A Complete Guide On Magha Nakshatra Shanti Puja

Every person taking birth in this world will have a Janma Nakshatra. It plays an important part in everyone’s life. A janma nakshatra is the constellation of a star in the placement of the moon at the time of an individual’s birth. Thus, it has huge impacts on your destiny both positively and negatively as it is related to mahadashas or major periods. Your attitude, physical appearance, and thinking pattern are based on the birth star. If a birth star is on the wrong path, it can bring negativities and sufferings to those born in the nakshatras. This is where nakshatra Shanti puja can help you. Let’s check out in detail which are Shanti nakshatras and how to perform Shanti puja to reduce negative effects.

Which Are Shanti Nakshatras?

Nakshatra in Sanskrit means “one which does not decay”. In Hindu astrology, Nakshatra is one of the 27 parts of the circle that signifies the annual path of the moon within the celestial house system. Thus, the 27 birth stars are represented as equal parts of a circle, each covering 13 degrees 20 minutes. The sequence of birth starts with Ashwini Nakshatra which is in Mesha Rashi. Planets play an important role in one’s horoscope and even decide the future too. Also, the transition of planets can cause disturbances in one’s life.

Some nakshatras like Asvini, Jyestha, Magha, Revati, and mool are considered as Shanti nakshatras and require Shanti puja to be performed to obtain excellent results in life. Individuals who are born in these stars may have a bad phase in the first two years of their life. The bad effects can also be harmful to family members like father, mother, siblings, relatives etc.

Is Magha Nakshatra Good Or Bad?

When a child is born in the first and second stages of Magha, it seems to bring bad results to mother and father respectively. On the other hand, if born in the remaining stages, it is considered to be auspicious.

Magha Nakshatra Shanti Puja

And, therefore, to nullify the bad effects when born in the first or second stage, puja needs to be performed. This will help to reduce the malefic impacts of the planets in their mahadasa and antardasa as well as remove the awful impacts of the nakshatras at the birth of a person. Through different pujas briefed in the sacred scriptures, Nakshatra Shanti puja energizes the ruling deities of the nakshatras.

Nakshatra Shanti pooja can be performed every year during the birth period to receive protection and better outcomes consistently for any life challenges. Nakshatra puja incorporates Ayushya homa (for life span), Mrityunjaya homa (for total wellbeing and to get protection against chronic diseases), Janma nakshtra Shanti, Ashlesha nakshatra Shanti, Jyesta nakshtra shanti, moola nakshtra Janana shanti, gomukha prasava janana shanti, Navagraha Dosha/graha shanti puja, Sapta Chiranjeevi Puja/homa.

Chiranjeevi implies that the individual who won’t ever die. Ashwatthama, Bali, Vyasa, Hanuman, Vibhisana, Parshuramasch and Kripa are alluded to as sapta chiranjeevi. These pujas are performed by best purohits exclusively experienced in performing Vedic pujas.

Effects of Magha Nakshatra Shanti Puja

A homam is uniquely implied for dissolving various issues in life. It includes various types that help to accomplish the best outcomes. Nakshatra Shanti pooja has to be usually performed on the Janma Nakshatra (Birthday) of every year for the assurance of protection against the negative impacts of planets.

This homam might be an appropriate one for those that wish to quantify a better life. Nakshatra recommends a star or planet that assumes an overwhelming part in astrology. An improper position of a Nakshatra in your birth chart could cause various issues. Therefore, it’s crucial to organise direct homam or puja for gaining wanted results. Nakshatra shanti homam is an ideal one for getting the endowments from god to accomplish wellbeing, wealth, etc.

Is Magha Nakshatra Good For Marriage?

Individuals with Magha as their star sign are compatible with individuals having Ashwini, Mrigashirsha, and Ashlesha as their star signs. As per the overall horoscope perusing, Magha borns partake in a charming and amicable wedded life. They are inconsistent with individuals having Chitra as their star sign.

When Should We Do Mool Shanti Puja?

Individuals need to perform this Nakshatra puja to amend the ill impacts of Magha Nakshatra in a horoscope. Also, to calm the negative Magha Nakshatra in a horoscope. However, you can likewise perform this pooja to maximize the benefits given by beneficial Magha Nakshatra in a horoscope. Magha Nakshatra pooja can increase the positivity and capacity of the Magha Nakshatra. Eventually, due to which Magha Nakshatra will give its beneficial impacts, where you can receive more wealth and more energy. Usually, Magha nakshatra pooja is performed as Gandmool dosh nivaran pooja, which Vedic pandits are very well versed with.

Normally, Pandits start Magha Nakshatra puja on Sunday and complete it on Sunday only. However, the day of the beginning of a Magha Nakshatra pooja can change depending upon the time. During this pooja, pandits take care that they finish the Magha Nakshatra Veda mantra during the puja. Practically, the Pandits can complete this mantra or Jaap of Magha Nakshatra Veda Mantra in 7 days. Thus, they start this pooja on Sunday and complete it by the next Sunday. Usually, every significant ritual of this pooja is performed which is why it takes a whole long week – Sunday to Sunday. Magha Nakshatra puja vidhi or system may contain a wide range of steps at numerous stages.

A Magha Nakshatra Puja begins with adoring a cow (Gau Puja) and Panch Dev Puja. A Panch Dev Puja incorporates the Puja of Ganesha, Matruka, Nakshatra Deity – Pitru (ancestors), Navagraha and Shiva. It additionally includes Pancha Kalash Puja, Punya Vachanam and Nandi Shradh. From that point onward, Pandits will play out a Havan (homa) wherein ghee, sesame, grain and other holy materials are offered and are identified with Magha Nakshatra while reciting Vedic mantras and suktam. A Yagya is a compelling solution to invalidate the shrewd impacts of Nakshatras. To make the most out of it, the Puja will be performed during the best-closest muhurta upon the arrival of Magha Nakshatra.

Performing nakshatra shanti puja is one of the best Magha nakshatra remedies and will have following benefits:

  • Wipes out all the life obstacles
  • Enhances self confidence
  • Gain good results in Budh mahadasha
  • Attain health, wealth and prosperity in life

Wrapping up

Hope you are now clear understanding the ill effects of Shanthi nakshatras like Magha nakshatra. Therefore, it is advisable to perform the nakshatra Shanti puja and reduce all the malefic effects of Magha nakshatra. Bring fortune and prosperity among all your family members with this puja.

So, why not Talk to an expert astrologer and book puja online and transform your life.