Numerology Life Path Number 1

Numerology Life Path Number 1

Every number has some magic in it! This is the essence of numerology. And the most important ingredient in the recipe of numerology is the Life Path Number. A life path number is deducted from the birth date of a person, just by adding all the digits and reducing it down to a single digit. Let’s understand this with an example.

Assume you are born on 1st January 1970. So, to get the life path number, we will add all the digits given in the date. Following this rule, we have to add numbers 1+1+1+9+7+0, and the answer is 19. This will be further reduced to a single digit by again adding 1+9 is 10. Again, to reduce it to a single 1+0 answer is 1. Since the last reduced digit is 1, so you will have the life path number 1 as your guiding number. In the following sections of this article, we shall check out about numerology of life path 1 and its meaning.

Life Path Number 1 Meaning and Significance

Individuals associated with life path number 1 are independent and leaders of their field. They like to sail alone with complete charge of everything in their hands. They believe in themselves and are self-reliant. The 1 life path number signifies self, and it is important because self-reliance and self-appreciation are very important in having positive growth. And so is self-awareness, and at times self-centeredness is also equally important. Because without understanding self, any other knowledge remains useless and incomplete. Self-acceptance is also an important attribute that leads you towards becoming a successful leader.

Life path number one also signifies progress that comes with a single step at a time. It means dividing your bigger goal into smaller steps. Each small step has its own goal to attain. With every step that a person takes, he gets wiser and closer to the bigger goal. All the steps combined together make you achieve more than you desired or envisioned on a larger spectrum.

Life path 1 is about real actions and not influence. The ones who have life path 1 are far from getting influenced by others. They keep others at bay and stay busy in taking required actions. It can be concluded that life path 1 means that you ought to be a successful pioneer who takes small steps without being influenced by anyone and remain self-reliant.

About Life Path Number 1

Destiny numbers are regarded as the guiding light for people. The numerology of life path 1 gives an insight into the core of people. It tells all about their characteristics, inclination and their path in the journey of life. The people with life path 1 are born laborious and creative-minded. They are extremely self-motivated people who keep working till they reach their targeted destination.

The individuals with life path 1 are self-driven and do not like to be ruled by any boss. Hence, they choose to be entrepreneurs or freelancers who work at their own will and have no one to rule over them. They are their own boss and don’t like to compromise with their freedom in any sphere of life.

Having counted on all the positive traits of life path 1, now let’s have a sneak peek into some negative aspects. Since the people with life path 1 are self-centred, they are often arrogant and egoistic people. Such people have a hard time with those who don’t like to work hard to make things work. It is quite difficult for people with life path number 1 to ask for the help and guidance of others. They may encounter stress due to this isolation. It is very difficult for people with life path 1 to find good friends as they are not open to other people. They may act somewhat rude while talking and meeting others, which may be an obstacle in their path to success.

One of the biggest weaknesses of life path 1 people is that they are afraid of failure though they are always ready to take up challenges and often turn victorious in their fights.

Enthusiasm is always good for good work. But being over-enthusiastic can be disastrous. You need to go hand-in-hand with others to make things work. But with your over-enthusiasm and greater pace, people with you may not be able to hold your hand for a longer period. And this may lead to loss of team and vision.

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Life Path Number 1 and Love Life

Life Path number 1 natives like to have charge of life in their hands, as mentioned earlier. This may make them look dominating one in the relationship. Now, if they are in a relationship with a person with life path 1, this will definitely create problems as both of them would like to rule over the other.

Though life path 1 makes a person charismatic, it is difficult to handle his ego and arrogance. And the self-centred attitude makes it more difficult to reconcile. But that doesn’t mean that life path number 1 natives will never enjoy love and marital bliss. They can find a good companion with life path number 3, 5 or 6. These natives are comparatively more dynamic and adapt well with all kinds of people, even with the life path 1 types. With the partner whose life path number is 6, the life path 1 love life shall bloom. Life path no 6 are a perfect match for life path 1 in love life.

A major characteristic to point here is that once the life path 1 person has chosen a love partner, he/she would go to any extent to keep the beloved protected. The life path 1 people are true and passionate lovers. You are the one who heavily invests in a love relationship. But due to your over-dedication towards work, your partner may feel aloof or left out.

Talking about life path number 1 marriage, these people try to be the boss in the family, who want to behave like the final decision maker, even if the decision hurts your spouse. For this reason, they are often called obdurate and egoistic. This is the reason for constant friction in the relationship. It is advised to find a spouse in a childhood friend who knows you well in advance or someone who has life path number 3 or 5. They will keep working on the relationship even when you are at your worst.

Career for Life Path 1

Life path 1 natives are pioneers and dominating people. So, it is advisable that they choose to work in a higher position with authoritative powers. This will make them feel satisfied, and their leadership qualities can be utilized and channelled in the correct direction. Practising law and freelance creative work will suit my life path the most. You can be an entrepreneur and prove to be self-made as you are a person who is more about Self and Self only. Working closely with your boss may not be your cup of tea. Be your own boss. Know your favourable career options.

Eminent Personalities Associated With Life Path 1

Life path 1 bestows the person with a bag full of qualities. But if these qualities are not put to use incorrect direction, the person may get into stress and depression. If you are the one connected with life path 1, remember you are not alone. Here are the some well-known celebrities that are associated with life path 1.

  • Shahid Kapoor
  • Amitabh Bachann
  • Steve Jobs
  • Walt Disney
  • Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Elizabeth Hurley
  • Charlie Chaplin


The numerology of life path number 1 makes you be a self-made man, a pioneer and a leader, not a follower. You are not a part of the crowd that herds towards common things. You are meant to be a free soul who can make his own way and that too all alone. You can feel joy and pleasure only with what you choose. Nothing that is not of your taste can make you happy or satisfied.

Though you believe in being a perfectionist, you need to accept that all are not the same and all cannot be perfect. You need to learn to have a balance between perfect and imperfect. You are not born to fill in the gaps. You are born to design things without any loops or gaps.

In your childhood days, you might have faced issues asking for help. And this may have continued while you are an adult now. This is because you fear that you might stop respecting someone for not giving a convincing answer or lending help when you ask for it.

Your love life might be filled with love if you try to adjust with your not so perfect partner. Else it may be a disaster you would never want to repeat. Getting married late with a compatible partner is a better choice. It is always possible to change a bit for a better cause and especially if it’s about love and marriage.