Mars in The 6th house: Know About Its Impacts On Personality, Marriage & Career

Mars in The 6th house: Know About Its Impacts On Personality, Marriage & Career


Welcome back, astrology lovers! Today, we have come up with another informative blog related to the placement of Mars in the 6th house. Hang on! Before you blame Mars for being a malefic planet. Because planet Mars may bless you with working abilities, and with these qualities, you may go on to become a chief or a leader at your workplace.

Your efforts will be no less than moving the mountains as you would focus on achieving your target. On the one hand, Mars in the sixth house guides you to achieve your career goals. On the other hand, it creates hurdles in your professional life and personal life. Here, we are ready to learn more about the placement of Mangal in the 6th house.

What Does The 6th House Represent?

In Vedic astrology, the 6th house is basically known as ‘Ari Bhava’ or ‘Shatru Bhava’. This 6th house is related to the native’s fitness, health, and routine life. Natives who have natal planets in this house tend to possess excellent management skills and are likely to remain focused on their targets.

Besides, the 6th house is also associated with debts, enemies and disease. It is also commonly known as ‘Rog Sthana’, which refers to the house of sickness. Natives dealing with health issues may know the duration of the disease or health troubles by analysing this house. The 6th house is also related to an individual’s job and occupation. It also denotes the relations with your colleagues and maternal relatives.

Native’s behaviour with their co-workers and their working abilities can be identified from this house. If there is a presence of Mars in the 6th house, it may help you to get positive results. But by turning the tables, you may have a significant setback.

Influence Of Mars In The 6th House

  • Professional Life
  • Attitude
  • Ambitions
  • Expectations

Impacts Of The Mars In The 6th House On Your Personality

Natives of Mars in the 6th house possess the excellent fighting spirit to tackle any challenges in their life. You are courageous and have the power to leapfrog any hurdles in your professional life. You also motivate others to achieve their work targets. But you may not be a good team player in group projects. Therefore it is suggested that you should work on your skills to collaborate with colleagues.

Other than that, you give your serious efforts to every task. You work hard to accomplish your goals. You may have a solution for your every problem. Sometimes your ideas do not gel with others, but that won’t stop you from being a perfectionist. If you realise your strength, you are mentally strong to overcome a difficult phase in your work life.

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Impacts Of The Mars In The 6th House On Your Marriage

The 6th house, Mars may cause serious damage to your marriage relationship. You and your spouse may create misunderstandings. You may also have trust issues. Therefore your marriage life could be quarrelsome. It’s hard to believe, but Mars in the 6th house synastry has negative impacts on your marital life.

Moreover, you may not like to care for your partner or refrain from keeping their word. Ultimately, the straining of the relationship and tug of war with your life partner may result in a separation between you two. During the challenging phase in your marriage life, you may succumb to bad health. Mars in the 6th house may also cause several health troubles to your spouse.

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Impacts Of The Mars In The 6th House On Your Career

As a native of Mars in the 6th house, you are likely to have career growth in the health department. You may become a doctor, nurse or yoga instructor. You possess excellent leadership skills and love to work alone.

Therefore, you may have a chance to occupy the apex position at your workplace. You may become a decent boss or chief as you may not maintain friendly relations with your juniors. You may turn into an excellent financial advisor following your excellence in earning profits from past investments.

You are likely to pursue a career in the political world which may give you success in the later stages.

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Mars In 6th House Remedies

  • If Mars is in the 6th house, you should refrain wearing gold. (Especialy childrens)
  • To remove the malefic effects of 6th house Mars, you should worship Lord Ganesha with a pure heart.
  • You can reduce its negative effects by donating food grains or red clothes to poors
  • You should offer jaggery to Brahmins on every Tuesday

Wrapping Up

Before we draw curtains on this edition of the blog, let us rewind what we learned about the placement of Mars in the 6th house. The furious red planet may support you to achieve positive results in your professional life.

But you should remember that this path of success will be full of potholes. Whereas, in regards to your marriage life, you may not get any help from the red planet. Aspirants who have 6th house Mars may struggle at the initial stages in their career. However, if they pursue a career in their choice of the field, Mars is likely to hand them favourable results.

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