundli or birth chart. It will give them perfection in generating accurate predictions as per the given details.. The three important aspects to make precise predictions […]

Can I Book An Appointment With The Astrologer?

The MyPandit app is simplified and you don’t need to book a prior appointment with an astrologer. You can just log in to our website or MyPandit App and select the ‘Talk Now’ button to get directly connected with our available astrologers. If our astrologer is busy, you can connect to other available astrologers from […]

How do I know which astrologer is best for me?

There is no such thing like a ‘best astrologer’. Every astrologer has his unique method of making predictions. If you have a specified choice of Astrologer whom you think you can connect to at a personal level, you can proceed with by clicking on the Filter Option. We have defined categories as per your choice […]