Sattva Rajas Tamas – The Three Guna of Nature

If you look around, you will see different people with different qualities. The beauty of the evolution of the human species lies in the variety. Even though millions of individuals live on this planet, the magic lies in the fact that each of us has distinct characteristics. Few may be positive while others may be negative, but have you ever thought that the energy of our planets rules our efficiencies? As we identify in Astrology, every planet has unique behaviour patterns or qualities known as Gunas. When in a specific house, the nature of these planets is manifested in a person’s personality and character. Based on these Gunas, we can categorise people into Satvik, Rajsik, or Tamasik categories. The science of Ayurveda also considers Gunas before diagnosing or prescribing any treatment.

According to ancient scriptures, gunas are categorised as Satvik, Rajsik, and Tamasik. They are nothing but energy movements that determine how a person acts and behaves. These energies could be positive, negative, or neutral in their impact. Astrology relates the Gunas with zodiac signs. If you do not like something about your actions but cannot seem to change it, you now know who is to blame, and by the time you finish reading this post, you will know where to look for a solution. Once you gain knowledge about this fact, you can not only gracefully navigate your path, but you can also illuminate the path of someone you care for.

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Characteristics of Gunas

People who have Satvik guna or Sattva Guna are very kind-hearted, pure, happy, knowledgeable, intelligent, and oozing positivity. They are great believers and very considerate about fair or unfair, right or wrong. They are super sensitive to human and animal sensitivities, which denote a divine quality. Satvik guna people also have an appetite for decoding the mysticism of higher purpose and wisdom in life.

In today’s world, these are the people that we called achievers. They are obsessively self-loving people who can be aggressive, impatient, and impulsive if their goals are not met or when confronted. They are the doers of this age. They are best when it comes to competing with great passion. They can motivate others.

These are destructive people who would choose knowingly or unknowingly always the wrong way even if help is at their doorsteps. Truth and greater wisdom are allergic substances for the Tamsik people or people with Tamas Guna. One good thing about these three Gunas Rajas Tamas and Sattva is it provides stability.

Planets And The Three Gunas

As we already learnt, every planet responds to a specific guna. The planets that are considered to inflict Satvik Gunas or Sattva Guna characteristics are Sun, Moon, and Jupiter. Mercury and Venus are considered to display the Rajsik Guna or Rajas Guna. While Saturn, Mars, Rahu, and Ketu are deemed to indicate Tamasik Guna.

  • As the Sun signifies soul and moon signifies purity, they both are Satvik.
  • Jupiter also displays Satvik characteristics like forgiveness, wisdom, faith, and spirituality.
  • Venus is in charge of desire and pleasure, and Mercury is in order of worldly interests, so they are Rajsik.
  • Saturn governs laziness and depression, and Rahu governs phobias and attachments, so they are Tamasik.
  • Mars attracts undesired enemies and accidents, so it is also Tamasik.
  • Ketu is the extreme one. It can display both Satvik and Tamasik. When it shows shyness or inactivity, it is Tamasik. Faith, knowledge, and liberation indicate Satvik.

Tendencies of Gunas

As we would see below, all the zodiac signs have their traits or Gunas, but it is essential to note that we cannot compare them. Instead, we should find a way to balance them. One has to align Gunas with Harmony in mind, body, and if necessary, with an expert’s assistance.

  • Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn zodiacs have traits of Rajasik Gunas. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius zodiacs are found to have qualities of Tamsik Guna.
  • Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces zodiacs are found to have traits of Satvik Guna.

Things To Know About Your Gunas

Gunas are also known as tendencies, which form an essential part of your karma. The below observation might help you determine some qualities if you want to understand people’s Gunas by just observing them.

  • The principles of Dharma, Karma, Moksha, and Artha are meaningless for Tamsik people. They are the most inactive, destructive, and acidic people.
  • Rajsiks people are excessively focused on self-development and are ready to do whatever it might take to achieve what they intend, but can be self-centred at times. They are propelled along by a sense of accomplishment.
  • Satvik people are the ones that are satisfied-looking, generous, at ease, always giving and helping, knowledgeable with a pure soul. They focus on positive karmas.
  • The blend of Tamsik and Rajsik gives rise to arrogance and ego.

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Ways to Balance Gunas

As we tried to understand the Gunas, we should also know that there is a way to balance them. By gaining a little mastery over our emotional pattern and positive actions, we can significantly balance Gunas.

There are solutions that the science of Astronomy can offer you to balance the Gunas or guna doshas. Let us modify the saying “where there is a will, there is a way” as “where there are guna doshas, there are astronomers.” You have to be determined to try to reach them. Our supersophisticated ancestors, as I may dare to address them, had figured that a very long time ago.

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