Know The Significance And Facts About Of Amethyst Gemstone

Astrology lovers are usually fond of wearing gemstones. Are you one of them? Then, you should know the interesting facts about the Amethyst gemstone. It is one of the popular gemstones and looks astonishingly beautiful. A deep purple-coloured Amethyst is still in use for more than 2000 years. This is the best gemstone for those who were born in February month. Amethyst gemstone could have multiple health benefits. So, let us find out its meaning before we learn about its advantages.

Amethyst Stone: Have A Look At The Meaning

Amethyst is the Indian name for the English name Amatist and the Greek word ‘Amethusto’. Both of these words mean intoxicated or not drunk. The reason behind the stone’s names is that people believe it saves an individual from intoxication or drunkenness. A semi-precious gemstone, Amethyst is available in a variety of enchanting hues of purple. It has the ability to prevent illness of the mind, cure insomnia and disillusionment. This semi-precious gemstone is popularly used to produce faceted stones, beads, cabochons, tumbled stones and such other items for ornamental purpose and fascinating jewellery. It has a hardness of 7 and is quite sturdy to break. It is a semi-precious gem that is quite durable and can be conveniently used for rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets and many more. This gemstone is cheap in price so that people around the world could afford it and get beneficial results.

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Amethyst Stone: Characteristics In Detail

This gemstone is extremely popular for ornamental and decorative purposes. Large clusters and crystals of this gemstone are otherwise common, and they could look ravishing. Below aspects are considered when it comes to defining the characteristics of this gemstone.

  • Colour: Colour is a significant determining factor, and the brighter
    and darker the shade, it could be expensive. The darker
    Amethyst gemstones are likely to be sold 3 to 5 times more than its actual cost. The Amethyst mined in Uruguay tends to be darker than the ones in Brazil and hence significantly are they are overpriced.
  • Size: The price of clusters and geodes tend to grow depending on it’s size. When they are sold in the wholesale market, they are typically sold in weight of kgs or tons.
  • Crystal Size: The bigger size of crystals on the clusters and the geodes can variably affect the price of the gemstones. Typically, the larger ones are more valuable than the drizzly smaller ones.
  • Crystal Quality: Crystals might get chipped during the extraction process or during the preparation of the geodes. Hence the damage or chipping of the crystals will affect its price.
  • Unique Formations: Typically, we will be using such gemstone for decorative purposes. Hence how nice it looks will highly affect its price perspectives. Attractive and unique formations inside the geodes, like calcite formations of stalactites, will make them more valuable.

Benefits Of Amethyst Stone: How The Gemstone Improve Your Life?

Amethyst stone is considered to be a powerful and protective stone. So, the wearer may get health benefits from it. Also, it helps you get rid of the negative impacts of Saturn. Let us check some benefits of it one by one.

1. It promotes cell growth and re-growth in your body

Far Infrared Radiation is scientifically known to increase the cell’s growth and its regeneration in the body. So, wearing it, you may have cellular growth and re-growth.

2. Works as a Sleeping Pill

The very low level of heat emitted by the Amethyst crystals can help you to calm your body and regulate your sleep cycles.

3. Enhances your blood circulation inside the body

Wearing this gemstone may increase the circulation of the blood in your body. Especially the microcirculation among the capillaries of our skin.

4. Delays the ageing process

Amethyst gemstones can actually help you to produce antioxidants. These antioxidants can help you in fighting the free radicals
that, in turn, will delay ageing.

5. Quickly heals your wounds

These crystals are good for healing old or new wounds on any body parts. It may prevent asthma, paralysis, teeth problems, and bones problems too.

6. Protects you against psychic attack

This stone can guard you against the psychic attack, transforming the negative energy into love. This crystal works as a protective layer for the wearer against the ill effects of stress and ill wishes of the others.

7. It is a natural tranquillizer

It releases stress and strain, balances mood swings, soothes irritability, dispels fear, anxiety, anger and dissolves negativity.

8. It is a spiritual stimulant

Amethyst activates spiritual awareness, enhances psychic abilities, and opens up intuition. It has a strong, healing and cleansing power.

9. It has calming effects on your mind

It has stimulating power on your mind helping us to be more focussed and calm, bringing in positive motivation and enhancing memory. It has a great sobering effect on our mind. You may refrain from consuming any drugs or alcohol.

10. Boosts your immune power

It boosts hormone production and the immune system. Amethyst tunes the metabolism and the endocrine system to produce good hormones in our body. Hence, it strengthens our immune system.

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Amethyst Gemstone: How To Take Care?

Amethyst is a very durable gemstone, but the user still needs to take care of few things while using. One should be careful while placing it with other gems and jewellery in the box. So may not have any accidental scratches due to other hard objects. Otherwise, it may damage your precious gemstone. Amethyst is also a brittle kind of material that can get chipped or scratched by a strong impact. Therefore, one must avoid wearing it while doing outdoor activities. One should keep it safe inside a jewellery box or a box large enough for it. Then, place this box in a darker space. The
colour of this semi-precious gemstone might fade while being exposed to direct sunlight. So, one must keep it away from the Sun rays.

Amethyst Gemstone: The Formation Process In Detail

A certain amount of iron incorporates with a growing quartz crystal, this is when Amethyst begins receiving its enchanting purplish shade. After crystallization, the gamma rays emitted by the radioactive materials within the host rocks makes the iron produce the purple tinge. The intensity of the purple colour that forms in this process can vary largely from one part of the crystal formation to the other part. Such colour variations, popularly known as colour zoning, are prevalent in many of the Amethyst crystal specimens and often reflect the crystal’s hexagonal geometry. This colour is mostly visible near the termination of the crystal. The properties of Amethyst are quite similar to the physical properties of other stones in quartz. However, it is the shade, which makes this gemstone different from other stones.

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Amethyst Gemstone: Lets Wrap Up Now

We found that Amethyst gemstone is associated with scientific and healing qualities. Since it is useful for those who are born in February month, we also call it ‘February Birthstone’. Mostly, this semi-precious stone is used for jewellery and decoration purpose. Anyways if you are planning to buy the Amethyst stone, we would suggest you to consult astrologers before you make your move.